this beautifulst Begle and those in all the photos of the card are of the breeding of CASAGLIA


FCI-Standard N° 161  /  24. 07.  2000  / GB


ORIGIN : Great-Britain.



CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. :Group     6   Scenthounds.
                                             Section 1.3   Small-sized Hounds.
                                             With working trial.
GENERAL APPEARANCE : A sturdy, compactly-built hound, conveying the impression of quality without coarseness.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : A merry hound whose essential function is to hunt, primarily hare, by following a scent.  Bold, with great activity, stamina and determination.  Alert, intelligent and of even temperament. Amiable and alert, showing no aggression or timidity.



HEAD : Fair length, powerful without being coarse, finer in the bitch, free from frown and wrinkle.

Skull : Slightly domed, moderately wide, with slight peak.
Stop : Well defined, dividing length, between occiput and tip of nose, as equally as possible.

Nose : Broad, preferably black, but less pigmentation permissible in lighter coloured hounds.  Nostrils wide.
Muzzle : Not snipey.
Lips : Reasonably well flewed.
Jaws/Teeth : Jaws should be strong, with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. the upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws.
Eyes : Dark brown or hazel, fairly large, not deep set or prominent, set well apart with mild appealing expression.
Ears : Long, with rounded tip, reaching nearly to end of nose when drawn out.  Set on low, fine in texture and hanging gracefully close to cheeks.

NECK : Sufficiently long to enable hound to come down easily to scent, slightly arched and showing little dewlap.

Topline : Straight and level.
Loin : Short in the couplings, but well balanced.  Loins powerful and supple.
Chest : Let down to below elbow.  Ribs well sprung and extending well back.
Belly :  Without excessive tuck-up.
TAIL : Sturdy, moderately long.  Set on high, carried gaily but not curled over back or inclined forward from root.  Well covered with hair, especially on underside.


FOREQUARTERS : Forelegs straight and upright well under the hound, good substance and round in bone, not tapering off to feet.
Shoulders : Well laid back, not loaded.
Elbows : Firm, turning neither in nor out.  Height to elbow about half height at withers.
Pasterns : Short.

Upper thigh : Muscular.
Stifles : Well bent.
Hocks : Firm, well let down and parallel to each other.

FEET : Tight and firm.  Well knuckled up and strongly padded.  Not hare-footed.  Nails short.

GAIT / MOVEMENT  : Back level, firm with no indication of roll.  Stride free, long reaching in front and straight without high action; hind legs showing drive.  Should not move close GO BACK TO LIST nor paddle nor plait in front.


HAIR :  Short, dense and weatherproof.

COLOUR : Any recognized hound colour other than liver.  Tip of stern white.

Desirable minimum height  at withers 33 cm (13 ins).
Desirable maximum height at withers 40 cm (16 ins).

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Automatic translate from

I l Beagle, in spite of the competition of some dachshunds, remains devout the popular one of the dogs from dumb. The fact that is been born in order to be in a dumb one from hunting does not remove that it can be an excellent companion, easy to manage and to educate

General aspect

Corporatura (head, eyes, orecchie, tail etc.)

Low stature, balanced proportions, compact, lively and restless, such are the fundamental characteristics of the Beagle, brevilineo athlete, whose morphology is enrolled in a square, saying "cob" (dallinglese "small horse"), lessenziale that is short; tuttal devout, visibly as well as along how much high. The length of the body measure from the tip of the shoulder to that one of the buttock; laltezza the distance from the garrese to the ground. The Beagle an affectionate and generous domestic companion. Since cucciolo it reveals its impetuous character and irruento: vedr, between the others, road towards luscita of the canile is made or to demand the meal. Adult, to give test of great courage and its determination on the hunting land.

The snout constituted from maxillary boneses of the nose and the advanced ones, the straight snout in its advanced part and harmony with the volume of the forehead. And delimited posteriorly from the forehead, front from the eyes, cheeks and the labbro advanced. Although the standard does not supply indications on its dimensions, pu to indicate that the double quantity of the little inferior snout to the length of the head

Spherical Locchio, with one small pupilla black centers them and iride a dark brown. The Beagle must have a expressive, not sad, extinguished or hard eye, or with a iride clear or of the eyelids decolorated. These must instead be very pigmented.

The orecchie of the Beagle are said "falling". Lorecchio situated on the lateral and advanced part of the skull, to two sides of the nape, on the present posterior edge an light one diverticolo, constituted from a sdoppiato tegumento. The official standard establishes that lorecchio along with lestremit it is very rounded off and catches up the tip of the tartufo

The new standard admits a margin of 7 cm, between minimal ransom (33 cm) and principle (40 cm), however i Beagle currently has unaltezza that varies from 37 to 41 cm.

In detail

The head of good length, powerful without to be rough, devout aim in the female, without wrinkles of corrugamenti the orecchie are long, with estremit rounded off, attacked low and gracefully hanging against cheeks. . Coda, appiombi e corpo danno un'impressione di solidit con una muscolatura che riflette l'attivit del soggetto e un'ossatura armoniosa.


RANSOM: 10 fixed standards a Height with a favorable minimum at least 33 cm and a maximum that does not have to exceed the 40cm.

Colors: . il pelo corto e denso pu presentare tutti i colori riconosciuti per i segugi, a eccezione del color fegato. . L’estremit della coda sempre bianca.
TAIL: . forte e di lunghezza moderata, attaccata alta, portata allegramente.

Defects to avoid

  . Rughe sulla testa

  . Muso appuntito, a fischietto.

  . Ventre esageratamente retratto.

  . Piedi di lepre

. razza richiesta da VERONICA S. . (AQ)



General aspect: . cane da muta vigoroso, compatto nella sua costituzione, che d un'impressione di distinzione spogliata da ogni tratto grossolano.

Character: . cane gaio la cui funzione essenziale la caccia ad inseguimento, in primo luogo alla lepre, seguendo una traccia. . Ardito, dotato di una grande attivit, di energia e determinazione. . Vivo, intelligente e di un temperamento costante. . Amabile e sveglio non mostrante n aggressivit n timidezza.

Head and skull: . testa di buona lunghezza, potente senza essere grossolana, pi sottile nella femmina, senza pieghe n increspature. . Cranio leggermente bombato, di larghezza moderata, con una leggera cresta occipitale. Very marked Stop and that it divides the head in its length between the occipite ones and estremit of the nose in equal way devout the possible one. . Il muso non conico; le labbra sono ragionevolmente ben discese. . Il tartufo largo, di preferenza nero, ma una minore pigmentazione ammessa nei cani a mantello pi chiaro. Narici very opened.

Eyes: . bruno scuro o nocciola, abbastanza grandi, n profondamente infossati nelle orbite n prominenti, ben distanziati, con un'espressione dolce ed accattivante.

ORECCHIE: . lunghe, l'estremit arrotondata; quando vengono tirate esse raggiungono quasi l'estremit del naso. . Esse sono attaccate basse, la loro tessitura sottile ed esse pendono graziosamente contro le guance.

. Mascelle: strong and with a perfect, regular scissor articulation and it completes, cio I recorded to you advanced they cover those inferiors in one tightened contact and are to lead of the jaws.

NECK: of sufficient length in order to allow the dog to easily put the nose to the ground, leggermente incurvato, introducing a little giogaia.

Front limbs: . spalle ben oblique e non pesanti. . Gli arti anteriori sono diritti ed a piombo, ben piazzati sotto il corpo. . La costituzione fisica buona e l'ossatura e rotonda. . L'arto non si assottiglia a fuso verso il piede. . La canna metacarpica corta. . I gomiti sono solidi, non volti n al di fuori n in dentro. . L'altezza del gomito sul suolo pressappoco la met dell'altezza del garrese.

Body: . linea superiore diritta ed a livello. . Petto disceso sotto il gomito. . Costole ben centinate e ben estese verso la parte posteriore. . Rene corto, ma l'insieme ben proporzionato. . Il rene potente ed elastico. . Il ventre non esageratamente elevato.

Posterior limbs: . cosce muscolose. . Grasselle ben angolate. . Garretti solidi, ben discesi e paralleli.

FEET: . serrati e robusti, provvisti di buone giunture e di solidi cuscinetti. . No ai piedi di lepre. . Le unghie sono corte.

TAIL: . forte, di lunghezza moderata. Attacked high, capacity gaiamente but not rolled up above the back, n tilted towards ahead leaving from its beginning. . Ben coperta di peli, soprattutto sulla parte inferiore (spigata).

. Andatura-movimento: . il dorso orizzontale, stabile, il cane non ancheggia nelle sue andature. The step is carried out without effort with a lot lengthens of the front limbs, straight in ahead, with sailing point without raisings, and the posterior limbs give the impulse. . In azione, il cane non va incalzato posteriormente, n deve portare gli arti in fuori (falciare) o saltellare sul davanti.

MANTLE: . pelo corto, fitto e resistente alle intemperie. . Tutti i colori riconosciuti per i cani da muta, salvo il color fegato. . Estremit della coda bianca

RANSOM: . altezza al garrese minimo desiderabile 33 massimo desiderabile 40 cm..

Defects: every scostamento regarding how much said state previously must be considered like defect, than sar penalized in function of its gravit.

Famous: . i maschi devono avere due testicoli d'aspetto normale, completamente discesi nello scroto.