Its history

For various centuries, the only selection applied for various breeds of dogs from shepherdesses was that one of the daily job on the pastures of the ovines. To leave from 1870, diffusing between the shepherds dell.Ile de France was a type of dog much. From this distinguished selection nacquero empiricist two breeds: the Beauceron and the Briard, made official in the 1896 in occasion of one contest with sheep, with the writing of one standard. In years Twenty, the Briard divenne the n. 1 of the family, abandoning always devout pastures in order to move itself in the salotti and on the ring of exposure.

In a generalized manner

The Briard a dog of advanced to the average, with the distintiva characteristic respect to French others breeds of having one goat hair fur, along, dry, flessuoso ransom, than scricchiola under the fingers, with sottopelo light. Peasant, muscoloso dog and very proporzionato, agile, the wide awake and lively Briard, from the balanced character; it does not have to demonstrate of aggressivit of timidezza.La strong and long head, with length snout equivalent to that one of the skull. The orecchie, attacked high, of preference are cut and to capacities diritte.Il muscoloso neck, very melted from the shoulders. The straight back finishes with one tilted rump a po'. The posterior limbs have doubles quantity spurs.


It does not have it are to us disarmonia between the skull and the snout. The rectilinear nasal cane and finishes with a tartufo sturdy. black, from the leggermente devout narici very aperte.Il Briard along that high, in particular the female. The limbs are well in perpendicularly, muscolosi and dall.ossatura forte.Il cape composed from a hair flessuoso, along and dry, that one must at least measure 7 cm of length (in realt this the length rarest to find; in many subjects, the hair catches up, in some points, quite the 30 cm)con sottopelo light.

Ransom: from 62 to 68 cm the male, from 56 to 64 cm the female, with one tolerance of 2 cm for the maximum ransom.
Colors: fulvo, black, gray (that it is born black), blue (that is born gray).
Tail: entire, with hair folto, form uncino all.estremit a low capacity, which did not have, catch up at least the tip of the garretto or it exceeds it of 5 cm to the maximum.

To avoid

. . Simple spurs or absent

. . Too much marked spots anthracite to the edges of the cape

. . Excessive or insufficient ransom

. . Not black Tartufo



No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:



Characters generate them
Peasant, agile, muscoloso dog and very proporzionato, of briosa lively sailing point and, balanced character, n aggressive, n frightening.
Penalizations: Aggressive, weak, frightening, stupid.

RANSOM: From 62 to 68 cm for i males, from 56 to 64 cm for the females. The length of the log must be greater dellaltezza to the garrese: the longilineo Briard.
Penalizations: Dog in the square: excluded lEccellente: Advanced ransoms to 68 cm and 64 cm.
Disqualification: Under the minimal ransom; over the maximum ransom of beyond two cm. The subjects that do not catch up the minimal ransom could not be confirmed.
- Every reason of disqualification, and every inferior qualification to "Bond", comporter lesclusione from the confirmation of the subject. The males must have two testicoli of normal aspect, completely reductions in the scroto.

LIMBS: Very muscolosi, with strong skeleton and appiombi corrected.
Penalizations: Appiombi not corrected, unglued shoulders, thighs opened, metacarpi too much straight weak people or, support on the fingers; angle-shot of the shoulder not corrected, short hair on the limbs, gracili limbs, skeleton weak person.
Disqualification: Serious defects perpendicularly

TAIL: Integral, very guarnita, forming uncino allestremit, pruning low, not having; it must catch up the tip of the garretto or exceed it to the maximum of five centimeters.
Penalizations: A po too much short, absence of uncino, too much short hair;
- capacity a lot to of over of the dorsal line,
- capacity under the ventre,
- capacity under the ventre in motion.
Disqualification: Capacity on the back "to horn of hunting" or perpendicular (rigid). Traces of corrective participation of the portamento.

NECK: Muscoloso and that it exits well from the shoulders.
Penalizations: Neck too much along, gracile or too much short.

Teeth: Strong, white men and perfectly combacianti.
- Lack of an incisor,
- defective dentizione, light prognatismo without loss of contact,
- Lack of a premolar,
- Lack of two I recorded to you,
- Lack of two premolars.
Disqualification: Prognatismo emphasized with loss of contact. Lack of 2 P4 or three teeth, which that are.

Back: Straight.
Penalizations: Back leggermente insellato or leggermente carpato.

Garretti: Low and not too much angled, with metatarsi tending to the vertical one.
- It situates to you too much up or low,
- angle-shot not corrected.
Disqualification: Serious defects perpendicularly.

Rump: Little tilted, of shape leggermente rounded off.
- lowered Rump, horizontal rump,
- the same defects emphasize to you,
- elevated rump clearly devout of the garrese.

CAPE: All the uniform colors are admitted, but the colors under indicate to you. The loaded colors are from preferring. Not to get confused the bicolored one with devout a leggermente clear ink to the estremit, that it represents only a depigmentation beginning. This devout leggermente clear ink must remain in the same range of color (fulvo dark on fulvo, black intense on clearly black little cargo, dark gray on gray devout clearly, etc). The fulvo it must be warm and uniform, not clearly n slavato.
- Black with too many glares rossastri.
- Fulvo not sufficiently warm, spot white woman to the chest.
- Carbonature too much marked, to the limit of the cape.
- Fulvo much luminosity, slavato.
Disqualification: Color white man, brown, mahogany, bicolored, list white woman, hairs white men all estremit of the limbs. Cape mantle fulvo. Too much clear ink.
Famous: for the bicolored one, to observe the color of the skin, than to stretch to the blue to the base of the dark zones and sar rosato in correspondence of those clear ones.

Snout: Appuntito tight N n.
Penalizations: Appuntito, tightened or too much large; labbra falling.

NOSE: Devout squared that round; tartufo always black, large and opened.
Penalizations: Small Tartufo, strait, appuntito, not black or with depigmentation traces.
Disqualification: Tartufo brown or devout clearly, depigmentato.

Nasal Cane: Rectilinear.
Penalizations: Long, esile, too much too much short, montonina.

Eyes: Horizontals, open, well rather great, not to almond, of dark color, intelligent expression and calm. L eye gray in a not penalizzabile gray.
Penalizations: Too much small eye, to almond or of clear color.
Disqualification: Dissimilar eyes, stralunati, of color too much clearly.

ORECCHIE: Inserted high, of preference erected, not adherent and rather short capacities amputated and if left integral. To parit of beauty, sar preferibile the subject with orecchie cut and erected. The amputated length dellorecchia does not have to be equal or leggermente inferior to the met of the length of the head; in any case the orecchie must flat and be covered of along hair.
Penalizations: Covered from short hair, too much too much long, capacities badly.
Disqualification: Orecchie rolled up, attacked too much low, under the level dellocchio, covered of shaved hair, capacities naturally erected; it rectifies of cartilage.

Hair: Flessuoso, along, dry (type goat hair), with light sottopelo.
- Not sufficiently dry, leggermente goffered; absence of sottopelo,
- too much short,
- fine hair.
Disqualification: Hair of inferior length to seven centimeters. Hair motivatings force or lanoso.

FEET: Strong, of rotondeggiante shape (intermediate between the foot of cat and the foot of lepre).
- too much long Feet, plates, crush to you.
- Capacities in outside (mancini) or within (cagnoli), not sufficiently covered of hair.
Disqualification: Serious defects perpendicularly.

FINGERS: Sluices.
Penalizations: Spread fingers, too much long or capacities to plate.

Penalizations: It uses not elastic, too much flat, too much to hold.

UNGHI: . nere.
Penalizations: Grey nails.
Disqualification: Nails white women.

SPURS: Double spurs to the posterior limbs. The subjects with simple spur, even if much good in type, could not be characterized. The double spurs must be constituted from two fortified bony nail parts, situate devout possible the neighbors to you to the ground, waves to assure the better support of the foot.
- Inserted too much up (to met of the metatarso),
- absence of two nails;
- absence of a bony part in a double spur.
- simple Spurs,
- absence of spurs,
- absence of two bony parts in a double spur even if is the nails,
- absence of a bony part in every double spur, even if is the nails.

Thorax: Wide (between the two elbows hand must is to us the width of one), deep and very come down until the elbow.
Penalizations: Too much strait, not sufficiently that is too much come down, little deep; too much flat ribs or too much you try.

Head: , strongly long, with depression marked forehead-nasal and mail to equal distance from the sommit of the head and dallestremit of the tartufo, guarnita of hairs that form beard, moustaches and sopracciglia that they veil the eyes leggermente.
Penalizations: Short, too much long head; disarmonia between snout and skull. Disproportion between head and body. Too much hairy head to the point to turn out some masked the shape; insufficient beard, moustaches and sopracciglia; stop too much pronounced or lacking.
Disqualification: Defects mention to you too much pronounce to you.

FOREHEAD: A lot light rounded off.
Penalizations: Too much flat, too much rounded off, wide, too much sporgente over the eyes.