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FCI-Standard N° 205 / 09. 06. 1999 / GB


ORIGIN : China.

PATRONAGE : Great Britain.



No breeding to signal
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UTILIZATION : Guard dog, companion.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. :            Group     5          Spitz and primitive type.
                                             Section 5     Asian Spitz and related                                breeds.            
                                             Without working trial.     
GENERAL APPEARANCE : Active, compact, short-coupled and essentially well balanced, leonine in appearance, proud, dignified bearing; well knit frame; tail carried well over back.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Quiet dog, good guard, bluish-black tongue; unique in its stilted gait.  Independant, loyal, yet aloof.


Skull : Flat, broad; well filled out under the eyes.
Stop : Not pronounced.

Nose : Large and wide in all cases black (with exception of cream and near white in which case a light-coloured nose is permissible, and in blues and fawns a self-coloured nose).
Muzzle : Moderate in length, broad from eyes to end (not pointed at end like a fox).
Flews : Flews and roof of mouth black (blue black), gums preferably black.  Tongue bluish black.
Jaws/Teeth : Teeth strong and level, jaws strong, with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. the upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws.

Eyes : Dark, oval shaped, medium sized and clean.  A matching coloured eye permissible in blues and fawns.  Clean eye, free from entropion, never being penalised for sake of mere size.
Ears : Small, thick, slightly rounded at tip, carried stiffly and wide apart but tilting well forward over eyes and slightly towards each other, giving peculiar characteristic scowling expression of the breed.  Scowl never to be achieved by loose wrinkled skin of head.

NECK : Strong, full, not short, set well on shoulders and slightly arched.

Back : Short, level and strong.
Loins : Powerful.
Chest : Broad and deep.  Ribs well sprung, but not barrelled.

TAIL : Set high, carried well over back.


FOREQUARTERS : Forelegs perfectly straight, of moderate length, woth good bone.
Shoulders : Muscular and sloping.

HINDQUARTERS : Hindlegs muscular.
Hock joint : Well let down, with minimal angulation, essential to produce the characteristic stilted gait. Never flexing forward.
Hock : From hock joints downwards to appear straight.

FEET : Small, round, cat-like, standing well on toes.

GAIT / MOVEMENT  : Short and stilted.  Forelegs and hindlegs moving parallel to each other and straight forward.




HAIR : Either rough or smooth.

  • Rough : Profuse, abundant, dense, straight and stand-off.  Outer coat rather coarse in texture, with soft woolly undercoat.  Especially thick round neck forming mane or ruff and with good culottes or breechings on back of thighs.
  • Smooth : Coat short, abundant, dense, straight, upstanding, not flat, plush-like in texture.

Any artificial shortening of the coat which alters the natural outline or expression should be penalised.

COLOUR : Whole coloured black, red, blue, fawn, cream or white, frequently shaded but not in patches or parti-coloured (underpart of tail and back of thighs frequently of a lighter colour).

Height at withers : Dogs         48-56 cm (19-22 ins) at shoulder.
                            Bitches      46-51 cm (18-20 ins) at shoulder.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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General aspect

Compact, majestic, powerful, the Chow calm Chow, from the short kidney, above all perfectly proporzionato. Its aspect leonino and the fierce and dignitoso portamento of the head are between its fascinating devout characteristics. Calm dog and good guardiano. it has a characteristic short step: the front and posterior limbs ahead move rights in on plans parallels.

The head introduces a flat and wide skull, the stop not pronounced, the snout of moderate Iunghezza. wide dall.altezza of the eyes fine all.estremit Characteristic the language, of blue color. Two variet is recognized of cape: the long hair a lot abundant, dense, straight and very detached from the body, and the short hair. much rare one also in Great Britain. The orecchie, small, thick and leggermente rounded off all.estremit are capacities diritte.Altra characteristic of the race the famous one scowl, owero "make gruff", with corrucciato feature of the head. had to portamento of the orecchie.

Ransom: the male measure from 48 to 56 cm to the garrese, the female from 46 to 51 cm.
black, red, blue cape unicolore, cinnamon, cream or white man.
It falls:
highly attacked and capacity clearly on the back.

Defects to avoid
Orecchie divergent capacities

. . Tail not raised

. Entropio   Entropio   Entropio  
. Chest to botte

. Whichever artificial shortening of the hair



The Standard of the Chow Chow

Standard the ICF n205 of the 9 June 1999/GB
Country of origin
Great Britain
Date of the publication of the Standard originates them valid: 24.06.1987
Use: guard, company
Classification F.C.I.
Group 5 Spitz and primitivo type
Section 5 Spitz Asian analogous us and breeds
Without job test
General aspect
Active, compact dog, from the short kidney and above all very proporzionato, from the aspect leonino, fierce and dignitoso portamento, of sturdy structure; the tail capacity clearly on the back.
Calm dog, good guardiano, black-bluastra, only language in its sailing point "on the trampoli".
Independent, faithful but distaccato.
Head and skull
Skull: wide plate and. Very full under to the eyes
Stop: not pronounced.
Region makes them
Tartufo: large and wide, in any case black (with the exception of the cream and nearly the white man in the whose allowed case a tartufo devout clearly, and in the blueta and cinnamon in tune with the color of the cape).

snout : of length moderated, wide from the eyes until the estremit (not to tip to the estremit like in the vixen).
Labbra : Black Labbra and palate (blue-black), preferibilmente black gums. Language blue-nerastra.
Mascelle/denti : Strong and regular teeth, strong jaws, with one perfect, regular and complete closing to scissor, es. the advanced teeth cover the inferiors and are implant to you to square in connection with the jaws well.
Eyes : dark, of shape oval, medium dimension and cleaned up. For the blueta and the allowed cinnamon a color in tune with the cape. Cleaned up, free eyes from entropion, than do not have to be only penalize to you for the dimension.
Orecchie : small, thick, leggermente rounded off to the estremit, straight capacities and very distanced, but that they head for ahead above the leggermente convergent eyes and, that confer the peculiar characteristic of the corrucciata expression of the race (scowl). This expression does not have to be the result of the relaxation of the pliche of the skin the head.
Neck : , strongly full, not short, very inserted in the shoulders and leggermente arch.
Posterior: Short, horizontal and fort.
Kidney: Powerful
Thorax: Wide and deep. Ribs very arch, but not to "circle of botte".
Tail: Inserted high, very capacity on the back.

Front: Perfectly straight front legs, of moderated length, with good skeleton.
Shoulders: Muscolose and tilted.
Posterior: Muscolose posterior legs.
Articulation of the garretto: Very come down, with one minimal angle-shot, essential thing in order to produce the characteristic walk "on the trampoli". Not flette never in ahead.
Garretto: From the articulations of the garretto towards the bottom cos to seem straight.
Feet: Small, round, foot from cat, in perpendicularly on the fingers.
Sailing point and movement
Short sailing point and "on the trampoli".
The front limbs and the posterior ones move in straight parallel in ahead.
Hair : variet to long hair and variet to short hair:
to) variet to long hair: abundant, dense, straight and detached hair.
Hair of cover rather ispido, with sottopelo soft and lanoso. Particularly driven in around the neck where form one criniera or one colleretta and GO BACK TO LIST thighs form of the good ones "culottes".
b) variet to short hair: abundant, dense, straight, than it is straightened, not flat, of webbing like the peluche.

Every artificial ontraction of the hair that modifies the silhouette natural or the expression of the Chow penalized Chow sar.

Color : black, red, blue unicolore, cinnamon, cream or white man, often with shadings but not with spots or pluricolore (the inferior part of the tail and devout thighs often of color clearly).
Males: from 48 to 56 (19-22 ins) centimeters to the garrese.
Females: from 46 to 51 (18-20 ins) centimeters to the garrese.
DEFECTS : All us that discosta in connection with us that precedes must be considered like defect, than sar penalized in function to its gravit.