(Cane Corso Italiano)



FCI-Standard N° 343  / 06. 06. 2007/ GB


TRANSLATION : Dr. Antonio Morsiani, Dr. J.-M. Paschoud and Prof. R. Triquet.

ORIGIN : Italy.


UTILIZATION : Guard-, protection-, police-and tracking dog.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. :            Group     2          Pinscher and Schnauzer,                                   Molossian and Swiss                                                                 Mountain- and Cattledogs.
                                             Section 2.1   Molosside breeds, Mastiff
                                             Without working trial.

BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY : Its direct ancestor is the old Roman Molossian.  Formerly scattered all over Italy, in the recent past, the breed was only prevalent in the Province Apulia and in the adjacent regions of Southern Italy.  His name derives from the Latin « cohors », which means « protector, guardian of the farmyard ».

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Medium to large-sized.  Robust and sturdy, nevertheless elegant.  Lean, powerful muscles.

IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS : The  length of the head reaches 36 % of the height at withers.  The dog is somewhat longer than high.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Guardian of property, family and livestock; extremely agile and responsive.  In the past, it has been used for herding cattle and hunting big game.

HEAD : Large and typically molossoid.  The upper longitudinal axes of the skull and the muzzle converge slightly.

Skull : Wide; at the zygomatic arches its witdh is equal to or greater than its length.  Convex in front, it becomes fairly flat GO BACK TO LIST the forehead as far as the occiput.  The medio-frontal furrow is visible.
Stop : Marked.

Nose : Black and large with ample, open nostrils, on the same line as the nasal bridge     .
Muzzle : Noticeably shorter than the skull (ratio muzzle : skull approximately 1 : 2).  Strong, square; the front part of the muzzle is flat; the lateral surfaces are parallel; the muzzle is as wide as long.  The profile of the nasal bridge is straight.
Lips : The upper lips hang moderately and cover the mandible, so that the lower profile of the muzzle is determined by the lips.
Jaws/Teeth : Jaws very large, thick and curved.  Slightly undershot.  Level bite acceptable, but not sought after.
Eyes : Medium-sized, ovoid, looking directly forward, slightly protruding.  Eyelids close fitting.  Colour of iris as dark as possible, depending from the colour of the coat.  Expression keen and attentive.
Ears : Triangular, drooping, with a wide set on high above the zygomatic arches.  Often cropped in the shape of an equilateral triangle.

NECK : Strong, muscular, as long as the head.

BODY : The body is somewhat longer than the height at the withers.  Sturdily built, but not squat.
Withers : Pronounced, rising above the level of the croup.
Back : Rectilinear, very muscular and firm.
Loins : Short and strong.
Croup : Long, wide, slightly inclined.
Chest : Well developed in three dimensions, reaches to the elbow.

TAIL : Set on fairly high; very thick at the root. The tail is docked at the fourth vertebra.  In action carried high, but never curled nor erect.


No breeding to signal
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Shoulders : Long, oblique, very muscular.
Upper arm : Strong.
Forearm : Straight, very strong.
Carpal joint and pasterns : Elastic.
Forefeet : Cat feet.

Upper thigh : Long, wide, back line of thigh convex.
Lower thigh : Strong, not fleshy.
Hocks  : Moderately angulated.
Metatarsals : Thick and sinewy.
Hindfeet : Slightly less compact than the forefeet.

GAIT / MOVEMENT  : Long stride, extended trot.  The preferred gait is the trot.

SKIN : Fairly thick, rather close fitting.


HAIR : Short, shiny, very dense with a light undercoat.

COLOUR : Black, lead-grey, slate-grey, light grey, light fawn; stag red and dark fawn; brindle (stripes on different shades of fawn or grey); in fawn coloured and brindle dogs the black or grey mask on the muzzle should not go beyond the line of the eyes.  A small white patch on the chest, on the tips of the feet and on the bridge of the nose is acceptable.

Height at withers : Males          from 64 to 68 cm,
                            females       from 60 to 64 cm.
                            Tolerance of 2 cm more or less.
Weight :                Males          from 45 to 50 kg,
                            females       from 40 to 45 kg.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.


  • Axes of muzzle and skull parallel or too converging; lateral surfaces of the muzzle converging.
  • Partial depigmentation of the nose.
  • Scissor bite; pronounced undershot mouth.
  • Ring-tail, tail in vertical position.
  • Permanent amble when trotting.
  • Over-or undersize.


  • Aggressive or overly shy.
  • Axes of muzzle and skull diverging.
  • Total depigmentation of the nose.
  • Bridge of nose very hollow, rams’s nose.
  • Overshot mouth.
  • Partial or complete palpebral depigmentation.  Wall eye; strabism.
  • Tailless, short tail (docked or not).
  • Semi-long, smooth or fringed hair.
  • All colours not indicated in the standard; large white patches.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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Its history

It is born in the regions Italian center-meridionals, comes down of the dogs from combat of the antichi roman. For a long time immemorabile hunter and guardiano propriet of game like the wild boar, were used also like bovaro Il its name much ancient one and various origins can be attributed to it.

In the photo FOREST, propetario Gerry Iannacchino, breeding the villa of the run dog

In a generalized manner

Intelligent and energetic, the Run Dog also a dog a lot balanced in the physicist like in the character, of medium advanced ransom to the average, docile and affectionate with the relatives, distaccato with the persons strangers when it is found in its territory. With its capacit of adaptation, its energetic powerful structure but, its constant attempt to feel sorry the master, pu easy to be subordinate to the typical training of the dogs from defense. constructed in the rectangle; its molossoidi characters are a lot mark to you, in the head like in the body.

In the photo Shadow of Kinetic


The head, as an example, must measure 36% dell.altezza to the garrese! The advanced aces skull makes them is convergent, the snout devout short of the skull, powerful and wide, the tartufo it is situated just on the extension of the nasal cane, the eyes are of medium largeness but more rather it distances to you, the orecchie are shortened, in relationship with the volume of the head, the dry, strong neck and muscoloso.Il length log leggermente advanced all.altezza to the garrese, the chest very open and tilted and the thorax that one of a dog from job, very developed.

Ransom: 10 standards demand from 62 to 68 cm in the male and from 58 to 64 cm in the female, with one tolerance of +1- 2 cm.
TAIL: inserted rather high on the line of the rump, large to the root, it is lost weight towards the tip. It comes amputated all.altezza of the quarter vertebra.

Colors: black, gray, slate, fulvo clearly, red red deer and tigrato.

To avoid

. Set of teeth with closing to scissor

. . Emphasized parallelism or divergence of the aces skull-facciali

. Depigmentato Tartufo

. Convergent lateral faces of the snout

. Hair seeds-Iungo, shaved, frangiato

. Stature to of over or under the limits

. Decidedly concave nasal cane or montonina

. Tail to candle or ring

. Emphasized Prognatismo, enognatismo

. Continued Ambio

. Gazzuoli eyes

. Criptorchidsmo, monorchidismo

. Anurismo, brachiurismo

. . Colors not previewed from the standard, spots white women too much extended

. Depigmentate eyelids

race demanded from ANDREA G (RO)  



  1. Aspects generate them of the breeds
    Dog of medium-large size, strongly constructed but elegant, with powerful and long muscles, much distinguishing, expresses force, agilit and resistance. The general conformation that one of a mesomorfo the whose log devout along of the Height; harmonic regarding the format (eterometria) and disarmonico regarding the profiles (alloidismo).

  2. Important proportions
    The length of the log exceeds the Height of 11% approximately. The total length of the head catches up the 3,6/10 of the Height. The length of the snout corresponds to the 3,4/10 of the total length of the head. The height of the thorax of 5/10 of the Height and corresponds to the height of the limb to the elbow.
  3. Behavior of the character
    Intelligent, energetic and balanced, ineguagliabile dog from guard and defense. Docile and affectionate with the master, lover of the children and the family, becomes if necessary terrible and brave defender of the persons, the house and the court. Easy trainable E'.
  4. head
    Brachicefala. Its total length catches up the 3,6/10 of the Height. The bizigomatica, equal width to the length of the skull, advanced to met of the total length of the head, catching up the 6,6/10 of such length. The longitudinal aces of the skull and the snout are between leggermente convergent they. The perimeter of the head, measured to the zigomi, also in the devout females of the double quantity of the total length of the head. The moderately carved head with arched zigomatiche protese to the outside. Skin consisting but rather adherent to the below woven ones, smooths down and enough stiff.
  5. Cranial region
    - Wide and light arch seen of forehead, in profile it designs one irregular curve that, emphasized in the frontal sottoregione, appiattisce aboralmente along external the crest saggita them. Its equal width to the length and corresponds to the 6,6/10 of the total length of the head. Approval from the high of square shape for the protrusion to the outside of the zigomatiche arcatate ones and for with of the powerful muscular bands that wrap it. The frontal rough drafts very are developed and sporgenti in ahead, the fossa frontal deep and I furrow median visible. Crest sopraoccipita them not too much evidenced. It was sopraorbita them (conche) marked but leggermente. Stop - Much marked for sporgenti the frontal rough drafts a lot developed and in ahead and for arches sopraciliari finds to it to you.
  6. Region makes them -
    - On the same line of the nasal cane. Approval of profile does not have to sporgere on the front vertical margin of the labbra but to be found, with its front face, on same the slowly vertical one of the front face of the snout. It must advancedly be voluminoso, rather flat, with wide narici, opened and you furnish. The black pigmentazione.
    - Much wide and deep one. The width of the snout must pressoch equal its length that catches up the 3,4/10 of the total length of the head. Its profondit exceeds of 50% the length of the snout. Parallelism of the lateral faces of the snout and the ripienezza and width of the body of the jaw make s that the front face of the snout is square and flat. The rectilinear and rather flat nasal cane. The inferior-lateral profile of the snout given from the labbra advanced. The region sottorbita them extension a most light chisel.
    - Rather consisting. The labbra advanced, forehead sights, determine to their disjunction a "turned upside down U" and, seen of side, they are introduced moderately hanging. Devout moderately obvious Commessura and that it low represents always the point of the inferior lateral profile of the snout. The black pigment.
    - Much wide, sturdy and thick with most light ontraction of the advanced and consequent jaw light prognatismo. The branches of the jaw, many forts, are in profile rather ricurve. The body of the jaw, very emphasized in ahead, well evidences the mento marked. I recorded are implants to you online straight.
    - Region full and obvious but not ipertrofica masseterina.
    - White men, for great, complete development and number. I recorded to you inferior surpass leggermente (approximately 1/2 cm) i they correspondents of the advanced arched one, perci of it derives one prognata closing leggermente.
    - Of medium largeness regarding the size of the dog, in position sub-facade, very it distances to you between they. Ovaleggiante palpebral rhyme, eyeballs leggermente emerging adherent eyelids with margins pigments you of black. The eyes do not have to leave to notice the sclera. Strongly pigmented Nittitante. Possible Iride how much devout dark one in relation to the color of the cape. Intelligent and alert look.
    - Of medium largeness in connection with the volume of the head and to the size of the dog, covered of shaved hair, triangular shape, with rather appuntito apex and thick cartilage, inserted high, cio a lot above the zigomatica arched one, wide to the base, hanging, adherent to cheeks without to catch up the throat. Sporgenti somewhat to the outside and light finds to you in their point of attachment, comes elevated capacities when the careful dog. They come habitually amputates to you to shape of equilateral triangle.
  7. Neck -
    Advanced profile
    - convessilineo Leggermente.
    - Approximately 3,6/10 of the height to the equal garrese and cio to the total length of the head; shape: Of section oval, fort, much muscoloso, with separation of the marked nape. The perimeter to met length of the neck approximately 8/10 of the Height. Harmoniously fused with garrese, shoulders and chest the neck has its ideal direction to 45 regarding the ground and resisted angle pressoch with the shoulder.
    - the inferior margin of the neck practically lacking in giogaia.
  8. Log - Compact, sturdy and muscolosissimo. Its length exceeds the Height of 11%, with one tolerance of 1.
    Advanced line
    - light rectilinear dorsal Region with convessit lumbar.
    - it is risen clearly on the dorsal plan and exceeds the level of the rump. High E', along, wide dry ground and is melted harmoniously with the neck and the back.
    - the wide, muscoloso back, like all the advanced of log, light rampante line from GO BACK TO LIST in ahead and to rigorously resisted profile. Its length catches up 32% of the Height.
    - the short, wide lumbar region, very, joined together with back and rump, the much muscolosa, most solid and has leggermente convex profile. Its length, of least advanced to the width, corresponds to 20% of the Height.
    - Long, wide, somewhat rotondeggiante for the great development of the muscular masses. Its length, measured from the tip of the hip to the tip of the buttock, corresponds to 32% of the Height. Its medium width to 23% of the Height. Its inclination on the horizontal second the line ileus-ischiatica of 28/30 and from the tip of the hip to the insertion of the tail of 15/16. It turns out perci tilted light.
    - Wide, very come down and open, with muscles chest straps a lot develops to you. Its width, in tightened relationship with the amplitude of the thorax, catches up 35% of the Height. The handle-bar of the sterno is found to the same level of the tip of the shoulders. Of profile the chest very proteso in ahead between the front limbs and leggermente convex.
    - Very developed in the three dimensions with long, oblique, wide coasts and enough very you try with extended intercostal spaces. The 4 false coasts long oblique and are opened. the thorax very come down to the elbow and its height correspond to the met of the Height. Its width, measured to met of its height, corresponds to 35% of the Height and leggermente decreases towards the sternale region without to form careens. Its profondit (sagittale diameter) corresponds to 55% of the Height. Its perimeter exceeds of 35% the Height.
    Inferior profile
    - the sternale feature introduces dry ground, along, wide and of profile it tail designs to a semicircle to beam much wide that rimonta in sweet way to the abdomen. The ventral feature of not retratto of rilassato and its profile rimonta from the sternale edge to the inguine in sweet curve. The socket of the little pronounced flank.
    - Inserted rather high on the line of the rump, large to the root and relatively streamlined to the tip, if spread it little catches up and it surpasses the garretto. Low capacity in rest, high horizontal or little devout of the back in action, never does not have incurvata to ring or to be raised to candle. It comes amputated to the 4 vertebra.
  9. LIMBS
  10. Front limbs . - Appiombi regolari sia osservati di profilo che di fronte. The height of the front limbs to the elbow 50% of the Height. Very proporziona you to the format of the dog, sturdy forts and.
    - Long, oblique, strong, supplied of long, powerful muscles, uniforms and clean, very adherent to the free thorax but in the movements. Its length, from the sommit of the garrese to the tip of the shoulder, corresponds to 30% of the Height and its inclination on the horizontal oscillates around 48/50. Regarding the median plan of the body the tips of the bachelor leggermente are discarded between they.
    Arm - the arm, leggermente devout along of the shoulder, fort, with optimal bony and muscular development, very knit to the log in its two advanced thirds party, measured from the tip of the shoulder to the tip of the elbow, has one length correspondent to the 31/32%, of the Height and an inclination with the horizontal of approximately 58/60. Its lengthwise direction parallel to the median plan of the body. The bachelor-humeral angle oscillates between 106 and 110.
    - the elbows, long, many prominenti, very adherent but not locked to the walls of the cost one, covered of dry skin, must, like the omeri, to rigorously find on a plan parallel to that sagittale of the log. The tip of the elbow (olecranica epifisi) situated on the vertical one lowered from the angle tail (or posterior) of the bachelor to the ground.
    - the perfectly vertical, to section oval, very muscoloso forearm in particular in the third advanced one, with skeleton much compact fort and. Its length, from the tip of the elbow to the first carpiana articulation, of least advanced to that one of the arm and corresponds to the 32/33% of the Height. Rabbet carpo-cubita them much marked one.
    - the carpo that, seen of forehead, it follows the vertical straight line of the forearm, dry ground, wide, mobile, often. To its posterior margin the strongly projected pisiforme bone to GO BACK TO LIST. Metacarpo - the metacarpo, of somewhat inferior grossezza to the forearm, much sturdy, dry, elastic one, leggermente flesso (form an angle with the land of 75 approximately). Its length must in order to exceed sixth of the height of the front limb to the elbow. Approval of forehead follows the perpendicular line of the forearm and the carpo.
    . Piede
    - Of round shape, with fingers many arch and collections (cat foot). It uses dry and hard. Strong, ricurve and pigmented nails. Good pigmentazione also to the plantari bearings and digita them.

  11. Posterior limbs . - Appiombi regolari sia osservati di profilo che di fronte. Very proporziona you to the format of the dog, powerful forts and.
    - the long and wide thigh, with prominenti muscles, for which the tip of buttocks very evidenced. Its length exceeds 33% of the Height and the width not never inferior to 25% of such height. The axis of the femore, somewhat oblique from the high low and GO BACK TO LIST in ahead, has an inclination of 70 on the horizontal and forms with the axis of the little devout coxale an angle that resisted (coxo-femoral angle).
    - the dry long leg with strong skeleton and musculature: the gambale rabbet very evidenced. Its length low corresponds to 32% of the Height and its inclination from the high and ahead to GO BACK TO LIST of approximately 50 on the horizontal.
    - the femoro-rotuleo-tibiale angle of approximately 120. Its direction parallel to the median plan of the body.
    - Wide, often, dry, clearly, with bony salienze very evidenced. The tip of garretto the very pronounced extension clearly the continuation of the gambale rabbet. The distance from the tip of the garretto to the plant of the foot (to the ground) does not have to exceed 26% of the Height. Its direction, regarding the median plan of the body, parallel. The tibio-metatarsico angle of approximately 140.
    - strongly thickness, dry ground, cylindrical, rather short always perpendicular to the ground, are in profile that posteriorly. Its length corresponds to approximately 15% of the Height (excluded footstep and foot). Its inner face must be introduced deprives of spur.
    . Piede
    - ovaleggiante Leggermente devout of the front one, falangi less has arch.
  12. sailing point - long Step, lengthened trot, features of gallop but with propensione to the lengthened trot.
  13. Skin - Rather thick, with limited connecting subcutaneous and perci practically adherent to the below layers in every region. The free neck pressoch from giogaia. The head does not have to introduce wrinkles. The pigment of the mucosae and the sclerose black. The pigment of uses and of nails it must be dark.
  14. Cape -
    - Short but not shaved, to vitrea webbing, I polish, shining, adherent, supported, much dense one, with an light layer of sottopelo that s' it emphasizes of winter (without in order never emerging on the cover hair). its medium length of cm. 2/2,5. On garrese, rump, posterior edge of thighs and on the tail catch up cm. 3 without to give place frange. On the snout the shaved, smooth, adherent hair and does not exceed cm. 1/1,5.
    - Black, gray lead, slate, clear gray, fulvo clearly, fulvo red deer, fulvo dark and tigrato (tigrature on bottom fulvo or gray of several gradazioni). In the subjects fulvi and tigrati present a black or grey mask whose extension limited to the snout and does not have to exceed the line of the eyes. Admitted one small speck white woman to the chest, the tip of the feet and the nasal cane.
    - In i males from cm. 64 to cm. 68 - In the females from cm. 60 to cm. 64. With tolerance of cm. 2 in devout or less.
    - Males from 45 to 50 Kg. relationship peso/taglia 0,710 (Kg/cm) females from 40 to 45 Kg. relationship peso/taglia 0,680 (Kg/cm)
  16. DEFECTS - Every shunting line from the characteristics indicated in the description of the several regions constitutes a defect, that it must be penalized in the judgment in connection with its gravit and to its spread.
    - obvious Parallelism of the aces skull-facciali, convergence much marked one, convergent lateral faces of the snout, closing to scissor, emphasized and deturpante prognatismo.
    - partial Depigmentation.
    Tail - Capacity to candle or ring.
    - To of over or under the limits it indicates to you.
    sailing point
    - continued Ambio.
  18. Defect from disqualification
    - Divergence of the aces skull-facciali, enognatismo, decidedly concave nasal cane or montonina.
    Tartufo - Depigmentation total.
    - moderate and bilateral Depigmentation of the eyelids, gazzuoli, bilateral strabismus. Sexual organs - Criptorchidismo, monorchidismo, obvious deficenza of development of one or all and the two testicoli.
    - Anurismo, brachiurismo, are congenital that it crafts them.
    - Seed-along, shaved, frangiato.
    - Colors not previewed from the standard, spots white women too much extended.

Famous - the males must very have two testicoli of normal aspect and reductions in the scroto.