FCI-Standard N° 345  / 09.08.2004 / GB



ORIGIN : England.



UTILIZATION : A good working Terrier with ability to go to ground.  An excellent companion dog.


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CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. :            Group    3         Terriers.
                                              Section 2    Small Terriers.
                                              With working trial.                                
BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY : The Jack Russell Terrier originated in England in the 1800’s due to the efforts of the Reverend John Russell.  He developed a strain of Fox Terriers to suit his needs for a dog to run with his foxhounds and go to ground to bolt the fox and other quarry from their dens.  Two varieties evolved with basically similar Standards except for differences, mainly in height and proportions.  The taller, more squarely built dog is now known as the Parson Russell Terrier and the shorter, slightly longer proportioned dog, is known as the Jack Russell Terrier.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : A strong, active, lithe working Terrier of great character with flexible body of medium length.  His smart movement matches his keen expression.  Tail docking is optional and the coat may be smooth, rough or broken.


  • The overall dog is longer than high. 
  • The depth of the body from the withers to the brisket should equal the length of foreleg from elbows to the ground.
  • The girth GO BACK TO LIST the elbows should be about 40 to 43 cm.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : A lively, alert and active Terrier with a keen, intelligent expression.  Bold and fearless, friendly but quietly confident.


Skull : The skull should be flat and of moderate width gradually decreasing in width to the eyes and tapering to a wide muzzle.
Stop : Well defined but not over pronounced.

Nose : Black.
Muzzle : The length from the stop to the nose should be slightly shorter than from the stop to the occiput.
Lips : Tight-fitting and pigmented black.
Jaws/Teeth : Very strong, deep, wide and powerful. Strong teeth closing to a scissor bite.
Eyes : Small dark and with keen expression.  MUST not be prominent and eyelids should fit closely.  The eyelid rims should be pigmented black.  Almond shape.
Ears : Button or dropped of good texture and great mobility.
Cheeks : The cheek muscles should be well developed.

NECK : Strong and clean allowing head to be carried with poise.

General : Rectangular.
Back : Level. The length from the withers to the root of tail slightly greater than the height from the withers to the ground.
Loin : The loins should be short, strong and deeply muscled.
Chest : Chest deep rather than wide, with good clearance from the ground, enabling the brisket to be located at the height mid-way between the ground and the withers. Ribs should be well sprung from the spine, flattening on the sides so that the girth GO BACK TO LIST the elbows can be spanned by two hands - about 40 cm to 43 cm.
Sternum : Point of sternum clearly in front of the point of shoulder.
TAIL : May droop at rest.  When moving should be erect and if docked the tip should be on the same level as ears.


Shoulders : Well sloped back and not heavily loaded with muscle.
Upper arm : Of sufficient length and angulation to ensure elbows are set under the body.
Forelegs : Straight in bone from the elbows to the toes whether viewed
from the front or the side.


HINDQUARTERS : Strong and muscular, balanced in proportion to the shoulder.
Stifles : Well angulated.
Hock joints : Low set.
Rear pastern(Metatarsus) : Parallel when viewed from GO BACK TO LIST while in free standing position.

FEET : Round, hard, padded, not large, toes moderately arched, turned neither in nor out.

GAIT / MOVEMENT  : True, free and springy.


HAIR : May be smooth, broken or rough.  Must be weatherproof.  Coats should not be altered (stripped out) to appear smooth or broken.

COLOUR : White MUST predominate with black and/or tan markings.  The tan markings can be from the lightest tan to the richest tan (chestnut).

Ideal Height : 25 cm (10 ins) to 30 cm (12 ins).
Weight : Being the equivalent of 1 kg to each 5 cm in height, i.e. a 25 cm high dog should weigh approximately 5 kg and a 30 cm high dog should weigh 6 kg.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree. and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.  However, the following weaknesses should be particularly penalised:

  • Lack of true Terrier characteristics.
  • Lack of balance, i.e. over exaggeration of any points.
  • Sluggish or unsound movement.
  • Faulty mouth.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Automatic translate from

In a generalized manner

Original of the Devon, known all over the world for its strong personalit and the careful simpatia.Vigile and, dared, allegro and estroverso, an untiring hunter. Of solid and sturdyconformation, all.altezza must introduce length of the proporzionata body. General L.impressione of compactness.


The head very balanced and proporzionata to the body. The flat, moderately wide skull between the orecchie; it is shrunk between the eyes with stop defined but not excessive pronounced. The length of the snout from the tartufo to the stop must leggermente be inferior to the length of the all.occipite skull from the stop. The tartufo black, muscolosa the powerful jaw and. The eyes are to almond shape, of dark color and lively and intelligent dall.espressione. The small orecchie and to shape of V. The hair pu to be smooth or rough, or "broken", one combination between the two.

Tail: inserted high, it comes cut one such length to remain in the palm of one hand.

Ransom: from 25,5 to 38 cm.
Colors: mostly white man with defined black or focate spots (not tigrate), limited to the head, the flank or the root of the tail.

To avoid

. . Back too much arch

. . Mancinismo

. . Orecchie to waves


Standard of the Jack Russell Terrier

General aspect
, strongly active, flexible Terrier from job, of great character, with flexible body of medium length.
Its lively movement spouse to the acute expression. The cut of the optional tail and the cape
pu to be: shaved, rough or broken.

Lively, active Terrier and to the erta, with acute and intelligent expression.

Audacious, brave, friendly but moderately trusting.

Head and skull
The flat skull and of moderated width that goes to degrade moderately gradually towards the eyes and towards the snout, wide, with strong jaws. The stop very defined but not too much pronounced. The length from the stop to the nose would have leggermente to be devout short of that from the stop to the occipite ones, with muscles of cheeks very develops to you. The tartufo black.

Small, dark, to shape of almond with acute expression. They do not have to be prominenti and the palpebral rhymes must very adherent and be pigmented of black.

To button or lowered, of good great webbing and mobilit.

Width, wide, with powerful jaws, labbra salde, pigmented, with one perfect closing to scissor.

Strongly and cleaned up that a balanced portamento of the head concurs.

Shoulder very tilted and not weighted down from muscles. Straight front limbs from the shoulder to the tip of the feet are seen of forehead that of side and with sufficient length of the forearm in order to concur with the elbow to be under the body, with the sterno clearly prominente regarding the bachelor.

Deep thorax devout that wide, of good amplitude and with the tip of the chest to met of the height from earth to the garrese.
The body would have marginally proporzionato devout along that high, the length measured from the garrese to the root of the leggermente greater tail of that from the garrese to earth. Horizontal back. The ribs would have initially incurvar in order then to flatten on sides cosicch the circumference GO BACK TO LIST the elbows can be contained between two hands (give approximately 40 cm to 43 cm).
Short, strong kidney and much muscoloso.

And muscoloso, strongly balanced proportionally to the shoulder, limbs post. seen parallels give GO BACK TO LIST in free position. Garretti low, very angled.

Round, hard, compact, not wide, moderately arch fingers. She does not fold to you in outside or in within.

In rest pu to fold itself. In motion it must be erected and, if cut, the tip must be to the same level of the orecchie.

Sailing point and movement
True, free and elastic.

Pu to be shaved, broken or rough. It must be impermeable and preferibilmente unchanged.

The white man must predominate, with black spots, fulve or browns.

Ideal height: from 25 cm to 30 cm.
The weight would have to be equivalent to every 1 kg 5 cm of height (approximately a 5 dog of 25 cm would have to weigh kg and a dog of 30 cm approximately 6 kg).

Every shunting line from the points suesposti would have to be considered defect and its importance, estimated based on the proportion degree.
However the following defects would have particularly to be penalize to you:
1. lack of the true characteristics terrier
2. harmony lack
3. lazy or disarmonico movement
4. defective mouth

The males must have two apparently normal testicoli, completely reductions in the scroto.