FCI-Standard N° 206   / 20.04.1998 / GB


ORIGIN : Japan.


UTILIZATION : Companion dog.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. :   Group     9      Companion and Toy Dogs.
                                                Section    8     Japan Chin and Pekingese.
                                                Without working trial.


No breeding to signal
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BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY : According to ancient documents it is assumed that the ancestors of the Chin were presented as a gift from the rulers of Korea (during the Silla Dynasty age 377-935) to the Japanese court in 732.  For a successive 100 years, there appears to have been a large number of Chins coming into Japan.  Historical records also indicate that envoys sent to China (during the Tung Dynasty age 618-910) and North Korea (during the Po H’ai Dynasty age 698-926) brought back dogs of this breed directly.  During the reign of the Shogunate Tsunayoshi Tokugawa (1680-1709) the breed was raised as an indoor toy dog in the Castle of Edo.
In 1613 a Britisher, Captain Searles, brought a Chin to England and in 1853 Commodore Perry from the U.S. brought several to the U.S. of which two were presented to Queen Victoria of England.
Since 1868, the Chin has been favored as a lapdog by ladies of the upper classes, and currently is being widely spread as a companion dog.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Small sized dog with broad face, covered with profuse coat, with elegant and graceful figure.

IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS : The ratio of height at withers to length of the body is equal.  The body of bitches slightly longer.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Clever, mild and lovely.


Skull : Broad and rounded.
Stop : Deep and indented.

Nose : Nasal bridge very short and wide, the nose on a straight line with the eyes; the nose colour black or deep flesh colour, according to dog’s markings.
Jaws/Teeth : Teeth white and strong; level bite desirable, but scissor bite or undershot mouth permitted.
Eyes : Large, round, set wide apart and lustrous black in colour.
Ears : Long, triangular, hanging, covered with long hair; set wide apart.

NECK : Rather short, and held high.

Back : Short and straight.
Loin : Broad and slightly round.
Chest : Moderately broad and deep, with ribs moderately sprung.
Belly : Well drawn up.

TAIL : Covered with beautiful, profuse and long hair, being carried up over back.


FOREQUARTERS : Forearms straight, fine boned; backside of forearms below the elbows feathered.

HINDQUARTERS : Hindlegs moderately angulated, rear of the rump covered with feather.

FEET : Small and hare-shaped, covered with tufts desirable.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : Elegant, light and proud.


HAIR : Silky, straight and long.  Whole body except face covered with profuse hair.  The ears, neck, thighs and tail have profuse feather.

COLOUR : White with markings of black or red.  Markings symmetrically distributed from around eyes over ears as on whole body desirable.  Especially white and wide blaze from muzzle to crown desirable.

SIZE  : Height at withers :        Dogs approximately 25 cm.
                                               Bitches slightly smaller than dogs.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.

  • Nose : Any colour other than black for white dogs with black markings.
  • Overshot mouth, wry underjaw.
  • Solid white coat with no markings; single marking on face.
  • Shyness.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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In a generalized manner

Dog of small ransom from the wide snout, covered of abundant hair, the Chin a graceful and elegant small dog dallaspetto the whose vocation sure the company. It makes part of the same family of the Pekinese and the breeds tibetane.

The head introduces a skull wide and rounded off, with stop deep and infossato. The short nasal cane much and wide one, and the tartufo it is found to the level of the eyes. The color of the tartufo black in the subjects to black spots, dark in the subjects to red spots. The eyes are large, round, very it distances to you and of black a shining one. The orecchie, long and triangular, are falling and covered of long hair. The short and straight back, its elegant, light sailing point and fair.

Colors: white man with black or red spots; the spots are distributed to two sides of the head, the ears symmetricalally and on the body.

Ransom: the Height approximately of 25 cm and in the male; the female leggermente devout small.
Tail: capacity on the covered back and of beautiful frange long and abundant.

To avoid
. . Jaw of devious
. . Extreme advanced or inferior prognatismo  
. . Character pavido  

. . Cape white man without spots
. . Only spot on the snout  
. . Shunting line of the jaw




males: cm. 25; the females little less than 25 cm. Equal height to the length of the body.


relatively voluminosa; wide and rounded off skull. Deep Stop, infossato. Snout much, with tartufo wide and short narici many opening. Color of the tartufo in connection with the spots: black in the subjects to black spots and color meat; dark in those to red spots.
Eyes: large round, rather sporgenti, wide it distances to you between they, of black a shining one.
Ears: long, triangular, falling, places laterally, covered of long hairs.
Set of teeth: wide, short jaws, with going back jaw. Teeth solid white men and, with articulation of preference to tenaglia, also being admitted also that one to scissor. Teeth and jaws do not have to look at to mouth sluice.


short, large and erected.


chest: of moderated width, deep, with moderately sporgenti ribs.
Back: high garrese and very developed, straight and short, but wide back and leggermente rounded off.
Ventre: risen


high capacity over the back, with beautiful spandrel from the hair folto.

Front limbs:

straight forearms, of fine skeleton and very frangiati

Posterior limbs:

moderately angled, covered of long frange.


small, of lepre, with forelocks of hairs on the tips; elastic plantari bearings; black nails (preferibilmente).


soft, setoso, along and straight. Except the snout, the entire covered body of an abundant fur. Not too much flat, it stretches to goffer itself. Ears, neck, thighs and tail introduce frange to profusione.


black and red white man or and white man; with spots that must be distributed regularly to two sides of the head, the ears and on the body. Particularly searched the snout white man and one wrap enough wide on the head. Not appreciate spots on the body.