Makassar de the Sea aux Chouans (Phod)



The Berger Picard probably the dog from shepherdesses devout ancient of France, established in the region of the Piccardia, but also in the Bnlux and nellAlemagna of the North, with the Celti in I return to IV the century R-avanti.Cristo. The same stock of dogs that, evolutosi various, gave life to other European tipologie like lIrish Wolfhound. Sure blood of this race present in all the French shepherds, but be also determined, in recent devout times, the different creation breeds like the Bovaro of the Fiandre, the shepherds Belgian, the Shepherdesses Dutch, until (at least in part) to the Shepherdesses German etc. Like from cinognostica, its possession the orecchie naturally erected, to difference of the Berger di Brie, Beauce and the Pyrenees, identifies the primigenia of blood.

Of the four French shepherds the Picard that one to have had the acknowledgment official devout suffered perch, seppur devout ancient from the cousinses, often was misinterpreted like one varying of the Beauceron, or included under the name Biard , vague dicitura to the origins, with which all the dogs from shepherds designated themselves: Dans les rgions de plaine ET dcouvertes, or lon na rien craindre DES loups, the chien de berger, plus connu sous nom de chien de the Brie, east plutot conducteur que dfenseur the DES troupeaux; aussi cette race east-elle plus petite que cells DES matins. (1809 abb Rosier).

However, gi to the end of XVIII the century, before maitre-berger of the national Bergerire of Rambouillet, it was represented from a dog introduced like Berger Picard, even if allevidenza appeared devout similar to the mastinoide type from mountain.

With lavvento of the cinofilia modern, France fortunately rispett the 4 main tipologie of dog from shepherdesses (with the exception of what it happened in Germany, where several the regional and local types were fused in an only race). The process of distinction and acknowledgment in order along and was suffered much, and concentr above all in the years to horse between 1860 and 1898.

Universal NellEsposizione of the 1863 was introduces a ten to you of various dogs, all unifica you from the simple Berger name (Shepherdesses). In quelloccasione a distinction between 9 exemplary of variet black was made focata to straight orecchie (that they clearly make to think next to the Berger de Beauce) and two subjects de varit griffonne shapes de barbet , equally valid description is for the Picard that for the Briard.

Makassar de the Sea aux Chouans (Phod)

In the successive confusion, the great French cinologo Pierre Mgnin made one precise distinction devout between shepherdesses to long hair (Briad) and that one to short hair (Beauceron). Both the named ones to you did not identify the region of origin of the breeds, but only the different type of hair. Substantially, in quegl' years, the Picard and the Briard were not distinguished.

However, in 1896, when the neo Club Francais du Chien de Berger beginnings to make official the two variet, was the same Mgnin to contest to the negligence and the semplicismo made from cinologi of the time, asserting the lesistenza of devout variet of Berger: The existe dautres chiens en province here of viennent que rarement aux expositions Paris.

Two late devout years, in 1898, Mgnin described with emergency the first Picard being based on ritratto of Tambour, subject pertaining to Emile Bedut. This description was resumption in the tenth edition de Nos Chiens, evidencing the differences with the Berger de Beauce.

But the confusion was still remarkable: the description, in fact, belonged in realt to shepherdesses tricolour, to medium hair, then identified like Berger Blue de Picardie.

Some year after Mgnin and Tournemine, they described according to dog of the Piccardia, to hard hair and griffone and orecchie naturally erected. Others cinologi if they occupied some, describing a dog from the balanced but difficult and dangerous character. This had allabitudine, than also it existed between the smugglers, to use the Picard in the combats between dogs.

In 1899 fifteen or so Picard they are present National allEsposizione of Amiens, but Boulet, president of the French Club of the dogs from shepherdesses, rifiut to judge them. Successive Lanno Mgnin, in its celebre Chien ET ses Races, described just to a interante Picard white man.

While still in the 1906 (lanno successive one to the dead women of Mgnin) only the Briard and the Beauce they were admitted the General Competition Agricolo of Paris, various cinologi ahead carried the battle of Mgnin for the others varying of dog from French shepherdesses: the Picard, but also a bovaro, the Dog of Linguadoca, the dog of Crau, in the disinterestedness of the cinofilia official. However a good number of Picard continued to figure in the competitions of guard and defense (Gand 1899, Amiens 1903 and 1908, Rouen 1905).

Bont DES Mazellires to 3 months (Prop. Jensen)

In the 1912 Robert Fontaine, Paul Mgnin (son of Pierre) and Tournemine stilarono first standard of the Berger Picard . . Successive Lanno the Piccardia made its official apparition canine nellEsposizione of Paris, the same one in which they were visible on derives to you, the Bovari of the Fiandre.

It was joints to the doors of the acknowledgment, a happened acknowledgment of fact but not for the bureaucracy. To prevent questultimo imminent step it was, in 1914, linizio of the First world war.

In the course of the conflict the dogs from French shepherdesses wide were used for military scopes. Same Paul Mgnin, name to direct the military canile of the WAYS Armed, described

and esalt in detail such I use. The testimony of the participation of the Picard was impressa, in 1915, the photography of Turk, active subject in the sanitary unit.

Thanks to the conflict the Picard is diffused newly in Europe, in the regions crossed millenia before to the continuation of the Celti.

In Germany its dowries and its resistance made it to choose for the reconstruction of the Shepherdesses German to hair hard, one of local varying that gave life the modern one and globalizzato Shepherdesses German.

Finished the conflict, resumptions slowly also the cinofilia. In the official subdivision of the classes of dogs from guard and utilit of 1920 of the SCC (Socit they Centers Canine), figured Beauce, Briard, Bovaro of the Fiandre, Bobtail... the Russian shepherds but even were still, and for lennesima time, excluded Picard and Pastore of the Pyrenees. However, in the same year, in the course of the national exposure of Lille, the standard of 1912 was implemented.

In the 1922 Madame Boucot-Vagniez, of the Canine Societ of Piccardia, diffuse a description consecrates them of the Picard. Tournemine dedic to the description of the origins of the race and, with to Robert the Fontanas, realizz a new standard enriched from the deepenings of Paul Mgnin.

These written however, revealed one deep similitudine, and often one total equality, with the standard of the Bovaro of the Fiandre, derived dog daltronde just from the Picard. One such likeness to allow to Boulet and the cinofilia newly official, not to recognize the race.

Dechambre, president dellEcole to vtrinaire de Maisons-Alfort, described to the Berger Picard in its the Chiens: The Berger Picard ressemble beaucoup au Beauceron; cependant the sen ET distinguishes par poil moins long aux fesses ET queue par knows robe toujours tricolour: noir marqu de feu avec taches blanches sur the tete, dessous du corps ET the queue; quelques-uns sont tout blanches. Cest chien vigoureux ET rustique.

Paul Mgnin described in its turn, newly, the Picard in its book Our Dogs.

. Il 21 January 1925 the French Club of the Dogs from Shepherdesses recognized officially and allunanimit, lesistenza of the Berger Picard.

The Second world war infier a lethal blow to the conservation of the Picard, like nearly the totalit of the breeds. Long and too much too much disastrous perch pure lines of blood could survive. In the course of the conflict the Picard was reduced to little particularly aggressive exemplary.

Only around to 1949, the Picard you reappeared in the canine exposures. In the same years of disaster for the breeds, the Piacrd was used in incisive way in the reconstruction of the Bovaro of the Fiandre. But it was an objective problem to reconstruct also our shepherdesses. Fortunately, in its case, they were not used breeds external, but a inbreeding only pushed, beginning from Radjah and Wax de the Bohme, and therefore of their sons Yasmina and Yucca. All the Piccardia puts into effect has them the same genealogico tree that it begins with these salvifici subjects.

Yucca DES Hautes Chesnaux (Coll.part.)

. Il 15 you open them 1953 it was enrolled the first Picard to the LOF, the Book of the Origins French: Catherine DES Hautes Chesnaux .

In the same year Club DES Amateurs de Chiens de Picardie was founded, than subsequently lasci the place to the Les Amis du Berger Picard. From 1963, for quarantanni, the structure was guided from one of the fathers of the race, the great cinologo Jacques Sncat.

The Picard tuttoggi one race much rare one, in the same France hard work to superere the 200 300 registrations anniversaries to the LOF. This ghettoizzation, joined to a good number of optimal breedings, renders nearly totalit of the subjects optimally in standard.


The Picard a dog of medium-large, muscoloso ransom and devout along that high. Aggressive, but firm, intelligent, careful and sure Lespressione not n timid n of s. The strong and muscolosa tail, of good length, raised and incurvata in action. Hard and rough the hair, never flat or curly, has one length of approximately 5- 6 cm on all the body. The orecchie naturally are erected, only case between the French shepherds.

Nellinsieme is introduced like a vigorous and powerful dog, but also agile and releasing. The males to the maximum of the ransom and the hair are decidedly spectacular, equip you of one only appearance in the canine world: the orecchie remember the lynx, while along hair on the neck an aspect confers it leonino.

Some subjects with hair beyond the 6 centimeters can appear still devout majestic and scenografici, but such length comes discarded in phase of judgment in not typical how much and works them.

Flash du Clos de Sapineraie (prop. Mme Rol-Pellerin), campionissimo that the perfection of the Picard incarnates.

Landatura typically melted, elastic.

The admitted colors of the cape are the Gris (gray), the Gris-Noire (black gray), the Gris avec reflex noires (gray with black glares), the Gris blue (blue gray), the Fauve to claire clearly (fulvo), the Favue charbonne (fulvo the carbonate) and the Fauve bring. And admitted (but not appreciate) one small spot white woman to the estremit of the feet and on the chest.

The color devout diffuse, typical and loved the Favue charbonne. Gris-Noire subjects to the maximum of the hair remember a lot the Bovaro of the Fiandre, also with substantial differences.

Essentially two lines of blood exist above all, recognizable from the various height on the others of the exemplary.

The sexual dimorfismo much marked one, the females is considerably devout small of the males.


The character of the extremely particular Picard. Draft of one balanced race and a lot attacked the master, like all the dogs from lupoidi shepherdesses of purest and ancient origins. However not an easy dog. Extremely dominant, not bad but predisposed to pizzicare and biting with facilit, it since needs of one firm education and one great socialization cucciolo.

Above all the first months are essential, and imported not to let to scare from the tendency to act dishonestly the hierarchy of whichever dog of the same sex you meet.

Subsequently lindole dominant and never submitted sar conserved, but lequilibrio rendering a perfectly gestibile dog, to hold melted also in one crowded road. The definition of the essential hierarchy with he, for having a reliable and happy companion.

Not a dog from apartment, needs to vent abundantly and every day its energy, its curiosit and its wants to play.

Burbero the term that better describes its character. Equipped of deep I bark, uses also a typical gutturale vocalizzazione very when something does not go well; not ringhio but true and a just deep one brontolio.

Shepherdesses peasant, therefore also much physicist in the attitudes and the manifestations of the feelings. However equipped of liveliest intelligence and capacit to distinguish the various situations.

Eclatante case burbero dellatteggiamento of our shepherdesses: two Picard of the same sex that, on the ring of exposure, is barked to vicissitude and tries the crash, is tutt' other that badly seen from a conoscitore judge of the race. The same judge dovr for being able itself to approach the dogs and to touch them, without no risk.

Thanks just to its esclusivit and the linebreeding and inbreeding that still they come wide used between the little present stocks of blood, the Picard are all extremely similar characterially and in the attitudes, before still that physically.

Opal to 3 months (Phod)


Been born like auxiliary of the shepherdesses to 360, the Shepherdesses of the Piccardia extremely adapted to the guard and the personal defense (questultima with an adapted and firm training, perch to let out outside its part worse to not want a lot then us).

The guard of propriet one its natural attitude: to imbattersi in the territory controlled from a Berger Picard that feels responsible of the much rischioso situation. Also the guard of the person (therefore the defense) belongs to it istinctively: the Picard exercises a constant control on the elements of its branco, in a house cyclical goes to verify where all are found the inhabitants, while for road it stretches to group its companions. The control on the then spasmodic master: the dog does not have to never lose it of sight.

Like gi said, to train it allattacco it goes well but with responsabilit and capacit, in order to avoid to render it a dog seriously dangerous, date its nature gi heavy predisposed.

Pilgrim in attack (CABP)


Equipped of an excellent one fiuto, be also used as dog from track and from tries for military scopes.

C$r-with regard to the job on the flock, it is necessary to remember that at least three types of dogs from shepherdesses exist. First they are those used exclusively after the guard, that is the molossi from mountain: these dogs do not lead the cattle, are much independent (cause the guard that they made in solitudine in high quota) and were places side by side you from dogs many devout small only used after the conduction (absolutely inadatti to the protection of the flock or the herd): therefore for the great Mountain of the Pyrenees there was the small Dog from Shepherdesses of the Pyrenees, for Mastiff of the Pyrenees the Shepherdesses Catalan... until the Mastiff Tibetano, coadiuvato from the local shepherds or present in its light shape devout, the Bothia).

The small dogs from shepherdesses to tight conduction exist alone in zones where not there are great dangers and their job of guard is get exaustedded to nellabbaiare in order to recall the master.

There are then dogs that do not coexist with nobody, make all the job alone, are of guard and defense that of conduction. Between these the Picard, but also Briard, German Beauceron, Shepherdesses etc, make part of the group. Draft of large dogs (for having a corporatura adapted to face the intruders) but not enormous (for being also agile in the moment of the conduction of the flock), attacks you to the master but also independent, in how much it selects to you in order autogestir in the job.

Meaningful to notice that, if as we have said the small dogs from tight conduction alone exist in zones with one nearly total absence of dangers, the great molossi from mountain are present instead where the dangers not only there are (or however cerano) but they are also of remarkable dimensions (bears in Europe, bears and great felines in Asia).

The shepherds who alone make guard, defense and conduction, are themselves instead all develop to you in areas where the main antagonist was the lupo, that is an animal of their same ransom (and to they much analogous one also morphologically).

Naturally the speech is not get exaustedded here. Like from cinognostica, every dog has one its morphology works adapted them also sopportare lambiente climatic. Therefore the remarkable ransom of the molossi from mountain served also sopportare the rigid months in which the herds came capacities in high quota. A great body and tarchiato, such not to disperse the heat.

If a small dog from shepherdesses, like the Pyrenees, normally maintains listinto of the flock also without to have while still alive never seen a cattle head its (given the much specific selection), for shepherdesses with instinct of useful attack to the guard like the Picard, the first impact with a sheep the predazione.

For this reason, also being a dear conductor, it must remember its nature and not think that a Berger adult Picard you carry allovile the first sheep that meets... The first sheep that meets, if the withheld dog not sar, to make one pessima fine.

Two Picard to photographed guard of an gate in Normandia (Phod)



World Champion Fangio du Clos de Sapineraie (prop. Mlle Lamothe)

The Picard a dog much sturdy one that does not introduce particular specific problems of race health. However, in the life in citt, pu to manifest a problematic series of cyclical, as it disturbs to nails.

The coxo-femoral dysplasia (hip) has one minimal incidence on the race, thanks allottimo job made from the breeders and Club DES Amis du Berger Picard: one of the advantages this, to have maintained to the Picard one race of niche, therefore easy controlable.

For a period problems of ocular tares were had, above all dysplasia of the hairnet and progressive atrophy. However, like for the dysplasia dellanca, the Club of race attiv in incisive way, with obbligatori examinations on the subjects, spread of a bulletin of the undamaged dogs, and obligation of exclusion from the reproduction of who introduced also light anomalies. Thanks to this conscientious choice, today the exposed Picard not devout in meaningful way to such problems.

Like for all breeds of same ransom and structure, necessary lend much attention to the torsion of the stomach.

Pancreatica Linsufficienza has a not advanced incidence to the average.

The long hair renders it exposed to cutaneous parasitic pathologies. Particular attention goes mail then, naturally, to Leishmaniosi, Parvovirosi, Piroplasmosi.


Like gi said, the Picard not a dog adapted to one sedentaria life from apartment or citt. In case it was found in a similar condition, it would go daily made to vent all its energy with frequent and long escapes. Draft of a peasant and sturdy dog that faces without problems all the various meterological conditions. Pu to only suffer an excessive warmth. Particularly to its comfort on the snow, where protect not only from folto the driven in hair but also from sottopelo a idrorepellente one, the Picard adores literally lacqua: able to dive itself in whichever Fontana, to the difficultly controlable sea and often lunico problem that, in the foga to swim, aims the wide one gentle

Draft of a forged dog, in the course of the millenia, the region of the Piccardia, that is one alternate zone that a sweet and humid marine climate, to inverni exceptionally rigid.



Ligiene of the Picard must be guaranteed from one brushed cyclical, once to week at least, in order to eliminate sottopelo and dead hairs. This practical one must begin very soon, when the dog still cucciolo, in order to accustom it and to render it it pleasant, not an incubus to which rivoltar and pizzicare, since us dovr to coexist for all the life. Eventual washings it would be better to avoid them, or however diradarli a lot in the time, in order not to alter cutaneous lequilibrio. In apartment it is necessary lend much cure to nails, that they can grow and be weakened, therefore to fall apart itself to contact with lasfalto.

A periodic control of the teeth and the color of the gums (rose when in health, not red n browns, that they indicate instead gingivitises or accumulates of Tartar) would always go made.


Breedings of Berger Picard in Italy do not exist. Someone lately is playing to make lallevatore, with my great displeasure. Someone that it demonstrates not to know the essential things of the race, to be a true one Does not love du Berger Picard. And it does not demonstrate it perch has assumed a series of behaviors thesis to pubblicizzare the race, in its possibilit personal, that they are radically against the confidentiality and lesclusivit of the same race. Dog for little, than maintains much devout pure and homogenous one of the greater part of the others breeds, just thanks to this characteristic.

Minimal Lincidenza of dysplasia dellanca, as the ocular problems of which we have spoken, are the demonstration of like SOLO under tightened control of a Club of race, exceptionally active and effective (rare what), healthy and pure subjects can be had. And even also beautiful.

In case someone decided to acquire a Berger Picard, after to have estimated the characteristics of the race well, would be opportune that it entered nellottica. The Picard a dog not to buy nelbreeders close devout that i' improvised with two dogs and much haste it deals for such.

Makassar de the Sea aux Chouans (Phod)

For having a true Picard it is necessary makes a travel. The beautifulst travel between the wonderful French regions. And to take, from its earth, a pure and indeed typical subject.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:


For information to contact Club Amis du Berger Picard : 2 rue Cadot 17200 ROYAN
Tel: 05 46 38 75 72


Strange for one little known rare race cos and, the Picard disembarked to Hollywood. Laiko Du I tamed of it de Bredenarde be chosen like protagonist of the film with Jeff Daniels, Because of Winn-Dixie. The history, draft from a best seller, tells of an orphaned child of mother, that it goes to living in Florida from the father and finds, in an accidentally met special dog in a supermarket, its better friend.

Easy to think endured next to worse, on the rimembranze of how much happened thanks to the Disney films with the Dalmatian like protagonists, or next to numerous films and television film it leave integrated of the ruin of the Shepherdesses German. But fortunately a series of elements avoids, in this case, the disaster. The fact that the chosen Picard that be asymmetric (at least to level of orecchie), therefore not particularly beautiful, nonch the fact that, being one race disowned to the base, difficultly sar identified from the mass. In case also it it was from that trash wants to be made it sullonda of the film, rester in any case much the difficult procurasi a subject.

Of sure seeing shepherdesses ancient and noble reduced to make the clown in a film not a beautiful show. Not never, for no race, but the anchor less if it is spoken than a first blood. Daltronde has lived similar incidents even the Mastiff Tibetano (with its Man' s Best Friend, a horror from cassonetto)... things that sopportano to malincuore, hoping that the film remains a failure and does not produce too many damages.


The Berger Picard, of Joel Herreros, editions De Old.

In French.

Only monography on the race, rather completes and very made. It introduces the history of the Picard, one detailed morphologic description, beyond numerous councils sulladdestramento, pathologies, lalimentazione. A lot interesting and useful the list of the champions from 1959 until last years 90. Profit at least to understand landamento of the race and the best breedings.

Les Berger Francais, of Philippe De Wailly and Alain Dupont, editions Solar.

In French.

A generic book dedicated to Picard, Briard, Beauceron and the Pyrenees. Much profit for having at least a infarinatura of base on the 4 varying national ones, their similitudini and differences, be a matter itself however of breeds between become related they.

Bulletin de Liaison du Club

In French.

Review official salary of the Club of Race sent to associates to you. Much useful in order to know landamento of the race, the new champions, the free subjects from pathologies, the initiatives taken from the Club, the appointments and the gatherings.


(translation edited by M.P. - Phodopus -)

General aspect :
Dog of medium ransom, from the peasant but elegant aspect in its shapes, vigorous, much muscoloso and of solid constitution; intelligent expression, lives, alarm clock, characteristic in its aspect griffone.

Ransom :
Males: 60 - 65 cm
Females: 55 - 60 cm
- Penalization : until 2 cm above the maximum
- Disqualification : under the minimum, also in young classes. Beyond the 2 centimeters to of over of the maximum ransom.

head :
Without being massiccia, must proporzionata to the ransom. Stop much light one, to equal distance from the tip of the nose and the sommit of the skull; scato it cranial large but without esagerazione. Hair around to i 4 cm, sopracciglia much marked ones but without never covering the eyes.
- Penalization : Stop too much emphasized or insufficient. Too much short hair or too much along, sopracciglia absent or too much emphasized.
- Disqualification : Lack of type, disproportion, with little or too much cover hair.

Shello (prop. Ursula Swiderski, fot CABP)

Forehead :
Sight gives, does not have to be flat but leggermente convex, with one light depression allaltezza of the frontal breasts.
- Penalization : excessive or insufficient convex forehead, depression too much emphasized.
- Disqualification : flat skull or to cupola, forehead escaping or falling on the eyes.

Cheeks :
They do not have too much to be strong, also without being flat, and must introduce one sure rotondit. GO BACK TO LIST cheeks the hair of the same length of that one of the body.
- Penalization : too much thick cheeks, flosce or lacking musculature.

snout :
Strongly, not too much along, it does not have to never finish to tip. Always black Tartufo, labbra dry and very locked, the back of the nose straight. Light beard and mustacchi.
- Penalization : snout too much along, gracile or too much strongly, final to tip or too much square, tartufo strait, maculato, thick labiale commessura, labbro inferior of the arch snout beard and, back, sporgente lack mustacchi (to remember itself of that the hairs of the head must be of approximately 4 centimeters and that mustacchi and beard must appear clean).
- Disqualification : disproportion with the skull, labbra hanging, tartufo of all the other inks that are not the black one, depigmentation of the mucosae.

Jaws :
Powerful, richiudono watertight without advanced or inferior prognatismo.
- Penalization : prognatismo much light one. Defects of dentizione not too much serious. Two premolars in less except the PC4: no the CACS, n of reservoir, n of excellent.
- Disqualification : pronounced prognatismo with loss of contact. Absence of the teeth: Devout 2PC4 or of two teeth except the PC4.

Orecchie :
Of medium largeness, wide to the base, attacked enough up, always erected naturally, stung leggermente rounded off. And tolerated one light divergence.
Length of 10 cm., without never to be advanced of 12 cm. for a male to the maximum of the ransom.
- Penalization : too much large ear or that it recalls the ear of the Shepherdesses Belgian; low junction too much or too much drawn near on the head.
- Disqualification : orecchie not capacities correctly.

Eyes :
Of medium largeness, not prominenti, of dark color, not clear n bicolored, coloration devout or less intense to second than that one of the mantle (never devout in any case dark of the color nocciola).
- Penalization : all us that it does not correspond to the description.
- Disqualification : eyes bicolored, oblique, not symmetrical, too much clear inks.

Expression :
The expression does not have to be bad n mistrustful.
- Disqualification : feracious expression or escaping.

Neck :
And strongly muscoloso, of good length, erected in action. Very melted on the shoulders, it guarantees a fierce portamento to the head.
- Penalization : long or esile, and short large neck, abrupt escape from the shoulders, flabby skin.

Body :
Deep chest without esagerazione. The chest does not have to come down low devout of the elbow. The thoracic circumference, taken immediately GO BACK TO LIST the elbows, must be advanced of 1/5 of the Height; length of the leggermente advanced body to the Height; solid back straight, kidneys, ribs very arch in the third advanced one that then appiattiscono gradually until the sterno, ventre leggermente retratto, the rump is melted progressively with the buttock; obvious skeleton but without esagerazione.
- Penalization : in order of importance of the defects, heavy or too much too much light body, too much along, high on the limbs or too much low towards earth, flat ribs too much or too much anellate, constitution from bovaro, too much straight rump or escaping.
- Disqualification : the defects signal to you over too much emphasize to you.

Tail :
Hairy, with hair of equal length to that one of the body. C$r-retired the come down tail catches up the garretto and hangs straight with light curving to the estremit. In action pu it are raised capacity devout, without never to be ricurva on the back.
- Penalization : tail from rape, hairy, too much too much short, which had, badly capacity.
- Disqualification : tail capacity constantly on the back, low capacity as a result of operation (dniquetage), rudimentale or absent.

Makassar de the Sea aux Chouans

Long and oblique shoulders that they donate large facilit of movement, muscolose without gravity, limbs very in perpendicularly, dry skeleton, marked joints without giving the malformation impression, wrists leggermente tilt you from GO BACK TO LIST to ahead that it gives elasticit to the limbs and facilitate the abrupt ones stopped.
- Penalization : shoulders long (from heavy levriero) or too much too much straight (from bovaro), gracili or, falling or paralyzing the movements. Gracile skeleton or too much strongly, joints weak people or that it gives the impression to be knotted, wrist too much straight or too much tilted that door the foot in ahead.
- Disqualification : the defects over described a lot emphasize to you

Cucciolata di photographed Picard to Mezeriat, in Rhne-Alpes (Phod)

Long thighs and many muscolose. High part of the thigh much long one, articulation of the ginocchio strongly, the dog does not have straight to be GO BACK TO LIST n too much come down, n too much locked n opened. It does not have it are to us disarmonia between the thigh and the rump, all must melt with one harmonious curve. Solid legs support the retrotreno without weakness, but with elasticit; pronounced skeleton without esagerazione. Angled Garretto medium, not too much opened n too much closed, not too much high; one good angle-shot of the garretto absolutely necessary in our shepherdesses. Metacarpi posterior sturdy and dry, perpendicular to the ground in erected station; in well perpendicularly seen limbs of side.
- Penalization : to second of the importance of the defect.
- Disqualification : retrotreno altogether defective.

feet :
It rounds off to you and short, very stopped, it arch to you. Strong and short nails, of dark color. N spurs n additional fingers: a dog with spurs sar not disqualified but penalized. Plant sluice, introduces a sure one flessibilit, equipped of plantari bearings that absorb a part of the jolt.
- Penalization
: to second of the importance of the defect.
- Disqualification : double spurs on all and the four limbs.

Hair :
Hard, semialong, not curly, not flat, it must be rough and ustling under the fingers. The length of 5-6 cm on all the body, comprised the tail. Sottopelo of fine and impenetrable cover.
- Penalization : length under the 4,5 centimeters, not sufficiently rough, tendency to goffer themselves or to flatten themselves.
- Disqualification : hair devout short of 4 cm or devout ones along of 6, curl or much plate, motivatings force or lanoso.

Color :
Gray, black gray, gray with black glares, blue gray, gray red, fulvo clearly or focato or whichever mixture of these inks. No great spot white woman, one small spot white woman tolerated on the chest and to the estremit of the feet.
- Penalization : spot white woman on the chest that forms one great slab; white man who covers all the fingers of the feet.
- Disqualification : black mantle, white man, Harlequin, pale, too much white man on the chest, feet completely white men, white man outside from the points indicate to you.

Brakie and Essouna du Clos de Sapineraie (prop. breeder)

we thank phodopus For the realization of this card.