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  Its history

In order to obtain cos a beautiful dog, English have used Russian levriere, immettendolo in the stocks of their dogs from shepherdesses for affinarne the head with one stop nearly absent. Various authors cite the possible resource also to the Setter Gordon and the spitz. Result of these various crossings, the Collie divent from the end of 1800, one of goes British dell.breeders to you. The first subjects came export to you in the rest of Europe to leave from the end of 1800, but still today one of the breeds devout appreciated the world.

In a generalized manner

The Collie attracts for its extreme beauty, for its impassible attitude; no part of the body must be sproporzionata respect all.insieme. Its construction characterized from the force and dall.attivit does not have to be heavy of to appear rough L.espressione one of its important devout characteristics, perch represents the fruit of the perfect equilibrium and dell.armonia between skull and snout, dimension, shape, color and position of the eyes, correct position of the orecchie and they portamento.


The typical features of the head are of extreme importance and must be consider you in connection with the ransom of the dog. Sight of forehead or profile, the head has the shape of a wedge very designed, clearly cut, from the smooth contours. The flat skull; the width of the head goes diminishing gradually from the fine orecchie all.estremit of the tartufo black. The eyes, of medium largeness, are arranged little oblique ones, to almond and of color dark brown, except in the blue-merlon, in which they are often both or one (or it only leave of one or both) blue 0 spotted ones of blue. The body leggermente devout along that high, and folto the hair of it designs the contours: dense, straight and rough to the tact.

Ransom: ideal in the male a Height comprised between 56 and 61 cm, for the female between 51 and 56.

Colors: sable and white man, tricolour and blue merlon. The spots white women are typical, on all the collar or leave of it, on the talked nonsense one, the limbs, the feet and all.estremit of the tail.

Tail: long and it catches up at least I' articulation of the garretto. low capacity when the dog R-retired, but with the estremit always leggermente ricurva.

To avoid

. . Orecchie too much drawn near, erected capacities

. . Frightening or aggressive character

. . All.infuori elbows  


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:

STANDARD the ICF n.297 of 24 August 1988
  General aspect

The Collie must sedurre for its great beauty, the dignit, limpassibilit, no part of the body must be sproporzionata in relationship allinsieme.    

The construction must give force impression and vitalit, it does not have to be n heavy n rough. Lespressione the main characteristic. All considering, must be perfect the dellequilibrio result, dellarmonia of the skull and of the snout, the dimension, form, color and position of the eyes, the position and the correct portamento of the orecchie.    

Sociable attitude, n afraid, n aggressive.  

Head and skull
The characteristics of the head are from considering in connection with the ransom of the dog. Approval of forehead and profile, has the shape of a log of cone very defined. The flat skull with clean profiles. The external sides of the head of intuiscono gradually and without know dallattaccatura to you dellorecchio allestremit of the tartufo always black, without reliefs of the masseteri and appuntito snout. Of profile the advanced part of the skull and the advanced part of the snout extend in two straight lines and parallels of equal length interrupted from one stop light, but perceivable. The situated point to equal distance from the inner angles of the eyes (corrected position of a stop) constitutes the center of the median lines of the head. Lestremit of the smooth snout, very rounded off, dulled, but never squared. The inferior jaw strongly, clearly defined. The profondit of the skull, measured dallarcata sopraciliare to the region to sottomascellare, not never excessive (vertical measurement). The tartufo always black.

The eyes constitute one characteristic a lot important and give to the dog sweet unespressione. They are of medium largeness, never too much small, posizionati a po oblique. They are to almond and of dark tawny color, but that in the blue merle, where an eye, both or a part of they are often mazzuoli or spotted of blue. Full Lespressione of intelligence and when the careful dog, the alive and lively look.

The orecchie are small, n near, n too much too much far (n too much center them, n too much lateral). In rest they are capacities allindietro, but when the careful dog is capacities in ahead and seed-erected, cio lorecchio erected for the two thirds party and the part they finishes that she naturally constitutes lultimo refolded third party in ahead.

The teeth are of good largeness. The jaws are strong and have the closing to scissor, cio recorded to you advanced must cover the inferiors to tight contact.  

The neck must be muscoloso, powerful, of good length and very inserted.  

. La   oblique and very angled shoulder. The limbs are straight and muscolosi, the elbows do not have to be unglue to you n adherent, moderately developed strong lossatura too much and. The muscles dellavambraccio are of one sure consistency. The metacarpi not weak people appear flexible but.

The lengthened log respect allaltezza to the garrese. The dorsal line straight and laughed them leggermente to level of the kidney. The thorax very cerchiato. The chest come down and enough wide GO BACK TO LIST the shoulders.

The posterior limbs are muscolosi to level of the thigh, inferiorly are very design to you and nervous, the grassella very modeled, the garretti they are dry and powerful.  

Of shape oval, with good bearings; the fingers are arch and sluices. The posterior feet are leggermente arch to you.

The long tail, the vertebre tail catches up at least larticolazione of the garretto. And low capacity when the rilassato dog, but lestremit incurva leggermente. When the dog in action the tail pu to be capacity gladly, but never to of over of the line of the back.

The movement one characteristic of this race. A Collie with a good movement never does not have the elbows revolts towards lesterno, when it walks the front feet are relatively near. It does not have absolutely to intercross, n to roll.   Approvals give GO BACK TO LIST, the posterior limbs dallarticolazione to the garretto to earth must be parallels, but never too much sluices. Posterior powerful and d the a lot   push. Of flank the flessuoso movement. And desirable a reasonably wide step, that light and melted being must also.

The hair favours the contour of the dog. And much dense one, with hair of straight and rough cover to the tact. Sottopelo soft, dense driven in like one the fur, nearly to the point to hide the skin. The collar a lot abundant. The hair must be short and smooth on the snout fine allattaccatura of the orecchie. To the base of the orecchie the long and soft hair. The front limbs are supplies of long frange. The frange of the posterior limbs they are abundant over the garretto, but smooth under. The hair of the tail a lot abundant.

The three recognized colors are: fulvo and white man, tricolour and blue merle. Fulvo: all the tonalit from the gilded one to the mahogany to fulvo carbonate. The color clear straw or cream is undesirable. Tricolour: black the dominant one, with of the focature red alive on the limbs and the head. The shadings rust on the cover hair are undesirable. Blue merle: dominated from a marmorizzato silver-plated blue of black. They are from preferring of the focature many charges, but their absence does not have to be considered a defect. Great black spots, the color slate and the shadings rust of the hair of cover and in under hair are undesirable. Spots white women: all the described colors must less have of the pezzature typical white women of the race, devout or extended.    The white man distributed correctly constituted from a complete or partial collar, the chest strap, limbs, feet and estremit of the tail.

Males: from 56 to 61 cm.  
Females: from 51 to 56 cm.

Males: from 20,5 to 29,5 kg. Females: from 18 to 25 kg.

Every variation to how much said previously to consider penalized defect and sar in reason of its gravit.  


The males must perfectly have two testicoli of normal aspect reductions in the scroto.