The history
Prototype of the race pu to be considered cucciolo a male (Zorro) NATO in the 1966 from the crossing of shepherdesses German with one of last lupe wild the coming from ones from the Appennino of the Lazio high. To leave from the fortunate crossing the intermediate characteristics cosicch today in the race were fixed coexist harmonically the qualit domestic of the dog beside the advanced physical and behavioural characteristics of the lupo.

  Raised nonprofit from the ETLI (Agency for the Protection of the Italian Lupo), to leave from 1988 the race, on presidential decree, protect from one normative of State that, for reasons of genetic conservation, of it prohibits the commercialization and the reproduction to outside of the same Agency.

Used in number consisting for aid tasks from the Cinofilo Group of the State Forestry Corps, guard of the body of the famous official of the "witness of leather" Last , engaged with happening in the drug search and I exploded to you, the lupo Italian risks the extinction for the absolute lack to deep. In fact to the decree presidential that of it it has prohibited the sale is not follows concrete economic provisions and the survival of the race, than today it counts approximately 650 exemplary, entrusted nearly exclusively to private financings.

From some years this difficolt to support the breeding of the lupo Italian has lead the ETLI to second yield always devout often exemplary in free confidence (an official protocol) near agencies, associations or persons who engage themselves to use them for scopes of public interest (like in tasks of aid under avalanches or ruins, search of dispersed persons, antibracconaggio, pet therapy, sport, etc).

FROM MY EXPERIENCE. - The Sig.ra Maura Bocci (PG))
Draft of a dog intelligent, prudent and balanced, given over unconditioned the landladies-capobranco, beside which one moves like a shadow. Lively and docile, in affectionate and expert hands from he turns out to you exceptional in whichever shape of training. Instead, if neglected and left to if same (if above all private of affective ties) pu happening that the wild side of the hybrid-lupo has in he the windward. It is said of he that "it obeys for conviction, not for servilismo". I share this affirmation.

Agile, powerful, fast and untiring, a dog that needs much movement. The innata elegance of its race and its acrobatics to render one walk in libert a true show of the nature. From adult it even maintains an elevated attitude to the game, important requirement in subjects assigns you to the training.

Although its requirements of motion, know to adapt themselves well also to the life in apartment, the children and the other animals.


No breeding to signal
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The lupo Italian it is referred genetically to the lupo selvaticoe, devout properly to varying today the passing dallalto Lazio, which differed considerably from other tipologie.

General aspect:

In its aspect, in its movements, in the way in which it observes and it lend attention the Italian Lupo must show in its lines and its attitudes uninconfondibile noble and wild elegance.

Psychical characteristics:

Extremely lively animal, equipped of an independent and fierce character, with remarkable propensione the allapprendimento, most affectionate with luomo to which it is attacked in exclusive way, with a detached sense of the propriet and of the defense of the persons that they are entrusted to it, unsurpassable nellavvistamento.


Particularly adapted to the aid in mountain, allude and anticatastrophe, with great resistance to the atmospheric agents, the hunger and silks.
Not subject to the congiuntiviti ones from I reverberate on the snow.

Large fiuto, suitable to the search it is of persons, it is of hurt animals, large utilit therefore for the forest guards, the guardaparco and the guardiacaccia.

Trainable to all the tasks of dog from police.

Profit in agriculture and pastorizia for the defense of the flock and the herd from the thefts and the animals predators, taking advantage of its innato sense of the territory.


Males from 60 to 70 cm
Females from 58 to 65 cm


Dry and very modeled, devout important in the male; typical snout of the lupo, affinato moderately towards the tip; length of the nasal cane (from the stop to the tip of tartufo) the leggermente inferior allla length of the skull; strong jaw and jaws; set of teeth to the scissor, whitest and powerful; tartufo, labra, black palpebral rhymes; medium orecchie, capacities prettissime and perfectly parallels when lattenzione arouses, mobile second humors and the movements dellanimale; oblique, not sporgenti eyes of medium largeness, rather, never too much dark, preferibilmente to bottom golden; loyal intense expression and; unmistakable the typical head.


Sturdy, not too much along,   thorax very come down, very constructed, forming a sinuoso and particularly harmonious profile between the lines of the throat, the chest, the sterno and the ventre; straight back-lumbar line; rump not too much low.


Perfectly appiombati, sturdiest but dry, do not have to give for null limpressione of excessive gravity; not too much angled the posterior ones; melted and light landatura; lanimale also of the maximum ransom and weight, must give is in the step that in the trot and the gallop, than locked and fast, unimpressione of elegant force, recalling landatura of the lupo wild; characteristic the aligned position of the tracks when the fast trot; foot oval.

Linsieme of the log and the limbs puts in evidence the scioltezza and the power of the articulations and the insertions with turns out to you of large funzionalit to level of the movements of the shoulder and dellanca, the exceptional force durto.


Gray, varying marked, devout or less dark with bottom to various shadings from subject to subject until to the fulvo or beige; also with dark saddleback; gorgiera very delineated; ventre, limbs, species in the inferior, inner and posterior part of clear devout thighs: gray or gray rust, fulvo clearly or beige; you attend the tip of the snout and devout black tail or dark gray and in the subjects grays dark sottolineature of the limbs; admitted also the uniform black cape; in every type of admitted mantle one small spot white woman to the chest; the not definitive cape until that the development of the subject not completed; moreover, the variations age them are currents.


of medium length and hardness, smooth or somewhat moved limitedly to the log and thighs, devout short aim and on head and limbs, with folto sottopelo in the subjects that live allaperto.


Rather long and very supplied, but without esagerazioni; held it bases and hanging in rest   and allerta, it is risen with lanimale harmonious and not excessive curve when in agitation, without that its main axis never catches up the vertical one; it must be capacity in aggraziato and melted way.


The lack of 2 premolars; a modest one uncino allestremit of the tail.