CENTRAL ASIA SHEPHERD DOG (Sredneasiatskaļa Ovtcharka)

photo of the great champion Adzar di Tamerlano classified 3 in the class champions to world-wide the 2006 kept in Polonia (breeding Of Titaniums of tamerlano)


FCI-Standard N° 335  / 17. 05. 1993 / GB


TRANSLATION : Mrs Peggy Davis.

ORIGIN : Russia.


CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. : Group 2 Pinscher and Schauzer type-
                                                           Molossian type and Swiss
                                          Section 2.2 Molossian type / Mountain


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The shepherd dogs from central Asia are dogs of above average and great size, of a coarse constitution, strong, bold, wary of strangers, not very demanding, who adapt easily to different climatic conditions. All that allows the shepherd dog of Central Asia to be used widely in the different regions of the country. The principal regions of penetration of the Central Asia shepherd dogs are the republics of Central Asia and the regions surrounding them.

TYPE OF CONSTITUTION :  Coarse, with a massive bone structure and a powerful musculature. One often comes across dogs of this breed  who have a tendency to being soft, lacking in energy. The thick skin with a well developed and sufficiently elastic sub-cutaneous tissue, often forms folds in the region of the neck.

Faults : Obesity.
Severe faults: Weak constitution, rickety, muscular weakness.

FORMAT INDEX : Males :      100-105

                                         Females :  102-108


Faults : Slight deviation from the indicated format index.

Severe faults : Important deviations in relation to the format index.


HEIGHT AT THE WITHERS : Males    not less than 65 cm.
                                               Females not less than 60 cm.


Faults : Height at the withes between 64 and 60 cm for the males; between 60 and 58 cm for the females.

Important faults : Height at the withers below 60 cm for the males, below 58 cm for the females.

CHARACTERISTICS OF BEHAVIOUR : Type of great nervous activity; balanced, calm. The predominant reaction is of defence in an active way.


Faults : Lack of excessive energy, timid character.

Important faults : Great excitability, cowardice.

SEX TYPE : Well accentuated. The males are more viril, stronger and more massive than the females. The sexual dimorphism is clearly obvious.

Important faults : Males of feminine type. Unilateral and bilateral cryptorchids.

COAT : Coarse hair, straight with a well developed undercoat. On the head and on the foreface of the legs, the hair is short, flat against the skin. The dogs are distinguished according to the length of their coat : a) long-haired (7 - 8 cm) on the back and the surface of the body, especially on the ears, the neck, the back of the fore and hindquarters and on the tail.
b) short-haired (3 – 5 cm) and smooth.

Important faults : Very short coat without undercoat, hair soft, wavy or curly.

COLOUR : White, black, grey, straw, ginger (rusty), grey-brown, brindled, piebold and speckled.



HEAD : Massive, wide in the skull region with strongly developed zygomatics. Forehead flat, stop hardly visible. The muzzle is a little shorter than the length of the skull, wide between the eyes, hardly narrowing towards the nose. Seen from the front and from above, the muzzle appears rectangular, whereas in profile it has a truncated shape with an heavy upper lip which hangs at the corners of the mouth. The nose is strong and black. In the light coloured dogs, a brown nose is allowed.


Faults : Light head, zygomatic arches very prominent, bulging forehead, very pronounced stop, superciliary arches prominent, short or long muzzle. Wrinkled skin on head.

Important faults : Narrow head, light, pointed and upturned muzzle.

EARS : Small, hanging, low set, of triangular shape (cropped short on puppies).

Faults : High set ears, not cropped.

EYES : Dark, wide apart, rounded, set straight.

Faults : Light eyes or set on the slant, drooping lids. White speek on the eye.

TEETH : White, strong, fitting tightly. The incisors are set a the base in on line.  Scissor bite.


Faults : Worn teeth in such way disproportionate to the age. Presence of broken teeth without deformity of the bite. Absence of more than two first premolars or absence of a first and a second premolar.

Slight yellowing of the teeth.

Important faults : Teeth small, sparse. Incisors irregularly placed. All deviation in relation to the normal scissor bite. Absence of one incisor or one canine. Absence of a third or a fourth premolar or of one molar. Teeth with badly damaged enamel.


NECK : Short, muscular, carried low, forming an angle of about 30° to 40° with the line of the back.

Faults : Long neck with insufficient muscle. Dewlap very obvious.

CHEST : Wide, deep, with rounded ribs. The lower line of the chest is either at elbow level or lower.


Faults : Flat chest, rather small. Skin definitely hanging below the chest.

Important faults : Very flat chest, narrow, small, insufficiently developed.

ABDOMEN (belly) : Moderately tucked up.

Faults : Abdomen (belly) too tucked up (as in a greyhound) or drooping (voluminous).

WITHERS : High, well defined, especially in the males. The height at the withers is of 1 or 2 cm superior to the height at the rump.

Faults : Withers low, insufficiently marked above the line of the back.

BACK : Strong, straight, wide.

Faults : Soft back or arched.
Important faults : Hollow or humped back.

LOIN : Short, wide, slightly rounded.


Faults : Long loin, straight or too rounded.

Important faults : Long loin, narrow or hollow.

RUMP : Wide, muscular, almost horizontal.

Faults : Rump a little on the slant.
Important faults : Narrow, short, very oblique. Rump very high.

TAIL : High set, in shape of sickle, hanging; reaches the hock. Docked short.

Faults : Not shortened.

FOREQUARTERS : Seen from the front : straight and parallel. The length of the legs to the elbows (from the ground to elbow) is slightly superior to half of the height of the dog at the withers.  Angle of scapular-humeral articulation is about 100°. Forearm straight, massive, long; pasterns short, wide, strong, straight.


Faults : Slight deviation of the angle of the shoulder articulation. Feet slightly toeing in or out, pasterns a little soft.
Important faults :  Straight shoulder or too closed, deformation of leg bones. Weak pasterns. Feet badly toeing in or out.

HINDQUARTERS : Set parallel, slightly open at level of stifle and hock joint. Legs short. Metatarsales thick, straight set.

Faults : Slight deviation in relation to parallelism of hindquarters. Hocks a little close. Hind angulation a little straight.
Important faults : Definite deviation in relation to parallelism of the legs. Bowed legs. Hind angulation excessively straight.

FEET : (Front and hind) : strong, oval, compact.


Faults : Splayed feet, long, flat.

Important faults : Badly splayed feet, very flat.

MOVEMENT/GAIT : The heavy shortened trot and gallop are the most characteristic gaits of this breed of dogs. At the trot the legs must move in a straight line, with a certain coming together to the forelegs towards a median line.


Faults : Slight deviation in relation to normal gaits.

Important faults : Restricted movements, hobbled.


ELIMINATING FAULTS : All deviations in relation to the correct scissor bite. Absence of one incisor or one canine, a third premolar or a fourth premolar or of one molar.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.


N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Automatic translate from


It narrates the legend that a Allah day incontro' the centroasiatico dog and said to it: "You will be the friend of the man until the end of your days in the joy and the pain, and will have to guard its house and the animals". And also now in the Turkmenistan to the birth of the puppys the shepherds try that one with the spot on the forehead and say: "E' sent from Allah".
The history of the shepherdesses of Asia centers them much ancient, going back one, probably, to the IV sec. a.C.
In ancient citta' of Altin - Depe (fine III the century a.C.) they have been recovered sculptures in terracotta of dogs with amputated orecchie and tail, also on some silver goblets of that age found in the north of the Afghanistan are brought back figures of such dogs.
The credited version devout on its origin that the centroasiatico comes down from the mythical one molosso of Tibet, father of all the molossoidi but as they say in Turkmenistan: "verita' on the origin of the centroasiatico alone Allah knows it".
Sure that the shepherdesses alabai have maintained until today its originates them characteristic being one of the little breeds not still manipulated from the man for closely connected human scopes to its original function.
The sconfinate steppes of Asia Center them, in a territory that today comprises geographically the states of the Kazakistan, the Uzbekistan, the Turkmenistan, the Kirgizistan until the sour reliefs of the Pamir, to the borders with the Afghanistan and China is the territories of origin of the mittelasiatico.
The Turkmeno standard describes to the shepherdesses centroasiatico or shepherdesses mittelasiatico as a race with the head massiccia and large but at the same time with the soft lines of the skull, orecchie amputated, round eye, teeth large and strong with closing to scissor or tenaglia.
The wide and deep thorax, the back massiccia and the limbs parallels must give the impression of a strong and sure animal of s.
The medium stature of i males 70-75 cm and that one of the females 65-70.
The attacked tail high, amputata.Il character of the shepherdesses of Asia centers them calm and balanced. E' much mistrustful one with the strangers above all in absence of the master. The most affectionate E' with this last one and the members of the familiar nucleus.
The great equilibrium of this dog allows to take it to the just decisions in all the situations.
Also to the leash its calm behavior, chip ax of good degree the encounter or the vicinity with other dogs towards which not never aggressive, however if provoked, able of fulminee and particularly violent reactions. The physical characteristics and of equilibrium of the centroasiatico allow to use it for the various devout scopes.
In 1990 in the Turkmenistan this race be declared: "National Patrimony".
In the origin places these dogs have two functions: shepherds and caretakers are of the flock that of the assets of their masters. Particularly developed the function of defender in a world where the lupo, the bear and, not last, the leopardo they are still today lethal predators, for this to the puppys come from birth amputated the orecchie and the tail to little days directly from the shepherdesses with the knife on one stone, while the mother after the participation, leccando the hurt small, firm the blood.
The school of the combat begins very soon. The puppys playing always try to bite the front leg of the adversary and thus they are prepared for the future to fight with the lupi.
In order to maintain in shape their dogs the Turkmeni shepherds organize combats that in those still wild places they represent of the true and own tests for the selection of the riproduttori.
E' superfluous to emphasize that in order to face lupi and bears it is necessary great courage, dogs weak people for structure and character will not be able to never fight with the lupi. The shepherdesses centroasiatico diffused on a territory much wide one for which given to find of the structural differences. Cos the Turkmeni dogs are devout light of its siblings of mountains of the Kirgizistan. In order to walk on the sand it must be devout light. On mountains of the Paradise, native land of those nomadic people who the Soviet ones never did not succeed to dominate, the lupi is devout large and, therefore, also the dogs are devout large of their siblings of deserto.Il centroasiatico long-lived a large dog of rusticit and devout regarding many other molossoidi.
Perhaps for its great equilibrium that the door to accept, in presence of the master, also devout strangers sure indicated for all those who do not wish an always aggressive dog in the comparisons of persons and/or animals. Used for centuries for hard tasks, in often proibitive climatic conditions the Shepherdesses of Asia Center have developed them a resistance and a force that little find you avail again in the canine world becoming for those populations: "the race of the true knights of the East".





Group Dog : Swiss dogs of type molossoidi Pinscher and Schnauzer/and bovari dogs.
Section: Molossoidi - type dog from Mountain.

TYPE OF CONSTITUTION : powerful, with skeleton massiccia and one developed musculature a lot. The thick skin with woven a subcutaneous a lot developed and sufficiently elastic sovente shape of the pliche in the region of the neck.
(N.B. sovente subjects with tendency to one sure are met flaccidita').
DEFECTS : Obesita'.
SERIOUS DEFECTS : Light constitution, rickets, flaccidita' muscular.

INDEX OF THE FORMAT : males 100 - 105; females 102 - 108
DEFECTS : Light shunting line regarding the standard SERIOUS DEFECTS: strong shunting lines regarding the standard.

Height : males not less than 65 cm. ; females not less than 60.
DEFECTS : Height comprised between 64 and i 60 cm. for the males; between 60 and i 58 cm. for the females.
SERIOUS DEFECTS : Inferior height to i 60 cm. for males and i 58 cm. for the females.

CHARACTER : characterized from one elevated reattivita'; balanced and calm. Predominant reaction the defense under active shape.
DEFECTS : lack of vivacita'; frightening character.
SERIOUS DEFECTS : eccitabilita' excessive; codardia.

SEXUAL CHARACTERIZATION : Much marked one. The males are devout powerful devout strong and devout massive of the females. The clearly marked sexual dimorfismo.
DEFECTS : insufficient sexual dimorfismo.
SERIOUS DEFECTS : Femmineo male; unilateral or bilateral cripdorchidismo.

HAIR : Often, straight, with a sottopelo devout developed. On the head and the front face of the limbs short and very adherent hair to the skin.
Two tipologie are second distinguished the length of the hair: subjects to long hair (7/8 cm.); subjects to short hair (3/7 cm).
COLOR : white man, black, gray, straw, red, gray-tawny, tigrato, pezzato, bicolored.
SERIOUS DEFECTS : hair much short and absence of sottopelo, undulated or curly hair motivatings force.

HEAD : Massiccia; wide skull with zigomi strongly develops to you. Flat forehead, stop hardly marked. The snout a po' devout short of the length of the skull, wide between the eyes, is shrunk hardly in direction of the tartufo. Approval of forehead and from the high the snout appears rectangular, its profile often cuts with the labbro advanced that it hangs leggermente to the commessure. The tartufo black. In the dogs from the color clearly admitted tartufo a brown.
DEFECTS : Light head, zigomi too much obvious, bombata forehead, stop too much marked, arched sopracciliari too much obvious, snout excessive short or lengthened, pliche of cute on the head.
SERIOUS DEFECTS : tightened, light head, appuntito or rincagnato snout.

ORECCHIE : Small, hanging, attacked low and of triangular shape. Stumped.
DEFECTS : Orecchie attacked high; not cut.

EYES : Dark; Very open, round, decided horizontally.
DEFECTS : Oblique clear and arranged eyes, eyelids too much opened.

TEETH : White men, forts and align to you. I recorded are disposed on one straight line. Closing to scissor.
DEFECTS : Teeth sproporzionatamente consume to you regarding the eta', presence of teeth routes; absence of devout of 2 premolars; absence of a first one and of according to premolar; light giallognola ink of the teeth.
SERIOUS DEFECTS : small teeth, radii, I recorded to you decided irregularly; all the shunting lines that compromise the closing to scissor; _ absence of a canine or of a incisor or of a third or a fourth premolar or of a molar; teeth strongly damage to you.

NECK : Short; muscolato, carrying low with angle-shot regarding the line of the back of 30/40%.
DEFECTS : Neck lengthened with insufficient musculature; giogaia too much developed.

THORAX : Wide, deep, leggermente rounded off. The inferior line of the thorax is found low to the level of the devout elbows or.
DEFECTS : Flattened thorax or little developed.
SERIOUS DEFECTS : Flat thorax, tightened; insufficiently developed.

VENTRE : moderately retratto.
DEFECTS : Levrettato or rilassato Ventre.
GARRESE : very marked high and above all in the male. The height of the advanced garrese of 1 or 2 cm. regarding the height of the rump.
DEFECTS : low garrese, place under the dorsal line.
BACK : strongly; and straight wide.
DEFECTS : back motivatings force or tightened.
SERIOUS DEFECTS : insellato or cifotico back.

LOMBI : courts, wide, leggermente round off to you.
DEFECTS : lengthened kidney; straight or too much rounded off.
SERIOUS DEFECTS : long kidney; tightened or infossato.
RUMP : Wide, muscolosa, nearly horizontal.
DEFECTS : Rump a po' scoscesa.
SERIOUS DEFECTS : Tightened, short, strongly oblique or too much high rump.

TAIL : attacked high, to shape of scythe, long to the garretti, stumped.

FRONT LIMBS : Approvals of forehead are straight and parallels. the measured length of the front ones to the elbows leggermente advanced to the meta' of the Height. The bachelor-humeral articulation of approximately 100.
The forearms are straight, much massive and long; the metacarpi short strong, straight and wide.
DEFECTS : Small variations of the angle of articulation of the shoulder. Cagnolismo or vaccinismo; metacarpo oblique.
SERIOUS DEFECTS : Straight or too much angled shoulder; defects of skeleton of the limbs; metacarpi weak people; feet strongly in within or in outside.

POSTERIOR LIMBS : decided parallel; little opened to the level of the articulation of the grasella or the garretto.
Short leg. Metacarpi strong and wide in perpendicularly.
DEFECTS : small variations from parallelism of the posterior one; light approach of the garretti; posterior angle-shot a po' straight.
SERIOUS DEFECTS : Obvious variations regarding parallelism of the limbs; limbs arch to you; angles-shot of posterior the esageratamente straight ones.

FEET : strong; compact ovals and.
DEFECTS : open feet; it lengthen or plates to you.
SERIOUS DEFECTS : feet strongly opened or many plates.

SAILING POINT : The trot heavy and shortened and the gallop are characteristic the devout sailing points of this race.
To the trot the limbs move following one straight line, with one sure tendency of the front ones to follow one median line.
DEFECTS : light shunting line regarding the normal sailing points.
SERIOUS DEFECTS : contracted movements.

DEFECTS FROM DISQUALIFICATION : lack of one perfect closing to scissor; unilateral or bilateral criptorchidismo.
Testicoli atrophies to you. Absence of an incisor or a canine; of a third premolar or a fourth premolar or a molar.

For the realization of this card and in order to have to us donated the photos of its wonderful subjects,
we thank the breeding OF TAMERLANO TITANIUMS .