FCI-Standard N° 128  / 28. 11. 2003 / GB


ORIGIN : Great Britain.


UTILIZATION : Companion and Toy.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. :  Group     9     Companion and Toy Dogs.
                                               Section    7     English Toy Spaniels.
                                               Without working trial.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Refined, compact and cobby.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Happy, intelligent, toy spaniel, with distinctive domed head.  Reserved, gentle and affectionate.


Skull : Large in comparison to size, well domed, full over eyes.
Stop : Between skull and nose well defined.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:

Nose : Black, with large, wide-open nostrils, very short and turned-up to meet skull.
Muzzle : Square, wide and deep, well turned up.
Lips : Exactly meeting, giving nice finnish.
Jaws/Teeth : Lower jaw wide.  Bite should be slightly undershot.  Protruding tongue highly undesirable.
Cheeks : Not falling away under eyes, but well cushioned.
Eyes : Very large and dark, set wide apart, eyelids block square to face line, pleasing expression.
Ears : Set on low, hanging quite flat to cheeks, very long and well feathered.

NECK : Of medium length; arched giving proud carriage of head.


Back : Short and level.
Chest : Wide and deep.

TAIL : Docking optional.
Docked : Well feathered, not carried over or above level of back.
Undocked : Well feathered, not carried over or above level of back.  In overall balance with the rest of the dog.


FOREQUARTERS : Legs short, straight.
Shoulders : Well laid back.
Elbows : Close to rib cage, neither turning in nor out.
Pasterns : Firm.

HINDQUARTERS : Sufficient muscle to give positive driving movement.
Stifles : Well bent.
Hock joints : Well let down and defined.
Hocks : Straight viewed from GO BACK TO LIST, turning neither in nor out.

FEET :  Compact, well padded and feathered, toes well knuckled, round cat shaped foot, well cushioned.  Occasionally central pad and nails fused together.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : Free, active and elegant, driving from GO BACK TO LIST.  Sound movement highly desirable.


HAIR : Long, silky and straight, slight wave allowed, never curly.  Legs, ears and tail profusely feathered.



  • Black and Tan : Rich glossy black, with bright mahogany-tan markings on muzzle, legs, chest, linings of ears, under tail and spots over eyes.  White patch on chest undesirable.


  • Tricolour : Ground pearly white, with well distributed black patches, brilliant tan markings on cheeks, linings of ears, under tail and spots over eyes.  Wide white blaze between eyes and up forehead.
  • Blenheim : Ground pearly white, with well distributed chestnut-red patches.  Wide, clear blaze with the « spot » in centre of skull, should be a clear chestnut red mark about the size of a penny.


  • Ruby : Whole coloured, rich chestnut red.  White patch on chest highly undesirable.

WEIGHT :  3.6-6.3 kg (8-14 lbs).

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

 This amended breed standard will become effective from April 2004.

Automatic translate from

In a generalized manner

Calm, discreet, fascinating; here three adjectives that very characterize the King Charles. Small dog recognized from the Kennel Club gi in 1882. this spaniel dwarf be raised end dall.inizio in order to hold company to the aristocrats. Regarding the Cavalier, the King differs for the pulled nasal cane in on towards the skull, with wide cupola skull. very full above the eyes. Happy living, intelligent, a toy refined, compact and squared. Estroverso and devout less discreet regarding the Cavalier cousins, the King also much devout rare one.

C aratteristiche

The voluminoso skull regarding the ransom, very to cupola. Tartufo black and the narici very opened. The nose much and short going back one in direction of the skull. The stop clearly marked, the squared, wide and high snout, very rincagnato. A light inferior prognatismo, large and dark eyes much, low, long inserted orecchie and very frangiate are as many searched characteristics. The long and setoso hair; admitted one light

Ransom: the Height not specified from the standard, that it indicates instead a weight comprised between the 3,6 and 6,3 kg.

Tail: very frangiata, not capacity on the back, not obligatorily shortened.

Colors: black and fire, tricolour, blenheim, ruby.  


General aspect
Active dog, aggraziato, very proporzionato, from the sweet expression.
Full load of life, affectionate; it does not have fear of null.
Allegro, sociable, not aggressive; it does not have to be never shown afraid.
Head and skull
Nearly flat skull between the orecchie, stop little emphasized. The length between the base of stop and the estremit of the snout of approximately 1,5 inches (3.81 cm). The tartufo very developed, black, without panicatura traces. The snout is shrunk towards the estremit; labbra very developed but not hanging. The very full snout under the eyes; it does not have to never be conical.
Large, round but not sporgenti. Of dark color. Very it distances to you.
Long, attacked high. Frange abundant.
Sturdy jaws, with perfect set of teeth, regular and complete. I recorded you perpendicular to the jaws with closing to scissor.
E' of medium length; leggermente arch.
Oblique shoulders. Straight limbs. Medium skeleton.
Medium skeleton. Grasselle very posizionate. No tendency to the vaccinismo or garretti sluices.
Medium thorax. Short kidneys. Ribs very arch. Straight back.
Compact, very supplied of hair, with good plantari bearings.
The length of the tail must proporzionata to that one of the body. E' very attacked, capacity gladly, in order never a lot over the dorsal line. Not obligatorily shortened and however never for devout of a third party of the length.
sailing point
Melted and elegant movements, with good posterior propulsion. The front limbs and those posterior ones move on plans parallels are seen from that from GO BACK TO LIST.
Along, serico, without curly. Admitted E' one light undulation. Frange abundant. It does not have never to be toelettato.
Black and focato - Black wing of crow with focature over the eyes, on cheeks, to the inside of the orecchie, on the chest, the limbs and under the tail. The focature must have an alive color. Spots are not admitted white women.
They steal - intense red Unicolore. Spots are not admitted white women.
Blenheim - Spots brown alive very distributed on the deep white man pearl. Nocciola mask very uniform on the head and that it leaves space to one losanga white woman between the orecchie in whose half there one nocciola spot, than a lot appreciated perch characteristic of the race.
Tricolour - Black and white man very defined and very distributed, with focature over the eyes, on cheeks, to the inside of the orecchie, the inside of the limbs and under the tail.
Other colors or other combinations of color are not admitted.
Every shunting line the standard to consider a defect that goes penalized the gravit second.
The males must very have two testicoli of normal aspect reductions in the scroto.

Standard the ICF n.136/e