the beautifulst dogs of this card are of the breeding Friends of the dog


General aspect

Very proporzionato, of noble aspect, perfectly balanced and elegant, it has rather sturdy conformation and d the impression of great resistance. Its duty the gathering and the guide of the crudes oil. tenacious, docile and resistant. Alert, intelligent and receptive, easy to train and not never timid of aggressive.


ll wide skull, with not pronounced apophysis occipita them. The strong snout, devout or me not of the same length of the skull. The stop pronounced, tartufo black (the brown in the subjects to cape brown, slate in the subjects to blue cape). The orecchie are of medium dimensions and erected or seed-erected capacities. The strong and muscoloso neck, and the rather very lowered wide thorax. The rump is tilted leggermente towards the root of the tail.

RANSOM: the ideal height of the male of cm 53; the female leggermente devout small.
Colors: all the admitted colors but the white man do not have to never predominate.

It falls: moderately long, it arrives at least to the garretto; attacked low, very supplied of hairs, it finishes ricurva.

To avoid

. Tail capacity on the back

. Timid or aggressive character . Adherent elbows to the body

. Whichever defect of structure or character that renders it inadatto to the job



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General Aspect: Dog very proporzionato; nobilta the elegance and the perfect equilibrium of the silhouette harmonious arrange with one sufficient structure to giving one resistance impression.
The absolute lack of harmony, cosi like the absolute lack of
substance, is from avoiding.

Characteristics: Tenacious, working dog from shepherdesses and much docile one.

Temperament: Burning, alert, receptive and intelligent. Of mistrustful of aggressive.

Head and skull: Enough wide skull. The pronounced occipite ones not and. The cheeks full are not rounded off any. The snout, than is lost weight to the estremit, and moderately short and strongly; the skull and the nasal cane are approximately of the same length. The stop very marked. The tartufo and black, to exception of the subjects with cape brown (chocolate) in which pu tawny being. If the cape and blue, the tartufo must be of color slate. The narici very are developed.

Eyes: The eyes are very distance to you, of shape oval, medium largeness and tawny, to exclusion of the subjects merle in which and admitted color that or both the eyes are blue, in part or completely. Lespressione and lives, intelligent alarm clock and.

Orecchie: The orecchie are of dimensions and medium consistency, very distanced, straight capacities or erected and careful seeds lessened noise.

Jaw: The teeth and the jaws are strong and introduce unarticolazione to perfect, regular scissor and complete: it is worth to say that I recorded to you advanced are overlapped to the inferiors with one tightened contact and are implants to you to square regarding the jaw.

Tail: The incollatura and of good length, fort and muscolosa, leggermente arch and goes increasing itself towards the shoulders.

Front: Approvals of forehead, the front limbs are parallels. Approvals of profile, the metacarpi are leggermente oblique. Lossatura and not heavy fort but. The shoulders very are tilted. The elbows are tightened against the body.

Body: Of athletic aspect. The ribs are very try; the thorax and very come down and rather wide. The kidney and very come down and muscoloso.
The abdomen not laughed them to the level of the kidney. The length of the leggermente advanced body and to the Height.

Posterior: Posterior and wide and the muscoloso one; its profile comes down aggraziato towards the junction of the tail. The thighs are long, wide and muscolose; the ginocchio and very angled; the garretti they are strong and very reductions. From garretto to the foot the posterior ones they must have a good skeleton and, seen they give GO BACK TO LIST, they are parallels.

Feet: Of firm oval. The polpastrelli they are thick, strong and you heal. The fingers are arch and sluices. The nails are short and strong.

Tail: Moderately long. The last one vertebra must catch up the garretto at least; attacked low, very supplied of hair, curve finishes with one towards the high, completing the harmony and grace silhouette of the dog. The tail pu to be raised when the dog and in action, but never to be capacity on the back.

Sailing point: The melted, regular and agile sailing point and, the feet are raised
minimally. It from limpressione that the dog is in a position to moving to furtive steps and a lot, quickly.

Hair: There are two variet: moderately along and short. In the two variet driven in hair and, of medium consistency, and the sottopelo soft and compact, to form a good protection against the inclemencies.
In the variet to hair medium along, the abundant hairs form one
criniera, of the pants and one tail from vixen (brush). The hair must be short and smooth on the snout, the orecchie, the front limbs (to exclusion of the frange), on the posterior limbs, from the garretti to legs.

Color: All the colors are admitted. The white man does not have to never dominate.

Height: Ideal height: males 53 cm; females a po' less.

Defects: All how much goes away from brought back how much over must be
considered like a defect, than verra penalized in function of its gravita one.

The males must very have two testicoli of normal aspect and reductions
in the scroto.