FCI Standard No. 16 /  28.11.2003 / GB


ORIGIN : Great Britain.



CLASSIFICATION FCI :                         Group 1                        Sheepdogs and Cattle
Dogs( except Swiss Cattle
                        Section 1                        Sheepdogs.
                        Without working trial.


No breeding to signal
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GENERAL APPEARANCE : Strong, square-looking dog of great symmetry and overall soundness. Absolutely free from legginess, profusely coated all over. A thick-set muscular, able-bodied dog with a most intelligent expression. The natural outline should not be artificially changed by scissoring or clipping. Of great stamina, exhibiting a gently rising topline,
and a pear-shaped body when viewed from above. The gait has a typical roll when ambling or walking. Bark has a distinctive toned quality.

IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS : Muzzle measuring approximately half of the total head length.     

Dog standing lower at withers than loin.


BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : A biddable dog of even disposition. Bold, faithful and trustworthy, with no suggestion of nervousness or unprovoked aggression.

HEAD : In proportion to the size of the body.


Skull : Capacious, rather square. Well arched above eyes.
Stop : Well defined.


Nose : Large and black. Nostrils wide.
Muzzle : Strong, square and truncated.
Jaws / teeth : Teeth strong, large and evenly placed. Scissor bite. : jaws strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Pincer bite tolerated but undesirable.
Eyes : Set well apart. Dark or wall eyes. Two blue eyes acceptable. Light eyes undesirable. Pigmentation on the eye rims preferred.
Ears : Small and carried flat to side of head.

NECK : Fairly long, strong, arched gracefully.


BODY : Rather short and compact. Dog standing lower at withers than loin.
Loin : Very sturdy, broad and gently arched.
Chest : Deep, capacious brisket. Ribs well-sprung.

TAILCustomarily docked or natural bobtail.
Docked : Customarily completely docked.
Undocked : Unobtrusive when standing.  Low set.  Never curled or carried over back, with no kink evident.  Well feathered with abundant hard-textured coat.



FOREQUARTERS : Forelegs perfectly straight, with plenty of bone, holding body well from ground.
Shoulders : Should be well laid back, being narrower at the point of withers than at the point of shoulder. Loaded shoulders undesirable.
Elbows : Fitting close to brisket.

HINDQUARTERS : Quarters well covered, round and muscular.
Stifle : Well turned.
Second thigh : Long and well developed.
Hocks : Set low. From the rear, the hocks should be quite straight.

FEET : Turning neither in nor out. Small, round and tight. Toes well arched. Pads thick and hard. Dew claws should be removed.

GAIT/ MOVEMENT : When walking, exhibits a bear-like roll from the rear. When trotting, shows effortless extension and strong driving rear action, with legs moving straight along line of travel. Very elastic at the gallop. At slow speeds, some dogs may tend to pace. When moving, the head carriage may adopt a naturally lower position.



HAIR : Profuse, of good harsh texture, not straight, but shaggy and free from curl.  Undercoat of waterproof pile. Head and skull well covered with hair, ears moderately coated, neck well coated, forelegs well coated all round, hindquarters more heavily coated than rest of body. Quality, texture and profusion to be considered above mere length.

COLOUR : Any shade of grey, grizzle or blue. Body and hindquarters of solid colour with or without white socks, White patches in the solid area to be discouraged. Head, neck, forequarters and under belly to be white or without markings. Any shade of brown undesirable.

            Dogs                61 cm  ( 24 inches) and upwards.
            Bitches            56 cm ( 22 inches) and upwards.
Type and symmetry of greatest importance, and on no account to be sacrified to size alone.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

NB : Male animals must have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

This amended breed standard will become effective from April 2004.

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The history

There are disagrees hypothesis sull.origine of the race. Devout probable second the specialists that one that situates the crib of this dog from shepherdesses in the isolated campaigns of the sudovest of England. Faithful to help of the shepherds, had to watch and to lead the crudes oil of ovines.

General aspect

  The physical shape of the Bobtail does not leave no indifferent one. Under its along bicolored hair, white man and gray GO BACK TO LIST, a true dog from the remarkable musculature and the sport temperament hides not large peluche but. Its character makes of he a companion super-faithful, than adapted easy to all the life styles. Even if conserve an instinct from shepherdesses, has transformed the family in its new flock.


The head proporzionata to the body, with tartufo black, small orecchie hanging capacities on sides, solid jaws with scissor articulation, eyes very distances to you, discromici or dark. The blue eyes are admitted also both. The front limbs are straight, with skeleton strong maxim, sturdy, wide kidney and leggermente arch. The abundant hair, of rich webbing, and demands careful cures, at least two times to the month, for having a dog from the impeccable and cleaned up cape. The type and the equilibrium of the shapes are of great importance and they do not have in some case to be sacrifices you to the single ransom.

Ransom: the male does not have to measure less than 61 cm to the garrese, while the female, leggermente devout small, must catch up i at least 56 cm. Not there are advanced limits; a fact which some breeders Americans they have misused in past. Colors: whichever tonalit of the gray, grayish or blue. The body and the posterior train are of uniform color, with or without small spots white women (socks) all.estremit of the limbs. The front head, neck, limbs and the ventre must be white men. Tail: it is used to amputate it completely.

Defects to avoid

. . Prognatismo so developed to prevent that I recorded to you touches

. . Tartufo rose

. . Whichever tonalit brown in the cape

. . Ransom under the fixed minimum from the standard

. . Clear eyes

. . Criptorchidismo, monorchidismo




General aspect

Strong dog, of squared aspect, great vigorous simmetria and in together. Absolutely not high on the limbs, profusely covered of hair. With powerful musculature, athletic and with a denoting expression maximum intelligence. The silhouette natural it does not have artificially to be modified with the scissor or the tosatrice.


Of high power, it has sweetly ascending the advanced dorsal profile and, seen from the high, the body has the shape of one pear. The sailing point has a typical rolling to Ambio or the step. The barked one has a tone of qualit peculiar.


An eclectic dog much available one to obedience. Brave, loyal and reliable, without the minimal trace of not provoked nervousness or aggressivit.

Head and skull

In proportion with the ransom. Wide skull, rather square, very rounded off on the orbitarie arched ones. Stop very defined. Strong snout, squared and you cut, than measure approximately the goal of the total length of the head. Large and black nose. Narici wide.


Very it distances to you. Dark or wall-eye (an eye brown and an eye gazzuolo). Two blue eyes China are accepted. Undesirable clear eyes. The pigmentazione of the palpebral rhyme is preferred.


Flat small and capacities to sides of the head.


Strong, large and placed teeth regular. Closing to scissor. Strong jaws with perfect, a regular one and complete closing to scissor, cio with the teeth I recorded you of arched advanced that close immediately, and the supporters with those of the inferior arched one; they are placed to angle resisted on the jaws. The tolerated but undesirable closing to tenaglia and.


Rather along, strongly and sweetly arch.

Front limbs

Perfectly straight front limbs, strongly skeleton, support the body to one good distance from earth. Elbows many supporters with the thorax. Bachelor very tilted to GO BACK TO LIST, devout tightened to the garrese that to the tip of the shoulder. Undesirable heavy shoulders. The dog and devout low to the garrese that to the lombi.


And short compact with very arched coasts and large and deep thorax.

Posterior train

Kidney much fort, wide and harmoniously arch. Very full, round and muscolose thighs. The long leg and and very developed, ginocchio the very angled and garretti placed low. Approval gives GO BACK TO LIST, the garretti must be straight, with the feet not ruotati some to the outside of to the inside.


Small, round and locked, with the thick and hard very arched fingers and the polpastrelli. The spurs must be remove to you.


Like custom, cut completely to the root.


When it walks, seen they give GO BACK TO LIST, exhibits a rolling from bear. When trotta, extension extension without effort and powerful push of the posterior one, with the limbs that move straight along the line of the movement. Much elastic one to the gallop. To lowlands velocit some dogs can stretch to the pacing. In motion the head pu is capacity in one naturally devout position lowland.


Profuse, of rather hard webbing, not straight but ispido and without curly. Sottopelo of qualit impermeable. Head and skull very covered of hair, moderately covered orecchie, neck very supplied, rich front limbs much of hair tutt' around, devout posterior quarters abundantly supplied of the rest of the body. Qualit, webbing and profusione are from privileging regarding the pure length.


Every tone of gray, brizzolato or blue. Log and posterior quarters of solid color, with or without calzari white men. Spots white women in the cape () go to me-smark discouraged. Front head, neck, limbs and abdomen must be white men, with or without pezzature. Every shading undesirable brown and.


24"(61 cm) and beyond for the males, 22"(56 cm) and beyond for the females. Type and simmetria are of devout the great importance and they do not have to be, in some case, sacrifices you to the single ransom.


Every removal from succita to you the points must be considered a defect, and the gravita one with which estimated the Sar defect it must be in exact proportion with its degree.


The males must have two testicoli of normal appearance, completely reductions in the scroto