General aspect

The Beardie a dog from the joyful, lively and allerta and perennially dynamic temperament. Onlooker of all, faithful like a shadow, with its hair cape long, that he must be rich to the tact, the Bearded undeniably an attractive, aesthetically elegant dog in the shapes and nell.andatura, sociable and generally of "good humor".


The head proporzionata to the ransom of the dog, the skull wide, flat and squared and of one length equivalent to its width between the orecchie. The snout of length equivalent to that one of the skull, stop moderate and the tartufo wide and pigmented of black or in harmony with the color of the cape. Its agile movement, coordinated; extension of to cover much land with a minimal effort.

Ransom: the male measure from 53 to 56 cm to the garrese; the female from 51 to 53 cm.

Colors: gray slate, fulvo tending to red, black, the blue ones, all the tonalit of the gray, brown and sand, with or without spots white women.

Tail: low capacity and ricurva towards the high one when the dog R-retired.

To avoid

. . Absence of sottopelo

. . White man above the garretti and on the external face of legs

. . Metacarpi weak people

. . I recorded to you to tenaglia

. . Tail capacity on the back

. . Tartufo with small spots. Afraid or aggressive character

race demanded from S NAVY. (VR)


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts: