In the beautifulst photo the Self-confident one of Clear S.


ORIGIN: Great Britain

E' be created in ight hundred to Manchester intercrossing between they Black and Tan Terrier and Piccolo Italian Levriero

Elegant and compact, it has a vague likeness with the fox terrier to short hair, even if po' devout a rectangular small and and if the clearly various color.
it has a medium height on the 25 centimeters for a weight of approximately 8 Kg for males and 7,7 for the subjects of feminine sex.
It has a lengthened head and cuneiform, the jaws are thin with one good set of teeth and closing to scissor
The eyes are small and of oblong shape
The orecchie are to V falling back.
Ia short tail but does not have to be amputated.
The limbs are very muscolosi and those front perfectly straight ones.
The smooth driven in hair and I polish, the color black with focature color the mahogany distributed on the head on the chest and to the estremit of legs.

Its nickname "Rat Terrier" perch in order much time be one of the devout dogs specializes to you in the capture of rats and roditori of whichever dimensions, its services enjoyed the houses, the wine cellars, the garden but also the markets generates them and of the fish.

for its sympathy and its small ransom hour an appreciated dog from company, even if is becoming much rare one also in the earth that the NATO them has given to it.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:

Intelligent, much lively and faithful one to the own family

Resistant dog to the diseases, because of its hair not very insulator must be held in house above all in winter and in the winter escapes it would be better to use a cappottino

It goes fed in complete way but without to exaggerate in order not to make to fatten it.
It goes very rarely brushed, increasing the brush blows above all during the dumb one, in order to clean up and to render I polish its hair enough to pass it with one humid rag and to dry endured it.