Tuareg Sloughi

Tuareg Sloughi

His country of origin of Azawakh is Africa and more precisely the Sahel region. They were raised by the numerous nomadic tribes of the Sahara. Southern and selected by hunting, guard and companion dogs.

Azawakh chases its prey or intruder in a group. This cane often rests on the low, thatched roofs of the suitcases of the village of its owners in Mali and during the night if it catches sight of a prey or an intruder, it quickly jumps off of its comfortable bed to chase it and it is joined by other similar ones in the hunting .

Officially recognized by the Kennel Club on January 1, 1993.

Description of the Azawakh
The Tuareg Sloughi has long and supple legs, a slender shape that gives it an elegant and proud air.

It is a medium-large dog. The bone structure and the musculature are glimpsed under dry and fine tissues. Its body is circumscribed in the rectangle with the longest vertical side.

The skin is beautiful and tight on the whole body. The hair is short fawn with white spots on the ends, with shades of light sand to dark fawn. There must be no hair on the belly.

Each or at least one of the four limbs must have a white "stocking" or at least a trace on the foot.

In relation to its native environment, the Azawakh Hound manifests mentally and structurally its vocation as a hunter, protector and companion.

It is a fast, attentive, proud dog, wary of strangers but extremely kind and affectionate with its owner. Structurally lean, his muscles are visible under a dry, thin skin.

Being part of the greyhound family, this stick can reach a speed of 60 km per hour.

The Azawakh Hound has a natural tendency to guard.


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Height: 58-74 cm
Weight: 17-25 kg

Azawakh adapts to apartment life as long as it is kept in daily operation. You will have to give him the opportunity to stretch his legs with long walks and runs.

Tuareg Sloughi
It is a dog sensitive to the cold and bad weather, therefore a coat should be used during the coldest periods of the year during walks.

This dog has an average life of 12 years.

The smooth coat made of short hair is very easy to keep clean. Just brush it from time to time to get your dog in order, and you will only go to the bathroom when necessary. This breed has a medium wetsuit.