we thank Fabry in order to have sended the photos to us of its beautifulst FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet)


FCI-Standard N° 105   / 29. 03. 2006 /GB


TRANSLATION : Jennifer Mulholland.

ORIGIN : France


UTILIZATION: Water dog used for hunting wildfowl.  Like all water dogs, the French Water Dog is more than just a retriever; he must search for, locate and flush out the game hiding in the water vegetation. He then retrieves the game shot by his master. Very resistant to cold, he shall go to water in all weather.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I.:   Group 8          Retrievers, Flushing
                                                                       Dogs, Water Dogs.
                                                Section 3        Water Dogs
                                                With working trial.

BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY: A very ancient breed, common throughout France, used for hunting waterfowl and described or mentioned in several works as early as the 16th century.
GENERAL APPEARANCE: Medium proportions, medium size, characterized by a thick, woolly coat which guarantees efficient protection against cold and damp.  The coat forms a beard  (French barbe) on the chin, which gave the breed its name (Barbet).



  • The muzzle is slightly shorter than the skull.
  • The length of the body, measured from the point of shoulder to the point of buttock, is slightly more than the height at the withers .

BEHAVIOUR/TEMPERAMENT: Even disposition, very attached to his master, very sociable, loving water even when very cold.

HEAD: The coat on the skull must fall onto the bridge of the nose. The beard is long and furnished; the moustache entirely covers the bridge of the nose.

Skull: Rounded and broad.
Stop: Defined.

Nose: Broad, with well opened nostrils; black or brown depending on the colour of the coat.
Muzzle: Quite square. The bridge of the nose is broad.
Lips: Thick, well pigmented and completely covered by long hair. Black or brown edges.
Jaws/teeth:  Jaws of equal length. Scissors bite. Strong teeth. Incisors well developed and well aligned.
Eyes: Round, preferably dark brown. The rim of the eyelid is black or brown.
Ears: Set on low (at eye level or slightly lower), long, flat, wide, covered by long hair hanging in strands. When brought together in front of the nose, the ears (including the hair) reach at least 5cms beyond it. The ear cartilage reaches further than the corner of the mouth.

NECK: Short and strong.

Back: Solid with well sustained topline.
Loin: Arched, short and strong.
Croup: Round, seen from the side, in smooth continuation of the line of the loin.
Chest: Broad, well developed, deep, reaching the elbow; ribcage rounded but not barrel-like.

Slightly raised, carried above the horizontal when the dog is in action, low set, forming a slight hook at the tip.


Shoulders: Oblique.  The scapulo-humeral angle varies between 110° and 115°.
Upper arm: Strong and muscular.
Lower arm: Straight, strong bone, upright, completely covered by long hair.

Upper thigh: Slightly oblique, well muscled.
Hock: Low, well angulated.
Metatarsus (Rear pastern): Upright.

FEET: Round, broad, covered by hair.



MOVEMENT/GAIT: Easy movement, the limbs moving in line with the body. Medium length foreleg stride with good thrust from the hindquarters.

SKIN: Relatively thick.


HAIR: Long, woolly and curly; can form strands.  The coat is furnished, covering the whole body in a natural state. This is an essential characteristic of the breed.  The French Water Dog may be groomed in a specific manner to accomodate its work and maintenance.

COLOUR: Solid black, grey, brown, fawn, pale fawn, white or more or less pied.  All shades of  red-fawn and pale fawn are permitted.  The shade should, preferably, be the same as the colour of the body.

Height at the withers:    Dogs:               58cm – 65cm
                                     Bitches:            53cm – 61 cm
                                     With a tolerance of +/- 1cm


Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.

  • Head fine and narrow, muzzle thin and too long, lips thin.
  • Overshot or undershot. Wry jaw.
  • Light eyes.
  • Ears set high (higher than eye level), thin, short and narrow.
  • Neck long and thin.
  • Topline hollow.
  • Loin long and weak.
  • Croup straight.
  • Chest narrow.
  • Tail set on high, curved over the back, curled over or lying on the croup or loin. Tail naturally absent or too short.
  • Shoulders straight.
  • Upper arm thin.
  • Forearm with fine bone; feathering.
  • Hindquarters: Upper thigh flat, hocks straight, feathering; presence of dewclaws. Feet fine and narrow, not covered by coat.
  • Skin thin.
  • Coat short, harsh, not woolly, not curly.
  • Colours: Any colour other than those mentioned in the standard.


  • Aggressive or overly shy.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B.: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles  fully descended into the scrotum.

Automatic translate from

The origin and the history

The progenitore of the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) a French water dog, the Barbet, the exemplary iconography us extension of FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) to leave from the late Middle Ages, various 1700's and authors Six cites the caniche like dog from job.
In XIX the century, the aspect of this race and the facilit of training, of it it made a valid complement of the French circuses, and of it it existed only a type, the medium FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) , in three colori:nero, white man and marrone.Dall' beginning of the century the English breeders multiplied colors and ransoms.

Not only saltinbanchi, the Poodles, or appendix eccentric to the toilettes of the landlady, but also, to the occurrence, brave dogs soldato.E soldiers in Large the Arms napoleonica, even.
One of they accompagner along all Europe the tenacious dreams of the Emperor and its dismounts armies to you.

Sar the leggendario Moustache, a FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) who parteciper to all the campaigns of Napoleone, not excluded that one of Austerlitz where comporter, also he, hero much to coherently deserve the decoration on the campo.Morir in battle, in Spain, in 1811.  

the beautifulst dogs of the photo are of the breeding Friends of the dog

The FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) a dog from bringing back in water from here the name of "chien dog" or "canichon" dog duck.
called also "dog sheep", for the aspect of its hair.
It came sheared on the posterior part so as to to be able itself to move easy devout in water, lasciandogli instead the hair on the thorax in order protect heart and lungs from the cold.
Poich often had to be penetrated in driven in marshes of vegetation that could have hidden it to the eyes of the master, the hair forelock on the head came fixed with a colored ribbon, than it rendered it devout visible, and on the tail it came to it left a pompon of hair, perch the tip of the tail a delicate part, that it could have hurt itself without an adequate protection.
The toelettatura of the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) not been born for aesthetic requirements, but works them.
Later on its character has rendered it so searched and diffused that the selection of the race has carried out decided carrying out and of it it has made a dog from company.
True large pregio of the this race character, and its acute intelligence be judged devout and the lively one.
In French caniche the drift from "canard", that it means "anatra"in German the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) calls "pudel" and in English "puddle" cio swimmer.

The ransom

The FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) great size goes from the 45 to i 58 cm to the garrese.
The FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) of medium ransom goes from the 35 to i 45 cm to the garrese.
The FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) dwarf goes from the 28 to i 35 cm, must have the aspect of a medium FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) and conserve devout possible the proportions, without to introduce nanismo characteristics.
The FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) miniatura (toy) under i 28 cm, better if 25cm, anch' it must conserve the aspect of the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) dwarf in all its proportions, without to introduce nanismo characteristics.

Cape: Black, white man, brown, gray, apricot.

Hair: Ricciuto or Cordato

The brown, the gray and the apricot   to cordato hair and ricciuto they must be uniforms.

Great size: approximately 22 kg.
Medium size: approximately 12 kg.
Dwarf: approximately 7 kg.
Toy: less than 7 kg.

Head: Distinguished, rectilinear, proporzionata to the body. Leggermente convex skull. Pronounced Occipite. Little marked Stop. Labbra piuttosoto dry. Color of the tartufo in harmony with that one of the cape.
Orecchie: Enough long, falling along cheeks they arrive until the commessura of the labbra. Covered of waved hair and a lot along.
Eyes: To almond, leggermente oblique. Black, from brown much dark one to dark amber to second of the color of the cape.
Body: Its length exceeds the Height. Solid neck, leggermente arch. Without giogaia. Thorax very come down. Kidney balance and muscoloso. Retratto Ventre.
Tail: Attacked high, shortened of third or the met in the subjects to hair riccioluto. Pu to remain of the normal length in the subjects to cordato hair. Risen oblique in action.
Hair: Riccioluto: abundant, of fine, lanoso webbing, very goffered. Often, very folto, of uniform length, form equal riccioli. Abundant, of fine, lanoso webbing, folto, shape of cordicelle the many characteristics and equal length.


The head distinguished, rectilinear, very carved and proporzionata to the body.
The neck solid and fiercely high door the head.
The log leggermente devout along of the Height.
The ventre moderately retratto.
The tail , attacked high, oblique capacity and comes cut to approximately a third party of the length.
The hair ricciuto characteristic of the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) , but cordata exists also the variet, by now rarest.
The limbs front they are in perfect perpendicularly.
Posterior limbs they must be in perfect and much perpendicularly angled.

The standard of the identical FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) for all and the four variet.

The stop little marked
The eyes they have lively expression, ardente:sono piazzatiall' height of the stop and leggermente obliqui.Di dark black or tawny color in the subject white men, black, grays and apricot, can be dark amber in the subjects browns.
The tartufo pronounced and very developed, with vertical profile and open narici.
The labbra leggermente they are developed, dry, of advanced thickness medio:il labbro must rest on that inferior without being pendant.
The orecchie they are enough long, hanging along the guance.Tirate ones in ahead, must catch up the commessura labiale:i subject in which they do not catch up cannot obtain it the qualification of "excellent".

In the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) s dwaries and miniatura the only difference previewed from the emphasized standard occipite a p less.

The sailing point of the light FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) and saltellante:il its step does not have to never be along or sliding.



It does not have to be believed that he is excessive to speak about character of the dog, indeed pu to speak about personalit.Il dog FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) a delicious, likeable companion and divertente.E' equipped of large sensibilit, a moreover much docile one, even if a p monello.Spesso in fact it betrays its origin of dog from hunting, manifesting its qualit venatorie in ours casa.Non rare to see our small " WATER POINTER "(original name of race) to run us triumphant encounter with a sock or a slipper in bocca.Purtroppo this its characteristic, joined to its qualit of intelligence and docilit, be often taken advantage of from the man in offensive way for the dignit of the poor one animale.Come looked at in the equestri circuses small FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) s dressed in such way to arouse ilarit in the spectator, to walk on two legs, to run, to dance.
If true that the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) has the largest one capacit of adaptation, also true however that she has its tastes, its preferenze.Una of these is just the children.
Moving E' to see a child that it plays with a FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) , in realt not understands who of the two is amused of pi.Non us must be some fear who the dog can make of the evil the child, easy E' happens contrario.Il the child more rather must understand endured that the dog goes respected, does not have to be considered like a giocattolo.
Its look says to us that it comprises our sadness, its restlessness its participation at our moments of irritation, to the agitation of sure momenti.Insomma a friend who always feels our states of mind and from our part.
It does not have to be believed for that the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) is only a small seats that its day passes softly carefullied lay down on a mountain of cuscini.In realt very well has a greatest sense of adaptation and trover also in a modest cascinale of campaign or a great shed lacking in confort.Sar happy for having many affectionate masters and sar able to exchange again all how many with likeable joy, as great family of other times was nipotino devout the small of one.
Its patience making sopportare and to love with stoicism also... the devout masters borings.

Critical Lunica that pu to move (and that many it move alone perch not knows it) that one of being well a lezioso dog but it not it affatto.Lui remained a peasant dog, without crickets for the head, with uninnata and immutata passion for lacqua and riporto.Le the toelettature from ring does not have to carry road outside to us, perch is work of the not sure master and of cane.Il the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) a true dog, not one doll or a giocattolo, true large pregio of the this race character, and its acute intelligence be judged devout and the lively one.

Under those its riccioli, insomma, c a great cervello.Ed this that we must learn to discover, perch to make to innamorare us of the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) to of l of every aesthetic consideration.

Unamico has written on this race: The FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) an exceptional dog. That he is toy, dwarf, mean or giant, draft of an animal with one extremely fresh and reactive intelligence. To say that the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) speaks and writes not a flight pindarico.. to its way the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) speaks and writes indeed.

And a complete dog. Therefore attention. beautiful small and white man (or of the color that devout it appeals to to you) but does not go well if tried one doll. For that one there are the peluche.. or even the cats, than, from instinctive devout animals much, will know give to you what you only want if and when they will have some wants.
The FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) ve you must deserve. You must be to its height, to have its same one vivacit and wants of living. otherwise you will make it alone to suffer.

Words have never been devout exact of queste.Il FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) all this and a lot other anchor.

PARTICOLARIT :Il its hair grows very fastly, therefore it needs of a frequent tosatura, rather at least once every the two mesi.Mentre bath pu to make also two times the month, this race lacking in sottopelo, perci does not lose any during the year.

PREGI : It has the most fine hearing and it possesses one detached sense of the guideline.

CHARACTER : Intelligent, affectionate, sensitive E' much and brave one, moreover establish an optimal relationship with the children and the old ones.

MEDIUM ETA' : Pu living from the 12 to the 20 years.

FEEDING : The ransom dwarf needs of 100 gr of meat tritata to the day, that average of approximately 200 gr, while that giant of 300 gr, with the added one for, in proportion to the size of the animal, of verdure and rice very cooked.

ATTENTION : During the connections, to avoid the crossings between consanguinei exemplary in how much the puppys would be predisposed to the epilepsy or the nevrosi .


The toelettatura of the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) from extremely complex exposure and demands much time, is that features of a great size, are that one features miniatura.

Several the types of toelettatura that can be seen in the exposures are:

. La Continental toelettatura the dog comes sheared on the posterior train until cosce.Vengono also tosati:il the snout, front cheeks, legs and posteriori(a exception of the muffs or bracialetti and some optional reasons you on the train posteriore)e the tail, to which it comes left a pompon round or oval to estremit.Sulla the head the hair comes collected and legacy in order to form a top-knot.

. La English toelettatura characterized from the hair devout short on the posterior part of the log and from the three muffs "to anello"sulle posterior legs.  

. La toelettatura Puppy Clip to the day today the devout ones diffused, and interesser the cut to scissor in ordine:il the chest, I detach it of the tail, the rump, the buttocks, the foot dev' to be rounded off, the shoulder, of which it must be evidenced the angolatura, the fold of the grassella and, in order to end the tail to form pompon round or an oval.
The FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) does not have sottopelo perci not trover hair in turn for house, but in order to maintain a beautiful soft hair and without nodes, you d some councils:
It is necessary to hold our always free dog from you adorned external and inner (this to you maintains the hair healthy and I polish)
Since cucciolo important to accustom it to being combed and being brushed and to remain immovable while we clean up it orecchie, eyes and teeth, this the abituera' from adult not to rebel itself in long the sitting of toelettatura.
Enough to comb and to brush the hair of your dog for 5 minuteren to the day in order to avoid that the unpleasant nodes are formed.
The FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) lacking in sottopelo and this allow it to be washed devout often of others breeds therefore do not allow that the dirt gives pruritus to it and blots it pelo.In the summer pu fargli the bath two times to the month, in winter enough once, and attention to the airflows.
After the bath it is necessary to accurately dry it a lot with of the towels before taking part with the phon and while he dries up himself it is necessary to brush it in order vaporizzare the hair. E' important to hold very clean the orecchie, to tear the hair that is hidden in the external pavilion of the ear and to control after the race in the Prato that the long orecchie have not collected thorns or other.
The eyes go cleaned up with boric water, or in the way housewife with camomile at least once to week.
One corrected feeding manterr your FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) in splendid shape, with hair and skin perfectly   you heal.
I personally council to feed it with a good dry food, however if preferred somministrare to your dog "humid" meal I recommend to you well of pulirgli the snout to fine meal in order to prevent to the food dregses of macchiargli the hair, or still better than tenergli the snout very sheared.
The thing devout important to hold always present that the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) a dog much sensitive one and therefore has need much affection and you sapr wide to exchange again.

  . Maschio o femmina

. Sul problema del sesso si sprecano dicerie e credenze infondate.Prima di scegliere,ricordate

. che:

True E' that the generally devout female and docile cake and of the male but the differences often characterizes refutes them statistiche.In the all cases dolcezza, docilit and obedience in the case of the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) is characteristic of race, and often they depend devout on the abilit of the master that the innate dowries of cane;il the sex give pu to influence to the maximum for a 5%.

. Non vero che la femmina debba avere almeno una cucciolata.

Not true, in the case of the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) , than the differences of size and substance they are cos influential to justify the choice of one or of the other sesso:se we have space problems we can choose between four various ransoms, therefore absurd to go to watch i little cm that divide the male from the female.

True E' that female v in heat two times to the year and that it generally loses a sure one quantit of blood (minimal in the small, devout dogs consisting in the great means and) also the true one that in the period of estro attirer the several dogs from all the circondario.Non difficult for, to check the ardor of spasimanti:nel the case of the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) s medium, dwarf and miniatura, enough to take in arm the cagnetta and allontanarsi!Se we have a female great size, enough, a sgridata.Se was not sufficient, we return to house and we bring back it outside in a moment of devout it calm.

Not true that the house female scappa when in calore:non of it it has some need, inasmuch as always the mountain to go to true Maometto.E' instead contrario:talora a male pu to scappare of house if it feels the odore of a female in estro (and succeeds to feel it to distance kilometers).

Not true that the males represents a sure true investment economico.E' that some pluripremiati riproduttori cover (to pagamento)un great number of females, and that to the master of it derives good guadagno:ma a number of these subject lucky people limitatissimo.Di usual the masters of males must pray friends, relatives and knowing in order to succeed to make to make one at least mounts in the life to their dog: to the contrary, also a mediocre female potr to produce honest a cucciolata one to the year, and if the master pleases itself of a fair figure potra to sell it without large problemi.Con the female not to become rich to us, but potr to be available on an entrance to sicura:guadagnare with the mount of a male, instead, easy like winning to the lotteria.


. STANDARD BARBONE   Standard the ICF n.172/f

. Il presente standard valido per tutte le variet di barboni, con le dovute differenziazioni per le taglie. . Apparenza generale e attitudini Caratteri definenti la razza - Posto nella classificazione utilitaria. . Cane di tipo armonico, mediolineo, dal caratteristico pelo ricciuto o cordato. . Aspetto d'animale intelligente, costantemente all'erta, attivo, costruito armonicamente; d l'impressione di eleganza e fierezza. . Il Barbone ha l'andatura saltellante e leggera. . Esso non deve mai camminare con passo allungato e scivolante. Famous dog for its proverbiale fedelt, adapted to learn some and to being trained, us that ago a dog from particularly pleasant company.
Distinguished, rectilinear, proporzionata to the log; of leggermente advanced length to the 2/5 of the Height; it does not have to be heavy n massiccia, but neanche excessive fine. . La scultura ossea deve trasparire chiaramente sotto la pelle che la ricopre.
Tartufo . - Pronunciato e ben sviluppato, con profilo verticale; narici aperte. . Nero nei soggetti neri, bianchi e grigi; marrone nei soggetti marroni. In the subjects apricot, pu to have all the range of the shadings from the dark brown to the black one; to the black one it does not come given the preference, but accepted in order to avoid one possible depigmentation.
snout . - Profilo superiore rettilineo. . La sua lunghezza pari a circa 9/10 della lunghezza del cranio. . Le due branche mandibolari sono quasi parallele fra loro. . L'aspetto del muso solido, elegante, ma non appuntito. . Il suo profilo inferiore dato dalla mandibola e non dal bordo del labbro superiore.
Labbra . - Leggermente sviluppate, piuttosto asciutte, di spessore medio; il labbro superiore poggia su quello inferiore senza essere pendente. . Le labbra sono nere nei soggetti neri, bianchi e grigi; pigmentate nei soggetti marroni. In the subjects apricot, the range of the shadings from the dark brown to the black one can have all; black the not preferred one, but comes accepted. . La commessura labiale non deve essere accentuata.
Jaws . - Normalmente chiuse, denti solidi. . La mancanza di un molare non penalizzata in giudizio o in occasione di una selezione.
Cheeks . - Non prominenti, ma modellate sulle ossa. . Le regioni sottorbitali sono cesellate e poco piene. . I masseteri, base anatomica delle guance, poco sviluppati, le arcate zigomatiche poco sporgenti.
Stop . - Poco marcato.
Skull . - Ben modellato. Its smaller width of met of the length of the head (the direction of the aces forms a assio-facciale angle of 16-19 degrees). . L'insieme del cranio, visto dall'alto, appare ovale nel senso longitudinale, leggermente convesso di profilo. . Gli assi longitudinali sono leggermente divergenti.
. Arcate sopraccigliari . - Moderatamente sporgenti, coperte da lunghi peli. . Solco frontale - Largo fra gli occhi, va diminuendo verso l'occipite, che molto accentuato. . (Nei Barboni nani pu essere meno accentuato).
Eyes . - Hanno espressione ardente; piazzati all'altezza dello stop e leggermente obliqui. . Il disegno delle rime palpebrali a mandorla. Of black or tawny color much dark one in the black subjects, white men, grays and apricot; they can be dark amber in the subjects browns.
Orecchie - Enough long, hanging along the cheeks, they are attacked on the extension of the line that leave from over of the tartufo and passes under the external tip of the eye. . Piatte, si allargano dopo l'attaccatura e si arrotondano all'estremit; sono coperte da peli ondulati e molto lunghi. . I soggetti le cui orecchie non raggiungono la commessura labiale non potranno ottenere la qualifica "eccellente".
Neck . Solido, leggermente arcuato dopo la nuca, di lunghezza media, ben proporzionato, porta la testa alta e fiera. . Non presenta giogaia. . Ha una sezione ovale e la sua lunghezza inferiore a quella della testa.
Front limbs
. Spalla e braccio . - Garrese moderatamente sviluppato. . Spalla obliqua, muscolosa. . La scapola e l'omero formano un angolo compreso fra i 90 e i 110 gradi. . La lunghezza dell'omero corrisponde a quella della scapola.
Forearm . - Arti anteriori perfettamente diritti e paralleli, eleganti, muscolosi e con buona ossatura. . L'altezza dal gomito al suolo i 5/9 dell'altezza dal garrese al suolo.
Carpo . - Continua la linea superiore dell'avambraccio.
Metacarpo . - Solido ma non massiccio, quasi diritto visto di profilo.
. Piede . - Piuttosto piccolo, solido, ovale non allungato. . Le dita sono ben arcuate, nervose, compatte, palmate; poggiano a piombo sulla pianta dura e spessa. . Le unghie sono nere nei soggetti neri e grigi; nero o marrone nei soggetti marroni. . Nei soggetti bianchi, possono avere tutte le sfumature della gamma dal corno al nero e devono corrispondere alla pigmentazione. . Le unghie bianche sono un difetto. . Nei soggetti albicocca, possono avere tutte le sfumature dal marrone scuro al nero; il nero non preferito, ma viene accettato.
. Deve essere ben proporzionato. . La sua lunghezza generalmente superiore all'altezza al garrese.
Chest - Normal for a mediolineo dog; the tip of the sterno must leggermente be sporgente and to be situated rather up for giving devout high, devout natural and devout to the head a portamento fierce.
Thorax - Come down until the elbow; its equal length to the 2/3 of its height (from the vertebral column to the sterno); its circumference measured GO BACK TO LIST the shoulders must be advanced to the height to garrese at least 10 cm.
. Costole . - Ovali, pi larghe nella parte dorsale.
Back . - Corto, ha una linea armoniosa. . Non deve essere n inarcato n insellato. . L'altezza dal suolo al garrese pari a quella dal suolo alla groppa.
. Reni . - Solide e muscolose.
Ventre and flanks . - Rilevati senza essere retratti come quelli del Levriere.
Rump . - Arrotondata ma non spiovente.
Tail . - Attaccata abbastanza alta, sulla linea delle reni. . Deve essere accorciata a un terzo della lunghezza naturale, o della met, nei Barboni a pelo riccio. . Tuttavia, la coda lunga non un difetto se ben portata. . Pu essere lasciata lunga nei Barboni cordati. . Durante l'azione, la coda portata rialzata obliquamente.
Posterior limbs
Thighs . - Muscolose e robuste.
. Gambe . - Visti da dietro, gli arti posteriori sono paralleli; hanno muscolatura sviluppata e molto visibile. . L'articolazione con il garretto abbastanza flessa. The angles coxo-femoral, tibio-femoral and tibio-tarsico must enough be emphasize to you in order to avoid an entirety too much straight that it has to times like consequence the inclination not wished of the rump. . Tarso e metatarso . - Hanno direzione verticale. . Il Barbone deve nascere senza speroni sugli arti posteriori.
feet . - Come quelli anteriori
. Colore - Sia per i Barboni a pelo riccio che cordato, nero, bianco, marrone, grigio e albicocca.
. a) Marrone: deciso, abbastanza scuro, uniforme e caldo. It does not have to be n as well as luminosity to approach itself the beige or to its it derives to you, n of other part to stretch to the black one, like the head of Moor or the eggplant.
. b) Grigio: deve essere uniforme e non tendere n al bianco n al nero.
c) Apricot: it must be uniform; it does not have to stretch n to the beige or to the cream, n to the red one or the tawny one rossiccio, n to the brown or to its it derives to you.
. Toelettatura "alla leoncino" - Il Barbone, sia a pelo riccio che cordato, viene tosato sul treno posteriore fino alle costole. They are shears to you also: the snout, over and under leaving from the inferior eyelids; the cheeks; the front and posterior legs, to exception of the muffs or bracelets and the optional reasons you on the posterior train; the tail, but pompon round or an oval to the estremit. . I baffi sono indicati per tutti i soggetti. . _ ammesso lasciare del pelo sugli arti anteriori, detto "a pantalone".
. Toelettatura "moderna" - E' ammesso il mantenimento del pelo sui quattro arti, a condizione che vengano rispettate le seguenti norme:
. 1 - tosatura di:
to) inferior part of the front limbs, from nails until to the tip of the spur; inferior part of the posterior limbs, until to an equivalent height. . E' ammesso l'impiego della tosatrice limitatamente alle dita.
. b) testa e coda come precedentemente descritto. . In questa toelettatura saranno eccezionalmente ammesse:
- the presence, under the maxillary inferior, of vello short not devout ones often of 1 cm and whose inferior line runs parallel to the maxillary one. . La barba detta "di capra" non tollerata.
. - l'eliminazione del pompon della coda (ma questo fatto diminuisce leggermente il coefficiente relativo alla tessitura del pelo).
. 2 - peli accorciati: sul tronco, per presentare sulla linea dorsale una marezzatura pi o meno lunga (almeno 1 cm). . La lunghezza del mantello aumenter progressivamente intorno alle costole e sulla parte alta degli arti.
. 3 - Mantello regolato:
to) on the head that introduces a helmet of reasonable height and on the neck, coming down GO BACK TO LIST until the garrese and without discontinuit until the rasata part of the foot, second a leggermente oblique line, that it begins from the high part of the chest. On the high part of the orecchie and to the maximum for a third party of their length; the hair pu to be shortened with the scissors or to be sheared in the sense of the hair. The inferior part comes left covered from hairs of progressively increasing length, from the high one towards the bottom, until the frange that they can be pareggiate.
. b) sugli arti; i 'pantaloni' presentano unanetta transizione con la tosatura dei piedi. The length of the hairs increases progressively towards the high in order to introduce on the shoulder (or the thigh) one length from 4 to 7 cm (to stiff hair), second the ransom, waves to avoid a sbuffante effect. . Il pantalone posteriore non deve nascondere l'angolazione tipica del Barbone. . Ogni motivo non previsto da queste norme standard eliminatorio. . Qualunque sia la silhouette ottenuta con la toelettatura, questa non deve assolutamente influenzare la classificazione nelle esposizioni. . Tutti i soggetti della stessa classe devono essere giudicati insieme.
. Toelettatura all'inglese - Aggiungere alla toelettatura "alla leoncino" dei motivi (cio braccialetti o manicotti) sul treno posteriore; sulla testa: "top-knot". . In questa toelettatura i baffi sono facoltativi.
. Barbone a pelo riccio - Pelo abbondante di tessitura fine, lanosa, ben riccio, elastico e resistente alla pressione della mano. . Spesso, fitto, di lunghezza uniforme, forma riccioli uguali e generalmente pettinati. . Il pelo duro al tatto, simile a crine, indesiderabile e gli sar preferito il pelo di consistenza regolamentare.
FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) to cordato hair - abundant Hair, of, driven in fine and lanosa webbing, shape of the cordelline very characterized, all of the same length. Devout they are long, better; 20 cm must however always exceed i. To two sides of the head, the cordelline can be withheld from a lace over the orecchie; those of the body go shared from one scriminatura in order to avoid a disordinato effect.
. Morbida, non staccata, pigmentata. The black subjects, browns, grays and apricot have the skin pigmented in harmony with the color of the cape, in the subject white men searched the silverplated skin, but the pigmentazione does not have to alter the color of the cape. FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) s not only exist also white men whose clear skin introduces "a tartufata" effect, on the inner parts, what that frequent, but also on the rest of the body; this fact does not constitute a defect. . La pigmentazione generale deve essere pi intensa su palpebre, tartufo, labbra, gengive, palato, mucose, orifizi naturali, scroto, pianta dei piedi. This must be black in the black subjects, white men, grays; tawny dark in the subjects browns; in the subjects apricot, it must devout the possible one be uniform and dark, second all the range from the dark brown to the black one; black the not preferred one, comes accepted in order to avoid one possible depigmentation.
. 1) Barboni di taglia grande: dai 45 ai 60 cm (tolleranza in eccesso di 2 cm). . Il Barbone grande la versione ingrandita e sviluppata del Barbone medio, di cui conserva le caratteristiche.
. 2) Barboni di taglia media: dai 35 ai 45 cm.
. 3) Barboni nani: dai 28 ai 35 cm. The FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) dwarf must have the apetto of with of a reduced medium FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) , must conserve of devout possible the proportions and not to introduce nanismo characteristics.
. 4) Barboni toy: sotto i cm 28 (altezza ideale 25 cm). The FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) toy maintains the aspect of with of the FRENCH WATER DOG (Barbet) dwarf, with all the proportions, and answers to all the requirements of the standard. . Non deve presentare caratteristiche di nanismo. . Unica eccezione che la cresta occipitale pu essere meno accentuata.
sailing point
. Vedi apparenze generali e attitudini.
. Anatomici e di tipo - Muso troppo sottile o appuntito, naso arcuato. . Tartufo piccolo e insufficientemente aperto, o troppo grande. . Mancanza di stop o stop troppo accentuato. . Occhi troppo grandi o troppo piccoli, non abbastanza scuri o con luce rossa. . Orecchie troppo corte, troppo strette o portate ripiegate. . Il prognatismo un difetto che va penalizzato secondo la gravit. . I denti gialli causati da cimurro non costituiscono un difetto se sono correttamente allineati. The defective alignment or the lack of teeth constitutes a defect that goes penalized the gravit second; all I recorded to you, the canines and the molars must be present; the lack of a premolar (1 P1) not penalizzata;mancanza of two premolars (2 P1): "excellent" qualification; lack of three premolars (3 P1 or 2 P1 and 1 P2): qualification "much good one". . Groppa spiovente. . Arti posteriori troppo diritti. . Arti troppo lunghi. . Coda curvata sul dorso, troppo sottile o attaccata troppo bassa. . Andatura fluida o allungata. . Tartufo decolorato o maculato. . Ladre. . Pigmentazione generale insufficiente, depigmentazione delle palpebre, mancanza di pelo intorno agli occhi. . Pelo rado o molle. . Colore indeciso o non uniforme. . E' tollerato qualche pelo bianco sul petto. . Soggetti di cattivo carattere, aggressivi o troppo nervosi. . I soggetti con tracce di nanismo non possono ottenere la qualifica 'eccellente'. The obvious devout signs of the nanismo are: globoso skull, lack of the crest occipita them, stop emphasized, prominenti eyes, appuntito, too much short or convergent snout, jaw retratta, absence of mento.
. Eliminatori . - Macchie bianche. . Peli bianchi sulle zampe. . Mantello non monocolore. . Monorchidismo, criptorchidismo. . Soggetti anuri. . Speroni o tracce di speroni sugli arti posteriori. . Enognatismo. . Soggetti pi alti di 62 cm. The subjects whose toelettatura does not correspond to the standard could not be judge in exposures and official manifestations to you (end a lot that will remain cos) without for being disqualified for the reproduction.
. I maschi devono avere due testicoli daspetto normale, ben scesi nello scroto.

Standard the ICF n.172/f

we thank Fabry for the realization of this card