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FCI-Standard N° 253  / 11. 05. 1998 / GB


ORIGIN : China.

PATRONAGE : Great Britain.



No breeding to signal
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UTILIZATION : Companion.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. :  Group    9     Companion and Toy Dogs.
                                               Section 11    Small Molossian type Dogs.
                                               Without working trial.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Decidedly square and cobby, it is « multum in parvo » shown in compactness of form, well knit proportions and hardness of muscle.

BEHAVIOUR  / TEMPERAMENT : Great charm, dignity and intelligence.  Even-tempered, happy and lively disposition.

HEAD : Large, round, not apple-headed.

Skull : With no indentation.  Wrinkles clearly defined.

Muzzle : Short, blunt, square, not upfaced.
Jaws/Teeth : Slightly undershot.  Wry mouth, teeth or tongue showing all highly undesirable.  Wide lower jaw with incisors almost in a straight line.
Eyes : Dark, very large, globular in shape, soft and solicitous in expression, very lustrous, and when excited, full of fire.
Ears : Thin, small, soft like black velvet.  Two kinds - « Rose ear » - small drop ear which folds over and back to reveal the burr.  « Button ear » - ear flap folding forward, tip lying close to skull to cover orifice, and pointing toward eye.  Preference given to latter.

NECK : Slightly arched to resemble a crest, strong, thick with enough length to carry head proudly.

BODY : Short and cobby.
Back : Topline level, neither roached nor dipping.
Chest : Wide in chest and well ribbed.

TAIL  (Twist) : High set, curled as tightly as possible over hip.  Double curl highly desirable.


FOREQUARTERS : Legs very strong, straight, of moderate length, and well under body.
Shoulders : Well sloped.

HINDQUARTERS : Legs very strong, of moderate length, well under body, straight and parallel when viewed from rear.
Stifles : With good turn of stifles.

FEET : Neither so long as the foot of the hare, nor so round as that of the cat; well split toes; the nails black.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : Viewed from in front should rise and fall with legs well under shoulder, feet keeping directly to front, not turning in or out.  From GO BACK TO LIST action just as true.  Using forelegs strongly putting them well forward with hindlegs moving freely and using stifles well.  A slight roll of hindquarters typifies gait.


HAIR : Fine, smooth, soft, short and glossy, neither harsh nor woolly.

COLOUR : Silver, apricot, fawn or black.  Each clearly defined, to make contrast complete between colour, trace (black line extending from occiput to twist) and mask.  Markings clearly defined.  Muzzle or mask, ears, moles on cheeks, thumb mark or diamond on forehead and trace as black as possible.

WEIGHT  : Ideal weight 6.3 - 8.1 kgs (14 - 18 lbs).

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog..

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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The history
Some students of the past, like the Buffon, wanted descendant to it of Alan, while the Reul considered it the miniaturization of the mastiff one. The Vircy, to such purpose, was convinced that, perch the puppys of mastiff became Carlini, had to be somministrare they of the bra. Today such fantasiose theories are not taken in consideration, and all are agree on the Chinese origin of the race. One of devout the meaningful iconografiche testimonies a Chinese parchment of presumed age Ch' Ing in which they are represents small dogs to you of court where they acknowledge one Shih-tzu, a Pekinese and a Carlino. Their possession was an exclusive right of the members of the imperial family and the high dignitaries of court. Of rare them pu not to find again itself under dog-lion shape, mainly it realizes to you in ceramics turchese, going back white man to the dynasty of the Ming, places in brace to the income of the templi with the function to remove the spirits denied to you. In the "celestial empire" the Carlino assumed various denominations, like foo, wo and the chaing sze, while in Japan it was called pairs dog. In China the ruge on the forehead of the Carlini they have been object of several sideboards. Some thought that they represented the diamond of the Emperor, perch concentriche, form the design of one stone. Prince Mark in China has seen represents to you in the wrinkles of dogs two ideogrammi that they express principle distinction and nobilt. Its spread in Europe pu to make oneself to go back to the XVII sec., allor when some Dutch boat vessels that they made broken off towards the Far East transported some exemplary in the Low Countries. In the old continent seppur under various names, trov acceptance in the greater courts of Europe. In Holland they christened it mopshond (mastiff of Holland), in Germany came called mops (musetto), in Great Britain they nicknamed it pug or pug-dog on whose etimologia exists discordant opinions. However the first exemplary reached the continuation of Gugliemo III and Maria II coming from from i Low Countries for insediarsi on the English throne. In France it assumed instead the names of dogmus and roquet, only in according to time, because of dark its musetto was renamed Carlin, from the name of one popular mask of the commedia of the art, correspondent to our Harlequin, than to the end of the XVIII sec. Carl Bertinazzi was interpreted from the Italian actor. Also Giuseppina Beauharnais moglie of Napoleone, had a Carlino, but the First consul sopportava it. Giuseppina port the dog in the wedding room end from the first night of wedding. Just in that occasion the Carlino avvent to the leg of Napoleone is said that. The Carlino called Fortunes, and was killed from the dog of the cook, then Giuseppina received some endured an other to which said the same name. However this race divenne the of invagh devout dog of Bonaparte house and Luciano brother that if of all of allev some tens. In our country the italianizzazione of the term has then carried it to become the Carlino. In the West the artistic testimonies that document its rank are innumerevoli; tasks in order to only cite two, to ritratto of George III of England conserved to Hampton Court or to ritratto of the dog of Antonietta Maria moglie of Luigi XVI, work of the painter of Oudry court. Last the age of privileges of chaste, the Carlino to lived alternate moments of several oblivion and popolarit tying itself to personages of the mondanit international. Currently in Italy, a discreet one is riscuotendo happening, even if European the Anglo-Saxon countries and north in a generalized manner continue to represent an important reference for all the cultori of this small great dog.

In a generalized manner  

Clearly registered in the square, the Carlino a dog from small and tarchiato company. Its great fascination, its dignit and its intelligence are leggendari. Habitually, the Carlino of constant humor, calm character and allegro.


The strong and round head. The skull lacking in I furrow facade, the snout and square, cut, but rivoltato all.ins the wrinkles clearly is not designed. The eyes are of dark color, much large, to ball (globular), a lot shining and vividi in state of excitation. The orecchie are tiny, small, with two shapes and
admitted: to rose and button.

Ransom: 10 precise standards simply the ideal weight, than varied from 6,3 to 8,1 kg.

Colors: silver, apricot, fulvo or black. Devout black possible the snout (the mask), the ears, in on cheeks, the spot of the inch or losanga in forehead and the strip on the back.

Tail: it dictates "to spiral", attacked high, forms boccolo devout a possible strait, supported all.anca. Ricercatissimo the double quantity boccolo.

Defects to avoid

. . Hard or lanoso hair

. . The light admitted inferior prognatismo but does not have to be excessive

. . Line dorsal falling or incurvata (back of carpa)

. . Head to apple shape



General aspect
Decidedly sturdy and square, typical example of "multum in parvo", from the compact shapes, the solid structure and the compact musculature. Characteristics Great fascination, dignit and intelligence.

Of constant hardening, allegro and of lively nature.

Head and skull
Large, tondeggiante head, not ' to mela', without I furrow of the skull. Short snout, dulled, squared, not to the ins. Wrinkles clearly defined.

Dark, much large, of globosa shape, with sweet expression and it speeds up, a lot polishes and, when the excited fire dog, full.

Thin, small, soft like black velvet. Two variet: the ' orecchie to rosa' (small, withdrawn to GO BACK TO LIST that they reveal intentional inner) and ' the orecchie to bottone' (with lobes fold to you in ahead, adherent tip to the skull in order to cover the orifice and revolt towards the eye). The preference goes to this according to type.

Light prognatismo. The which had jaw, the visible teeth and the language are all highly undesirable. Wide jaw, with I recorded to you nearly online straight.

Arch Leggermente, to criniera, sturdy, large but enough along carrying the head fiercely.

Front limbs
Much sturdy, straight, of length moderated, very under the body. Oblique shoulders.

Posterior limbs
Much sturdy, of length moderated, with grassello very flesse; seen rights and parallels give GO BACK TO LIST, very under the thorax.

Short and tarchiato, with cost wide and good thorax. Horizontal advanced line, inarcata some insellata.

Of long like the feet from lepre of round like those from cat; fingers very uniforms; black nails.

Attacked high, skewed devout the possible grip over the back. The double quantity turn a lot wished.

Watching from, the dog must raise itself and lower itself very with the limbs under the shoulders; the feet must be revolts in ahead, of in within of in outside. From GO BACK TO LIST, the movements must equally be precise. The front limbs must have a good extension, those posterior ones move with scioltezza, using well the grassello. The sailing point characterized from a light rolling of the posterior train.

Fine, smooth, soft hair, short and lucente, of hard of lanoso. Color Silver, apricot, fulvo or black. Everyone very defined, in clearly contrast with the trace (black strip that runs from occipite to the tail) and the mask. Spots very delimited. Snout or mask, orecchie, in on cheeks, "ditata" or losanga on the forehead and strip on the back, devout black the possible one.

Every shunting line of the Standard to consider a defect, that it goes penalized the gravit second. The males must have
and two testicoli of normal aspect, very come down in the scroto