FCI-Standard N°7  / 28. 11. 2003 / GB


ORIGIN : Great Britain.



CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. :   Group 3       Terriers.
                                               Section 1      Large and medium-sized               Terriers.
                                               Working trial optional.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Largest of the Terriers, a muscular, active, fairly cobby dog, without suspicion of legginess or undue length of body.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Keen of expression, quick of movement, on the tiptoe of expectation at any movement.  Character denoted and shown by expression of eyes, and by carriage of ears and erect tail.  Outgoing and confident, friendly, courageous and intelligent.  Alert at all times, not aggressive but fearless.

HEAD : Well balanced, with no apparent difference in length between skull and foreface. Free from wrinkles.

Skull : Long and flat, not too broad between ears and narrowing slightly to eyes.
Stop : Hardly visible.

Nose : Black.
Muzzle : Foreface well filled up before eyes, not dish-faced or falling away quickly below eyes, but a delicate chiselling prevents appearance of wedginess or plainness. 
Lips : Tight.
Jaws/Teeth : Upper and lower jaws deep, powerful, strong and muscular, as strength of foreface is greatly desired.  No excess development in the jaws to give a rounded or bulging appearance to the cheeks, as « cheekiness » is undesired. Teeth strong. Scissor bite, i.e.  upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws preferable, but vice-like bite acceptable.  An overshot or undershot mouth undesirable.
Cheeks : Level and free from fullness.
Eyes : Dark in colour, small, not prominent, full of terrier expression, keenness and intelligence.  Light or bold eye highly undesirable.
Ears : « V »-shaped with a side carriage, small but not out of  proportion  to size of dog.  Top line of folded ear slightly above level of skull.  Pendulous ears or ears set too high undesirable.

NECK : Clean, muscular, of moderate length and thickness, gradually widening towards shoulders, and free from throatiness.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:

Back : Short, strong, straight and level, showing no slackness. 
Loins : Muscular. In short-coupled and well ribbed-up dogs there is little space between ribs and hips.  When dog is long in couplings some slackness will be shown here. 
Chest : Deep (i.e. approximately level with the elbows) but not broad. Ribs well sprung.

TAIL : Customarily docked. 
Docked : Set on high and carried gaily, not curled over back.  Good strength and substance. Tip approximately at same height as top of skull.
Undocked : Set on high and carried gaily.  Not curled over back.  Good strength and substance.


FOREQUARTERS : Forelegs perfectly straight, with good bone. Shoulders : Long, well laid back, sloping obliquely. Shoulder-blades flat. 
Elbows  : Perpendicular to body, working free of sides.

Thighs : long and powerful.
Stifles : Well bent, turned neither in nor out.
Second thigh : Muscular.
Hock : Well let down, parallel with each other when viewed from GO BACK TO LIST.

FEET : Small, round and compact, with a good depth of pad, well cushioned, and toes moderately arched, turning neither in nor out.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : Legs carried straight forward.  Forelegs move freely, parallel to the sides.  When approaching forelegs should form a continuation of the straight line of the front, feet being same distance apart as elbows.  Propulsive power is furnished by hindlegs.


HAIR : Hard, dense and wiry, not so long as to appear ragged.  Lying straight and close, covering body and legs ; outer coat hard, wiry and stiff, undercoat shorter and softer.  Hardest coats are crinkling or just slightly waved ; curly or soft coat highly undesirable. 

COLOUR : Body saddle black or grizzle as is top of the neck and top surface of tail.  All other parts tan.  Ears often a darker tan, and shading may occur round neck and side of skull.  A few white hairs between forelegs acceptable.

SIZE : Height about 58-61 cm (23-24 ins) for dogs, taken from top of shoulder, and bitches about 56-59 cm (22-23 ins).

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

This amended breed standard will become effective from April 2004.

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Origin British.
Class. util . . Group 3: terrier.

Stature and weight: Males from 58 to 61 cm; females from 56 to 58 cm. Weight in connection with the ransom.

Head: Long, flat skull; not too much wide between the ears, it shrinks towards the eyes. Light difference of length between skull and snout. Hardly visible Stop. Very full snout under the eyes. Black Tartufo. Labbra thin. Powerful jaws. Set of teeth to scissor.

Eyes :   Dark, small, it lives to us, intelligent.

Ears : Small but in proportion to the ransom of the dog, shape of V, capacities laterally. The refolded advanced line dell.orecchio must be found to the disopra of the line of the skull.

Neck : Muscoloso, of moderated length, without giogaia.

Body : Deep, not wide thorax. Short, strong and straight back, muscolosi kidneys.

LIMBS: Front rights, good skeleton. Posterior with ginocchi very it folds not revolts to you n in within n in outside. Garretti sturdy. seen parallels give GO BACK TO LIST. Small, round, compact feet.

Tail   Of just length, attacked high, capacity gaiamente but not carefullied lay down On the back.

Hair : Hard, driven in, spiny, it covers body and limbs. Sometimes leggermente undulated. Sottopelo.

in the photo the Airedale of Kinetic

Color Head and ears (eccettuate dark spots on the two parts of cheeks) of color tan (yellow tawny); leggermente dark devout ears. Limbs, until to thighs and to the elbows, tawny yellow; black body or dark gray.




The Airedale a dog from the deep expression, from the movements expresses, much careful one to how much happens around to s. The character denoted and demonstrated from the expression of the eyes and the portamento of the orecchie and the tail.

General aspect.
The several parts of the dog must proporzionate between they, cos to give a symmetrical aspect. In motion the straight limbs must be capacities in ahead, with the front perpendicular and parallels to the flanks. The supplied propulsive power from the posterior limbs; one has a perfect action in the dogs with long femore and muscolosa leg, very angled to the ginocchio, that it strongly involves one pushed of the garretti in ahead. When the dog approaches itself, the front limbs must constitute one continuation of the straight line of, with the distant feet between they how much the elbows. When the firm dog, often difficult to establish if it is outside of shoulder (and has the elbows unglues to you), but, not as soon as it moves, the defect, if it exists, becomes very striking, poich the front feet have tendency to intercross themselves. If, to the contrary, the tendency of the feet to move distant between they, the dog shoulder legacy and sluices have the elbows too much. When the garretti they are revolts in within (vaccinismo) the ginocchi and the posterior feet are revolts in outside, with one serious loss of the propulsive force; if instead revolts in (outside posterior cagnolo) the posterior feet are had garretti they stretch to intercross itself.

Head and skull.
The skull must be along and flat, not too much wide between the orecchie and must be shrunk leggermente towards the eyes. It must be very balanced, with one small difference appearing in length between skull and snout. The skull must be lacking in grinze, with the stop hardly perceivable; parietal the not prominenti and dry cheeks. The snout under the eyes must be full, the lines skull-facciali parallels, and a delicate chisel must render pleasant and not cuneiform the snout. The jaws must be deep, powerful, strong and muscolose, poich the power of the much desirable snout in the Airedale, but you does not have to be some excessive development of the jaws, that it would give a tondeggiante aspect to cheeks, that the not desirable one. The labbra they must be adherent. The tartufo it must be black.

Orecchie. They must laterally have the shape of V capacities, small, but in proportion to the ransom of the dog. The advanced line of the refolded ear must be above the height of the skull. An ear pendulo, falling back to side of the head like that one of "hound", a defective one.
Mouth. Strong scissor teeth, able to close itself like one bitten.

It must clearly be, muscoloso, of moderated length and thickness, gradatamente increasing itself towards the shoulders and lacking in giogaia.

The shoulders must be long, very carefullied lay down to GO BACK TO LIST and tilted oblique towards the back, with the flat bachelor. The limbs must be perfectly straight until the foot, with much skeleton. Perpendicular to the body and arranged the elbows must be so as to to be it does not hinder to you in the movement.

The back must short, strong, straight and be levelled, without some appearance of afflosciamento. Lombi muscolosi. Ribs very reductions. In a collected dog, the space between the ribs and also little. When the dog not harvest, appears some slackening in such zone. The thorax must be deep but not wide.

Posterior limbs.
They must be long, muscolosi and of all the lacking ones in weakness, with long and powerful thighs; muscolose legs, ginocchi very angled, not revolts n in within n in outside. Garretti short and parallels between they, seen give GO BACK TO LIST.


Small, round and compact with very imbottiti and thick plantari bearings, with arch, the moderately not turned fingers n in within n in outside.

Capacity must gaiamente be attacked highly and, but not be carefullied lay down on the back. It must be of good force and substance and just length.

The hair must be hard, driven in and rough, not too much along appearing ruffled. It must be straight and adherent and it must cover all the body. The formed external cape from hard, spiny and rough hairs, the sottopelo constituted from short devout hairs and you blow to us. Some with hard devout capes have the hair leggermente waved, while a goffered cape to disapprovare.

The head and the orecchie (eccettuate dark spots on the two parts of cheeks) must be of color tan (yellow-tawny) with the leggermente dark devout orecchie. The limbs must anch' they be tan. The black body or dark gray.

Weight and stature.
The height, measured to the garrese, must be gives approximately 23 to 24 inches (cm. 58,4 - 60,9) for the males; for the females they give approximately 22 to 23 inches (cm. 55,8 - 58,4). The weight currency in connection with the height and to the type.