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FCI-Standard N° 73 /   02.02.1998   / GB


ORIGIN : Great Britain.



CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. : Group 3         Terriers.
                                             Section 2        Small-sized Terriers.
                                             Without working trial.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Thick-set, of suitable size to go to ground, short-legged, alert in carriage and suggestive of great power and activity in small compass.  Head gives impresssion of being long for size of dog.  Very agile and active in spite of short legs.

BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT : Loyal and faithful.  Dignified, indépendent and reserved, but courageous and highly intelligent.  Bold, but never aggressive.


No breeding to signal
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HEAD : Long without being out of proportion to size of dog.

Skull : Length of skull enabling it to be fairly wide and yet retain narrow appearance, nearly flat.
Stop : Slight but distinct between skull and foreface just in front of eye.

Nose : Large and, in profile, line from nose towards chin appears to slope backwards.
Muzzle : Foreface strongly constructed and deep throughout.  Skull and foreface of equal length.
Jaws/Teeth : Teeth large with perfect and regular scissor bite, i. e. upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws.
Cheeks : Cheek bones not protruding.
Eyes : Almond-shaped, dark brown, fairly wide apart, set deeply under eyebrows with keen, intelligent expression.
Ears : Neat, fine texture, pointed, erect and set on top of skull but not too close together.  Large, wide-based ears highly undesirable.

NECK : Muscular and of moderate length.

BODY : Topline of body straight and level.
Back : Proportionately short and very muscular.
Loin : Muscular and deep.
Chest : Well rounded ribs flattening to deep chest and carried well back.  Powerful coupling ribs to hindquarters.

TAIL : Moderate length giving general balance to dog, thick at root and tapering towards tip.  Set on with upright carriage or slight bend.


FOREQUARTERS : Head carried on muscular neck of moderate length showing quality, set into sloping shoulders.  Chest fairly broad and hung between forelegs.  Brisket well in front of straight, well boned forelegs.
Elbows : Must not be out nor placed under body.
Pastern : Straight.

HINDQUARTERS : Remarkably powerful for size of dog.  Big, wide buttocks.
Thigh : Deep.
Stifle : Well bent.
Hocks : Short, strong, turning neither in nor out.

FEET : Good size, well padded, toes well arched and close-knit, forefeet slightly larger than hindfeet.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : Smooth and free, straight both back and front with drive from GO BACK TO LIST and level gait throughout.



HAIR : Close-lying, double coat ; undercoat short, dense and soft ; outer coat harsh, dense and wiry, together making a weather-resisting covering.

COLOUR : Black, wheaten or brindle of any shade.

Height at withers 25,4-28 cm ( 10-11 ins) ; weight  8,6-10,4 kg ( 19-23 lbs).

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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ORIGIN North of the Scozia


Employee in origin like dog from lair today mostly an optimal dog from company that to the occurrence pu to turn out an optimal dog from always alert and careful guard to whom he happens to it round.

Height and weight

L.altezza comprised between the 25 and 28cm, the weight goes from 8,5 to 10,5 kg

General aspect

Massive and from the corporatura adapted to the job for which it had been created and it is worth to say the hunting of the nocivi(tassi, you make some, rapes etc) in tana.La head turns out large regarding the ransom of the dog, giving cos power to the bite.


Become attached and faithful to the master, independent and not expansive, but intelligent and much brave one. Daring without to become never aggressive .


Double: hair of driven in and adherent cover to the body; sottopelo, dense and morbido.IL first rough, folto and short hard (fil of ferro.).L.insieme d.intemperie protection to test constitutes one.

The color pu to be: black or pepper and knows them in every its shading.


Standard of the Scottish Terrier

Country of belongings : England
Other names of the past : Die-Hard Terrier - Aberdeen Terrier - Scotch Terrier
- Broken Haired Terrier
Meaningful dates : 1882 Foundation of the Scottish Terrier Club of England

General aspect : massive, of adequate ransom in order to penetrate in lair, with short limbs, and lively portamento, d the impression of high power and attivit in a small volume. The head d the impression to be long in relation to the ransom of the dog. Much agile and active one in spite of the short limbs.

Characteristics : loyal and faithful. Dignitoso, independent and classified, but brave and much intelligent one.

Temperament : audacious without never aggressive being.

Head and skull : long head without being sproporzionata to the ransom of the dog. The length of the skull of it renders possible one good width also conserving the tightened aspect, nearly flat with the zigomi not prominenti. Strong and deep snout in together. Skull and snout of equal length. Light, but very defined stop between skull and snout to the height of the eyes. Large Tartufo. If profile sight, the line between tartufo and the mento appears escaping.

Eyes : to almond, tawny dark, placed enough distant and inserted deeply under the sopraccigliare arc with an acute and intelligent expression.

Orecchie : very delineated, of thin thickness, to tip, erected and inserted on the sommit of the skull, but not too much drawn near. Orecchie large or wide to the junction is much undesirable.

Mouth : large teeth with perfect, regular closing to scissor, is worth to say with recorded to you very advanced supports you to those inferiors and perpendicular to the jaws.

Neck : muscoloso and of moderated length.

Front : the head placed on a muscoloso of moderated length that demonstrates qualit and inserted neck between the long and oblique shoulders. The sterno very projected in ahead regarding the front limbs that must be straight, with good skeleton until metacarpi to perfectly straight they the time. Enough wide and come down thorax between the front limbs without sporgenti elbows or places to you under the body.

Log : ribs very you try, that they delimit a come down and very pronounced thorax. Proportionally short back and much muscoloso. Straight and uniform advanced line. The muscolosi and deep kidneys connect with high power the ribs to the posterior one.

Posterior : remarkablly powerful for the ransom of the dog. Long Glutei large and wide, thighs and ginocchia very flesse. Short, sturdy Garretto not turned in within n in outside.

Feet : enough large, with plantari bearings very it develops to you, fingers very arch and re-united. Hardly large devout the front feet of the posterior ones.

Tail : of medium length for giving to the dog a balanced aspect. Thick to the root it is lost weight towards the estremit. E' erected capacity or leggermente curve.

Sailing point and movement : unconstrained movement and flowing. The limbs are front that posterior they are straight and they receive the push from the posterior one. In with the melted sailing point.

Cape : driven in, smooth hair to two layers; sottopelo, dense and short soft; cape of the dense and rough hard cover, both render the resistant hair to the inclemencies.

Color : black, grain, brizzolato in all the shadings.

Ransom : height to garrese 25,4 cm. (10-11 ins.). Weight from 8,6 to 10,4 Kg. (19-23 lbs.).

Defects : all us that discosta from the sopraelencati points it is gone considered a defect whose directly proporzionata importance to its gravit.

Notes : the males must have two testicoli, apparently normal, completely reductions in the scroto.