Spanish Alan (photo )


Spanish Alan a molosso. Its structure allows it to run to high velocit for the long periods of time. This not raised race never for an aesthetic factor. E' a dog that ancient origins, peasant that always used in order to work in campaign with whichever atmospheric condition. Race has rendered us Alan Spanish one much resistant one and heals, incline not to suffer in particular from some disease.
Spanish Alan, in the past, state used for four scopes of base:
1) conduction of the cattle.
2) fight of dogs (than fortunately be prohibited from the Spanish laws in the nineteenth century).
3) protection and defense.
4) war
Today it comes trained in order to collaborate with the police, like dog from guard, for the competitions of Obedience and Agility.


E' very proporzionato, the front feet is devout strong of those posterior ones and straight if is observed from the front part or the side. The muscles in the posterior quarters are develop you well and the piedini posterior they show the defined angles much good that they conclude in the devout feet forti.La thick tail to the base and is streamlined in tip. It never does not go cut perch used like rudder. When the tail and low capacity, nobody of its similar ones would dare to assault it. The belly and ritratta towards the inside and from an athletic appearance devout of heavy devout others breeds of the molosser. The strong, powerful and wide neck, showing two double minds that would not have to never penzolare. Its square head and has a serious expression. The wide muzzle e' and represents approximately 35% of the total length of the head, with one stop vertical.
The large, wide and black nose with the narici aperte.Le orecchie usually come cut and rounded off in tip, leggermente withdrawn on the head.
Alan has the powerful jaws much. The teeth are wide, with a bite much fort and tagliente.Quando Alan walks has a sailing point similar to the panther, because of its habit to hold the low head, and of the relati to you movements discs of a valve and flessuosi. They are in a position to jumping the obstacles with a lot agilit, and they never do not appear tires also after to have galoppato for many kilometers. The Cape of Alan pu to be gray with of the tips of yellow, fawns and red is clearly that dark, with or without striature.Sono allowed of the white man tips on the neck, on the inferior part of legs, on the belly, and the tip of the feet. The color white man does not have to never be predominant.

Height: males 58-63 centimeters, females 55-60 cm.

The varied weight between the 35-40 Kg.
It must it are to us always harmony between the conformation and the weight.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:


The temperament of dominant, serious Alan but much controlable one from its supervisor.
This dog becomes attached to the family and their friends, and extremely patient and bond with the children. A lot balances to you and obedient. Alan guarder the disowned ones
with suspicion, he could attack without giving some marks them of malaise but, only when the situation demands it.
Alan ignores what means the pain or fear. If very trained Alan to fight until the dead women in order executing the orders, fighting the wild boar or the Taurus until to estenuarsi. Fearless, loyal, devout person, hard. Powerful and protecting, but not aggressive. Caught up the maturit he completes, usually when the dog catches up the 2 years, you form the character completely. They are in a position to scrambling up on the trees with agilit a feline narcotic and are able to jump of the highest obstacles from one position
firm. The puppys of Alan stretch to mordicchiare whichever thing, the females are devout calm.
Alan sleeps to the outside and adapted to all various climates without problemi.Se are not lived in family have need much exercise, every day.
At least three daily, Alive walks in average from the 11 to the 14 years. You can brush it occasionally, using one rubber brush in order to prevent dispersing itself of hairs ovunque. The bath goes only made if necessary, perch removes natural oils of the skin.

  This card be sended to us from Alfeo R.