FCI-Standard N°85 / 20. 01. 1998  / GB


ORIGIN : Great Britain.



CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. : Group 3         Terriers.
                                             Section 2        Small sized Terriers.
                                             Without working trial.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Strongly built ; deep in chest and back ribs ; level back and powerful quarters on muscular legs and exhibiting in a marked degree a great combination of strength and activity.

BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT : Small, active, game, hardly, possessed of no small amount of self-esteem with a varminty appearance.  Alert, gay, courageous, self-reliant but friendly.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:

HEAD : Distance from occiput to eyes slightly greater than length of foreface.  Head thickly coated with hair and carried at right angle or less to axis of neck.  Head not to be carried in extended position.

Skull : Slightly domed ; when handled across forehead presents a smooth contour.  Tapering very slightly from skull at level of ears to eyes.
Stop : Distinct stop, formed by heavy, bony ridges immediately above and slightly overhanging eye, and slight indentation between eyes.

Nose : Black and fairly large, forming smooth contour with rest of muzzle.  Nose not projecting forward.
Muzzle : Foreface gradually tapering from eye to muzzle.  Not dished nor falling away quickly below eyes, where it is well made up.
Jaws/Teeth : Jaws strong and level.  As broad between canine teeth as is consistent with varminty expression required.  Teeth large for size of dog, with regular scissor bite, i. e. upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws.
Eyes : Set wide apart, medium in size, not full, as dark as possible.  Slightly sunk in head, sharp and intelligent, which, looking from under heavy eyebrows, imparts a piercing look.  Light coloured eyes highly undesirable.
Ears : Small, erect and carried firmly, terminating in sharp point, set neither too wide nor too close.  Hair short and smooth (velvety), should not be cut.  Free from any fringe at top.  Round-pointed, broad, large or thick ears or too heavily coated with hair most undesirable.

NECK : Sufficiently long to allow proper set on of head required, muscular and gradually thickening towards base allowing neck to merge into nicely sloping shoulders.

BODY : Compact.
Back : Level.
Loins : Broad and strong.
Chest : Deep and ribs well arched in upper half presenting a flattish side appearance.  Back ribs of considerable depth and distance from last rib of quarters as short as compatible with free movement of body.

TAIL : 12,5-15 cm (5 to 6 inches) long, covered with harsh hair, no feathering, as straight as possible, carried jauntily, not gay or carried over back.  A long tail undesirable, and on no account should tails be docked.


FOREQUARTERS : Forelegs short and muscular, straight and thickly covered with short, hard hair.
Shoulders : Sloping backwards.  Shoulder-blades broad and lying close to chest wall.  Shoulder joint placed forward.
Elbows : Well in, allowing foreleg to move freely, parallel to axis of body.

HINDQUARTERS : Strong, muscular and wide across top.  Legs short, muscular and sinewy.
Thighs : Very muscular and not too wide apart.
Hocks : Bent and well set in under body so as to be fairly close to each other when standing or moving.  Straight or weak hocks most undesirable.

FEET : Forefeet larger than hind, round, proportionate in size, strong, thickly padded and covered with short harsh hair.  Hindfeet are smaller and thickly padded.  Under surface of pads and all nails preferably black.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : Free, straight and easy all round.  In front, legs freely extended forward from shoulder.  Hind movement free, strong and close.  Stifle and hocks well flexed and hocks drawn under body giving drive.  Stiff, stilted movement GO BACK TO LIST and cowhocks highly undesirable.


HAIR : Double coated.  Outer coat consists of harsh hair, about 5 cm (2 ins) long, free from any curl.  Undercoat, which resembles fur, short, soft and close.  Open coats most undesirable.

COLOUR : White.

Height at withers approximately 28 cm (11 ins).

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Automatic translate from


To met of the nineteenth century a breeder who selected the cairn terrier in a country of the Scozia (devout just to Argyll) it has obtained of the puppys totally white men from one of the cucciolate ones. Those small dogs have been cos select to you and raise in order to obtain finally the West to you Highland White Terrier, than not other cairn terrier simply a white man. The West Highland White Terrier originally raised for the hunting the rats, to the vixen and the otter. Today, terrier mostly a dog from company.


this small, likeable terrier has two inches of mantle smooth white man who covers a sottopelo dense and soft. It has the luminous eyes and it lives to us, dark and with one I watch penetrating. The ears small, are appuntiti and straight, giving to this graceful dog the always alert and careful aspect. The long tail moves approximately 15 cm in lively way and it would not have never to be cut. It has a deep thorax and the muscolosi limbs. The West has a bite to scissor, pronounced stop and a leggermente convex skull.

  Temperament :

The Terrier predisposed naturally to the friendly game and in the disowned comparisons of. Moreover advised for who it has children. If it irritates to you they churn but they are not is obstinate to you like many of the other Terrier. They are lives to us and they know themselves to involve also in presence of other dogs, even if to sure times males can be aggressive in the comparisons of other dogs of the same sex. However they are not aggressive and potr to succeed that they chase an just cat for divertimento and that once caught up they do not make it of the evil. Even if not much large one, turns out to be a good dog from guard. Moreover, always thanks to its dimensions not too much cumbersome, potr to be transported easy and therefore potr to follow just the landladies without some difficolt.  

  Problems of health:

The greater part of the exemplary of this race is mostly healthy. Some can find of the chronic problems of the skin like eczemas or cutaneous irritations, problems allanca, hepatic hernias, affections and finally can introduce cases of maxillary calcification.

  Circumstances of life:

This dog adapted is to who lives in citt that in country. In fact it lives well also in apartment and it does not need of garden.


As all the dogs also the West adore to take a walk with just the landladies or to run and to play free in the park but even if for a day jump the walk or the daily race, the broncio will not hold you!


These dogs live until 15 devout years and


Their double cape easy to hold in order and loses little or for null the hair. Simply baster to dedicate to just the dog, five minuteren to the day in order to always have it in order: one beautiful brushed vigorous with the rigid setole all which enough. This would have to be sufficient in order to maintain the mantle in order and cleaned up, resorting cos to the bagnetto if only necessary. With the scissors from the tips rounded off dovr every so often to pareggiare the hair around to the eyes and the ears. Lintero mantle would have to be pareggiato approximately every four months and to be strippato two times allanno.   


The Standard of the race in the shape puts into effect them e* be ratified from International the Cinologica Federation in 1987, and e* derived directly from the enforced Standard in Great Britain.

GENERAL ASPECT: strong construction; deep thorax and long ribs; straight dorsal line and powerful and muscolosi limbs; in a marked manner obvious the expressed combination of equilibrium and attivit in the solidit in a very balanced body.

CHARACTERISTICS: small, dared, hunter, assets, furfantesca dallapparenza, do not lack one great dose of autoconsiderazione.

TEMPERAMENT: allegro, careful, brave, sure of se* but friendly.

HEAD And SKULL: skull leggermente convesso(a cupola), to the tact the shape introduces a smooth and uniform contour and one light depression towards the eyes and in prossimit dellinserimento of the orecchie. Leggermente advanced the occipite distance between and eyes e* regarding the snout. The head e* abundantly covered of hair and capacity to angle retto(o nearly) in axis with the neck. The head does not have to be extended capacity in ahead like extension of the neck. The snout is lost weight gradatamente from the eyes to the tartufo; the stop e* pronounced and formed from obvious great the bony immediately above eyes and leggermente pronounced rhymes of thickness, forming one light insenatura between the eyes.

The snout does not introduce concave profile, e* never not escaping, never light or dug under the eyes (where instead it must be very full). The jaws are strong and of equal length. Black and sufficiently wide Tartufo to form a homogenous contour with the rest of the snout. The tartufo it does not have to be prominente.

EYES: they are placed distant between they, of medium largeness, devout dark possible. Leggermente infossati, acute and intelligent, and confers, through the sopracciglia, one penetrating look.

The eyes of clear color are strongly undesirable.

ORECCHIE: small, erected and capacities, saldamente final to tip, linserimento do not have any too much to be opened some too much closed. Free from fringe in tip. Orecchie that they finish rounded off in tip, or wide, or large, or thick, or covered from too much hair is defective and highly undesirable.

MOUTH: the distance between the canines must be much not to concur with the characteristic expression "from predator" of being altered. Large teeth regarding the size of the dog, with regulating closing to scissor, that is with advanced teeth serratamente overlapped to the inferiors and with perpendicular order to the jaws.

NECK: sufficiently along concurring the correct portamento of the head; muscoloso, with tendency allallargamento graduates them and harmonic stiff to melt itself with nature in shoulders very tilted.

FRONT: slanted and rear shoulders. The bachelor are wide and adherent to the thoracic case. Larticolazione between bachelor and omero must be placed well in ahead, the very adherent elbows to the body, to concur front a free movement dellarto, parallel, in axis with the body. Short and muscolosi, straight limbs and densely covered of hard and short hair.

BODY: compact, straight dorsal line with wide and sturdy kidney. Deep thorax and ribs very arch in the long feature meta* the before advanced one; in the profile flat unimmagine confers it. The last ribs considerably long and are sufficiently distanced from the posterior train, much to concur a free movement.

POSTERIOR: , muscoloso and strongly wide in the advanced part. Short, muscolosi and vigorous limbs, thighs many muscolose and not too much distanced between of they; garretti very angled, flessi, very arranges to you and placed under the body cosi* to be sufficiently near between they as well as in stasis how much in motion. Garretti rigid or weak people is undesirable.

FEET: front devout the large ones of posterior, the round ones, proporziona you in dimension, forts, with thick plantari bearings between which and the short hard hair e*. The posterior feet are devout small and with thick plantari. Preferibilmente black bearings and nails.

TAIL: long from 12,5 to 15 cm., covered from hard hair, without frange; devout straight possible, capacity, of gagliardamente glad of on the back. Undesirable a long tail e* and in no case the tail must be cut.

ANDATURA/MOVIMENTO: free, composed and naturally balanced. Of forehead, the front limbs extend liberations in ahead regarding the shoulders. The melted, the powerful one and closed posterior movement of e*. Ginocchia and garretti very flessi, with these last ones ritratti under the body, concurs the push. A rigid, skillful movement or the vaccinismo is highly undesirable defects.

CAPE: double. Hair of cover constituted from hard, long hairs approximately 5/6 cm., free from curly. Sottopelo similar to one fur, short, soft and driven in. A not compact mantle e* considered defect.

COLOR: white man.

RANSOM: approximately 28 cm. to the garrese.

DEFECTS: all us that discosta from the sopraelencati ones canoni defect is delivered up, whose importance depends dallentit of the same defect.

Famous: the males must completely have two apparently normal testicoli and reductions in the scroto.