Papphund (Lapplandska Spetz)

Origins of the race:
Its nation of origin Sweden.
In all Sweden diffused many centuries ago, but the official acknowledgment has only found 1944 to it.

Initially it was used like shepherdesses.
Later on be employed it is like guardiano of the house is for the company is for the personal defense is like dog from hunting, poich it have been recognized psycho-physical excellent dowries.

The maximum height of this race of 50 cm.
The head has conical shape, with a tartufo of black much dark one.
The set of teeth to scissor. The eyes are much and of great color dark brown.

The orecchie are short, erected and appuntite. The tail comes capacity rolled up on the back, but in the exposures those subjects are admitted also that, sin from birth, they are some without or that of it they have endured the amputation.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:

The short hair is on the snout is on the limbs is on the snout, ovunque is introduced rigid, along and a lot folto.
The colors of the cape can be dark brown, brown and white man, black. Spots are admitted also white women on the chest, the neck and the feet.
E' a dog of medium ransom.

E' a careful dog much and alert, than extension much diffidenza in the comparisons of the strangers. Moreover it knows well the discipline and of much rispettoso.

In the comparisons of the children extension much affectionate patience and.
E' a race this, that it needs of one good and cured feeding.
Especially in the periods of job in territories it freezes to you during which meat and fish do not have to lack.