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In the photos (from left to right) EIGHT and SONNY of the breeding the Renard Gris


ORIGIN: Germany

We are not in null possession of truly reliable care lorigine of the Wolfspitz.
Between all the Spitz that were raises you exclusively for the hunting, it the solo not to have one detached attitude for this attivit. It in fact not never used for this function, bens only for the guard.
How much follows be written up from Anne Burnett, specialist of the race:

The Wolfspitz, before being included between the breeds Germanic, state to along between those native dellOlanda, where it came called Keeshond and it was considered a emblema national, a lot that the cinofilia of the Low Countries was opposed, but without happening, to the change of nazionalit of this dog.
The name with which (and) it was still indicated in Holland seems the drifts from William Cornelis Van Gijselaaer, called from its follows to us with the diminutivo of Kees , than guid the Dutch rioters against the house dOrange, in the seventeenth century.
It possessed a large Spitz gray that never did not leave it, not even during the battles; cos, in contrast to the Carlino, preferred dog from Guglielmo d orange, spitz of Kees divenne a symbol for the patriots who followed it.
Unfortunately the defeat of the patriots has nuociuto tantissimo to the race: in fact, in order to avoid of being it associates you to the rebellious faction defeat, many owners of wolfspitz made them sopprimere for fear of reprisals.
Fortunately the rural population, some captain of boat and the wandering traders, date the distance from the centers inhabits you of the first and mobilit of the second ones, remained faithful to the race, than a century devout late torn to being popular.
The Wolfspitz was a much diffused between the boen, since, for its large ransom and its rusticit, it could accompany them on the barges in their travels long the Reno, making optimal service of guard. For such employment it came called also DUTCH BARGE DOG, ovverossia dog of the Dutch barges.
Allinizio of the linglese century Digby colonel, hit from the beauty and the vivacit of this dog, port a brace in England, where, for, true breeders and just of the race had late devout beginning only some year, leaving from other exemplary imports some to you from the getlteman Winfild Digby and Alicia Gatacre.
The exemplary been born in England made their debut allesposizione of Birmingham in the 1923e in 1926 came founded the club.
From then had a constant improvement of the race. Laffascinante personalit of these dogs has made s that they were diffused all over the world like animals from company, competition and, above all from utilit.

In the photo "Shay" to 6 months of Riccardo Montefusco

Of medium ransom with peasant, muscoloso and dry aspect an impetuous and fast dog, with obvious lupoidi characters has an expression much careful one that remembers that one of the Samoiedo.
The height of the males comprised between 44 and i 48 cm to the garrese for a weight comprised between the 25 and 30 kilograms, the females have measures of a 10% in less.
The head conical and similar to that one of a vixen with a bond stop that straight nasal cane goes through one long and until the tartufo black. it has lively a active expression and.
The sturdy set of teeth and with closing to scissor.
The eyes browns you mail oblique.
The orecchie are erected, many furnitures, and rich of hair.
Ia tail comes capacity rolled up on the back.
The long hair and with a foltissimo sottopelo, always seems as soon as washed.
The colors are: a compound of black gray and.

An other photo of "Shay" to 6 months of Riccardo Montefusco

It was used like dog of the fishermen, today a lot appreciated like dog from company that it knows to become, thanks to its always active senses an optimal dog from guard thanks to its dowries of announcer


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:

Stubborn, brave, faithful, obedient and loving of the house

Lively dog, allegro, always attacked to its landladies and always on who go l.

It goes fed in complete way increasing to a lot the fat people during the winter, if held to the open.
Pu living to the open without problems.
A carder goes brushed two time to the week using in order to eliminate the dead hair


STANDARD THE ICF N.97/05.03.1998

ORIGIN: Germany

I USE: dog from guard and company.

Group 5: Spitz and dogs of primitivo type
Section 4: Spitz European
Without job test

HISTORICAL SIGNALS: the Spitz is the ancient race devout of Europe centers them, poich they come down from the dogs of torbiere of ET of the stone "Canis familiaris palustris Rthimeyer" and from the "dogs of the citt lacustrine" of posterior age. From they estrememente similar others have come down breeds between which, in Holland the "Keeshond".

General aspect: the Spitz seducono for the beauty of their mantle reinforced from an abundant sottopelo. The endowed neck of an opulent collar to criniera shape and the tail folta capacity decidedly on the back are particularly attractive. The endowed head of alive eyes that remember those of the vixen and the small appuntite orecchie confers to the Spitz the characteristic impertinente aspect.

IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS: relationship between Height and length of the equal body to 1 to 1.

. COMPORTAMENTO/CARATTERE: the always careful, alive German Spitz and extraordinarily attacked the master. much receptive and easy one to educate. Its diffidenza towards disowned and the total lack of instinct for the hunting of it make an ideal guardiano for the houses are in citt that in campaign. Not n frightening n aggressive. Resistant to the inclemencies, sturdy and long-lived.


of medium largeness, it is lost weight progressively from the posterior part towards the tartufo.
moderately very marked, never unexpected.

Region makes them
round small and, of black color, unless in the Spitz to mantle brown where of dark tawny color.
. Musello:
harmonically proporzionato regarding the skull; in the Spitz lupo, in the Great Spitz, the medium Spitz the relationship length of the musello/lunghezza of the skull of approximately 2/3, in the Spitz small and spitz the dwarf approximately 2/4.
the labbra they are not covered. Very stiff and lacking in pliche to the commessura. Entire black in all variet of Spitz of all the variet of colors, unless in the subjects brown in which they are of dark tawny color.
delicately rounded off without being prominenti.
. Mascelle/denti:
normal development, scissor articulation. Complete dental formula. In the Spitz of small ransom and dwaries the absence of a small premolar number tolerated. Tolerated also the articulation to tenaglia in all the variet.
of medium largeness, of shape leggermente lengthened and in position a little oblique one. Dark color. Always black and pigmented eyelids, unless in the subjects to mantle brown where they are of dark tawny color.
the small orecchie of the Spitz are attacked high, relatively near one triangular and appuntite the other,; always straight capacities, with tip much rigid one.

NECK: of medium length, wide junction between the shoulders, with leggermente prominente nape. Fanoni absent, presence of a hair collar that forms one criniera.

. Linea del dorso:
it begins from the tip of the orecchie and light incurvatura in the short and horizontal back prolongeds after one. The tail folta refolded on the complete back the silhouette.
very obvious, it is melted progressively in the back.
wide, short and not lowered.
devout possible, and short straight solid one.
. Regione lombare:
short and powerful.
very come down and bombato; sternale region very developed.
Inferior line:
thoracic cage develops devout the possible one to you to GO BACK TO LIST; moderately retratto abdomen.

TAIL: junction high and medium length. Tail a lot folta, straight end from the root, rigirata in ahead and rolled up on the back, on which supported. Accepted a double quantity ricciolo to the estremit.

Front limbs
Straight, in front of rather wide.
long bachelor and oblique GO BACK TO LIST. Arm of the same length of the bachelor, with which shape an angle of 90. Shoulder much muscolosa and firmly attacked to the thoracic cage.
Elbow: solid, adherent articulation to the thorax and not turn n the inside n to the outside.
medium length, rigorous regarding log; perfectly straight, with posterior face much rich one of frange.
solid and of medium length, form with the forearm an angle of approximately 20 with the vertical one.
Front feet:
devout possible the small, round, with locked fingers (foot of cat) and very arch. Nails the black plantari bearings in all variet of color unless the Spitz to mantle the brown, in which they are of tawny color.

Posterior limbs
Many powerful muscolosi and until the garretto. Straight and parallels.
Thigh and Leg:
of the same length.
. Grassella:
modest angles; solid, in motion it is not moved n to the inside n to the outside.
mediumlength, much sturdy, perpendicular one to the ground.
Posterior feet:
like the front ones. The color of nails and the bearings must be devout dark the possible one.

. ANDATURE: melted and elastic march, thanks to the good push. The limbs must second be moved a flat parallel to the longitudinal axis of the body.

SKIN: much supporter, does not have to form pliche.

the double hair. Hair of cover, along, straight and opened and under short hair, often and stuffed with wadding. The head, the orecchie, the front faces of the front and posterior limbs are covered from vellutato a short and dense hair (); on the rest of the body the long hair and abundant. Not undulated, n goffered n irsuto. Neck and shoulders covered from criniera abundant. Posterior face of the front limbs frangiata. The posterior limbs introduce from the rump to garretto one coulotte opulent and the endowed ribbon tail.
agento tending to the slate. Dark Musello and orecchie. Around the eyes you a design to "stanghetta of glances at them" clearly marked cio a black line that goes from the margin of the eye to the junction of the ear, associated to sopracciglia short and expressive. Criniera and region of the clear devout shoulders. Front and posterior limbs gray silver without spots under the elbows of the ginocchia, eccettuate small blots some lengthened on the fingers. Tip of the black tail. Inferior face of the tail and hair on posterior thighs gray silver.

49 cm +/- 6 cm

. Ogni scarto da quanto sopra deve essere considerato un difetto da penalizzare in funzione della sua gravit

Serious defects
Defects of construction
Flat head, to apple shape too much emphasized
Tartufo, eyelids and labbra of clear color
Absence teeth
Large, clear, too much too much prominenti eyes
Defective sailing points
Absence of the characteristic design of the face

Persistence of the fontanelles
Advanced or inferior Prognatismo
Entropion or ectropion
Broken ear
Small spots white women very defined

N.B. . I maschi devono avere i testicoli di aspetto normale completamente discesi nello scroto.


we thank for the collaboration in the realization of this card the breeding the Renard Gris