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FCI-Standard N°4  / 12. 03. 1998 / GB



ORIGIN : Great Britain.



CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. :   Group  3           Terriers.
                                               Section 2          Small-sized Terriers.
                                               Without working trial.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Agile, alert, of workmanlike, natural appearance.  Standing well forward on forepaws.  Strong quarters.  Deep in rib, very free in movement.  Weather-resistant coat.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Should impress as being active, game and hardy.  Fearless and gay disposition ; assertive but not aggressive.

HEAD : Small, but in proportion to body.  Well furnished.
Skull : Broad ; a decided indentation between the eyes.
Stop : Definite.

Nose : Black.
Muzzle : Powerful.
Jaws/Teeth : Teeth large. Jaw strong, but not long or heavy with perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. Upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws.
Eyes : Wide apart, medium in size, dark hazel.  Slightly sunk with shaggy eyebrows.
Ears : Small, pointed, well carried and erect, not too closely set nor heavily coated.

NECK : Well set on, not short.


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Back : Level, medium length.
Loin : Strong, supple
Chest : Well sprung deep ribs.

TAIL : Short, balanced, well furnished with hair but not feathery.  Neither high nor low set, carried gaily but not turned down torwards back.


FOREQUARTERS :Forelegs medium length, good but not too heavy bone.  Covered with harsh hair.
Shoulders : Sloping.
Elbow : Never out at elbow.

Thighs : Very strong and muscular.
Stifle : With good, but not excessive bend. 
Hocks : Well let down, inclining neither in nor out when viewed from the rear.

FEET : Forefeet, larger than hind, may be slightly turned out.  Pads thick and strong.  Thin, narrow or spreading feet and long nails objectionable.

GAIT / MOVEMENT :  Very free-flowing stride.  Forelegs reaching well forward.  Hindlegs giving strong propulsion.  Hocks neither too close nor too wide. 


HAIR : Very important.  Weather-resistant.  Must be double-coated, with profuse, harsh, but not coarse, outer coat ; undercoat short, soft and close.  Open coats objectionable.  Slight wave permissible. 

COLOUR : Cream, wheaten, red, grey or nearly black.  Brindling in all these colours acceptable.  Not solid black, or white, or black and tan.  Dark points, such as ears and muzzle, very typical. 

SIZE AND WEIGHT : Approximately 28-31 cm (11-12 ins) at withers, but in proportion to weight-ideally 6-7,5 kg (14-16 lbs).

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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This dog known from 1500, be introduced public in 1909 and become popular from 1930. The Cairn an original Terrier of the Scozia, probably far away a relative of the odierni Scottish, West Highland White and Skye Terrier. With passing of the centuries the become Cairn an optimal dog from company. Moreover a good dog from guard, a hunter, Bravo in the tests of agility and obedience and moreover, being easy trainable exercises learn without too much hard work likeable us!


The Cairn Terrier, has unespressione similar to the vixen. This Terrier small has a lanuginoso, soft external mantle ispido and a sottopelo. The mantle pu to be of red color, nerastro, sand or various tonalit of the gray. Whichever color except the acceptable white man however the eyes, the orecchie and the snout is preferibili dark. Poich the color of the hair continuous to change for various years difficult to establish sin from cucciolo the definitive color of the mantle. The body of the Cairn sturdy and compact Terrier with one good bony structure. Wide head with a forelock and of sopracciglia folte and the black nose. It has the bite to scissor and a sturdy and powerful skull. The ears are small and straight. The dark eyes are very distance to you. Its short and hairy tail in way moves lively allegro and.


The Cairn lively, stubborn, restless Terrier: a small dog from the great temperament. And careful, loyal, affectionate allegro and. They are in some way independent but friendly. The females stretch to being devout independent of the males and second some breeders the males become attached of devout just the landladies. They are much brave, curious and audacious. They train themselves easy. They are patients with the children and similar bonds of game. The Carin is adapted well to their new house. They are sensitive and they have need of firmness but not of a hard and too much strict training. Without a correct and good training the Cairn pu to become and dallabbaio too much easy a lively dog. To the Cairn it appeals to to dig and the exemplary of this race can become of the hunters and therefore adviced against to leave them single and free in a zone that does not know; other council that one not to leave them never single when they are legacies perch could fight with of large the devout dogs in order protect their territory, to times with tragic consequences!

Height and weight:

Males: 25 33 cm;   females: 23 30 cm.
Males: 6 8 kg; females: 6 8 kg;

  Problems of health:

Not to feed them excessive in how much they stretch to fatten a lot easy. The prizes would have to be limit to you even if difficult to resist to the moine that these dogs are able to make! The Cairns stretches to being allergic to the pulci.

  Circumstances of life:

The Cairn star well also in apartment if verr trained to sufficienza. And a dog much assets.



Also a small sufficient garden sar to the Cairn in order to run liberations but if you live in an apartment one close beautiful daily walk or one run liberatoria to the park devout to house, sar optimal for its physical exercise.


This dog alive from the 12 to the 15 years.


The mantle demands beautiful po of maintenance otherwise in a short time avr Cairn with a disordinato and ugly hair to look at itself. And necessary to brush it several times to week being been delicate and with a sottopelo lanuginoso. Once to the month it is advised to bathe the dog and to brush it while it is dried up. The hair around the eyes and to the orecchie with a scissor from the rounded off tips must regularly tagliargli and tenergli regulated nails. The Cairn loses little or for null the hair.



The ICF n.04 ENCI of 1987

General aspect: Agile, careful with the aspect of a terrier from job. And very placed on the front one. Posterior strongly. Deep thorax. Movement a lot melted. Resistant hair allacqua.

. Caratteristiche: It must hit for its attivita one, courage and resistance.

Temperament: Of nature, glad and without fear, arrogating, but not aggressive.

Head and skull: Small, but proporzionata head to the body. Wide skull with I furrow clearly between the eyes; stop very marked. Powerful snout, strong, not long jaws of heavy. Black Tartufo. Head very guarnita of hair.

Eyes: Placed distant, of medium largeness, dark nocciola color. Leggermente infossati with sopracciglia of hair.

ORECCHIE: Small, to tip, very erected capacities and, not too much drawn near of a lot covered of hair.

Mouth: Large teeth. Strong jaws with perfect, a regular one and complete closing to scissor, it is worth to say with I recorded advanced good to you supports you to those inferiors and perpendicular to the jaws.

NECK: Very inserted, not short.

Front: Slanted shoulders. Limbs of medium length, good skeleton, but not too much heavy. Elbows do not unglue, covered legs to you of hard hair.

LOG: Back straight of medium length. ribs you try and deep, strong and flexible kidneys.

Posterior: Thighs many muscolose. Good, but not excessive, bending of the ginocchio. Garretti low, not revolts to GO BACK TO LIST of allinfuori if it observes to you posteriorly.

FEET: Those front ones are piu large of the posterior ones and can leggermente be revolts in outside. Thick and resistant plantari bearings. Light feet, opened or lengthen to you and long nails are undesirable.

TAIL: Short, proporzionata, very supplied of hair, but without fringe, inserted some up of low, and capacity gladly, never withdrawn on the back. . Andatura e movimento: Movimento molto sciolto. . Gli arti anteriori si proiettano bene in avanti mentre quelli posteriori imprimono una forte spinta. . Garretti ne troppo ravvicinati ne troppo divaricati.

CAPE: . E molto importante. . Resistente allacqua. . Il pelo deve essere doppio, quello di copertura abbondante, duro, ma non grossolano; il sottopelo e corto, soffice e fitto. . Il mantello non compatto e da penalizzare. . E ammessa una leggera ondulazione.

Color: . Crema, grano, rosso, grigio o quasi nero. . La brizzolatura in tutti questi colori e accettata. . Non deve essere mai completamente nero o bianco o nero focato. . Le sfumature nere sulle orecchie e sul muso sono molto tipiche.

RANSOM: . L'altezza al garrese va da 28 a 31cm. . (11/12 pollici), ma deve essere proporzionata al peso che idealmente dovrebbe essere attorno ai 6/7,5 Kg. . (14/16 libre).

Defects: All cio that discosta from the points sopracita to you it is gone considered a defect whose importance and directly proporzionata to its gravit.

NOTES: . I maschi devono avere due testicoli, apparentemente normali, completamente discesi nello scroto.

. razza richiesta da FABRIZIO M.(UD