Trigg Hound


Origins of the race:
The nation from which drift the Trigg Hound is it You are United.
The race was selected in the Kentuchy from colonel Hayden Trigg (from which it takes the name).
This colonel crossings Irish dogs with blood of Walker Hound and dogs from hunting, giving cos place to this race.

Currently he comes used like dog from hunting, what for which be created in origin, also perch equipped of great olfatto resistance and an optimal one.

As far as the height in the males, between 58 and i 65 cm, that kilograms weigh 20-25 medium, while for the females 50-55 cm is gone around around to i, weighing approximately 15-20 kilograms.
The lengthened snout and introduces lengthened orecchie and hanging.
The limbs are straight and long.
The hair, that it turns out to the soft tact, fine and dense.
All the variet of color are admitted.
The aspect of this dog thin and noble line, but sturdy and at the same time fast.



No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:

E' a dog that lend much attention to the commandos of the master.
Endowed E' also of great tenacity.
Thanks to its constitution, in degree also of being able to sleep and living to the open, without necessarily to be taken in house.

This card be sended to us from Alfeo R.