ESQUIMESE ( Eskimo dog)

ORIGIN: Canada

E' an originated dog that in Siberia, but that in the 1800's it came introduced in Greenland and Alaska, where has found an ideal atmosphere for its structure and morphology.

Of Great ransom with obvious lupoidi characters.
Its varied weight in function of the difference of ransom between males and females going from the 30 - 60 kg for the males to the 25 - 40 Kg for the females.
The head has a burning expression the snout and to shape of cone with one good jaw and an optimal closing to scissor.
The eyes to oblique and are infossati in order to defend themselves from the snow.
The orecchie small, are erected and rich of hair in order not to favor the heat dispersion.
The enough massive body and with one musculature of legs truly poderosa.
Ia tail comes capacity rolled up on the back.
The long hair until i 15 cm in the densest richest tail of and a fat one sottopelo that not ago to enter umidit consentendogli of living to the open also with temperatures less the 70 Degrees.
The colors are: Whichever admitted color

Been born as dog from towing of the slitte badly adapted to the life in house like dog from company, and pu absolutely not to be used like dog from guard, in how much does not have the instinct of the territory, therefore hardly pu it stretches to scappare.
One dumb of 20 dogs pu to transport a weight of 2 tons also for 40 kilometers without giving signs of yielding and without never to stop itself


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:

Great worker, never tired, faithful, but with obvious lupoide character, in fact also communicating happens through howls anzich to use barks it like the greater part of the dogs. Pu to be mordacious in the comparisons of the strangers.

Resistant dog to the diseases, does not fear the avversit atmospheric.

It goes fed in complete way increasing to a lot the fat people during the winter.
Pu living to the open without some problem.
A carder goes brushed una-due time to the week using in order to eliminate the dead hair