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NAZIONALIT Yugoslavia.

Origin The Shepherdesses of Ciarplanina or dell.llljria Pastore come dall.antico East like the majority of the dogs from flock become native for acclimatization or operated selection dall.uomo the official acknowledgment door the date of 1930.
Clss. Utilit Group 2

Dimensions   Average cm 62 in i males; cm 58 in the females. Males to the disotto of 56 cm and not admitted females under i 54 cm. Weight: males from 35 to 45 kg; females from 30 to 40 kg.

head a lot Proporzionata to the body. Skull hardly devout along of the snout, wide; in its leggermente convex advanced profile. Little pronounced Stop. Straight nasal cane. Black Tartufo. Wide and deep snout to the base, is lost weight leggermente and gradatamente. Labbra of modest thickness, stiff. Jaws many forts, of equal length. Set of teeth to scissor.

  • Neck Of medium length, absence of giogaia.

  • Eyes   To almond, brown or clearly dark.

  • Orecchie Inserted low, falling back rather flat against cheeks, of medium length.


Body A p devout along dell.altezza to the garrese. Wide chest and much muscoloso, thorax of average profondit, come down until the elbow. Wide back and not too much along, straight, short, wide and muscolosi kidneys, oblique, muscolosa, wide rump. Ventre leggermente retratto.

Long tail, reaches the tip of the garretto at least, with sabre shape; in action raised and pu to be capacity to of over of the line of the back.

LIMBS Posterior also in perpendicularly with strong, muscolosa thigh, rounded off, oblique. Wide Garretto, opened enough. Front proporziona you to the body. of good perpendicularly. Strong feet, ovals.

Hair Short on head, ears, make front; along, plate and a po' rough on neck, body, makes of the limbs and tail posterior. Presence of sottopelo.

Color    Uni-color : admitted every shading, preferred the gray iron and the dark gray. Spots white women or pezzature are not
admitted, except small spots white women on the chest and the fingers (tolerated, but not wished) in the dogs of good pigment. To second of the cape and dell.impiego on mountains of the Yugoslavia the Shepherds they distinguish 4 types of Ciarplanina, all admitted from the standard (Sari, Karabas, Murdj, Merdjan.)

CHARACTER Audacious, careful, energetic. Of norm it obeys to a solo landladies, the others are enemy.

Use And a dog from Shepherdesses for excellence very used on the adriatic coast jugoslava, l.antica moon. It knows to strike itself to equal crews with the lupo, that it succeeds in stanare also of night. Today used like optimal dog from guard of the propriet and like guardiano of the penitentiaries as it happens in that one of Milan


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