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The history has beginning around to 1975, when famous Accettella that in Italy, and in particular in the zones of the Abruzzi, Marches, Lazio high, Tuscany and Umbria, dogs from the black cape existed, of medium ransom, with lupoidi features, that worked the cattle, equips you of the liveliest intelligence and with large psychological equilibrium, whose origins forgiveness in the night of the times.
After taken care of searches, succeed to buy up some interesting subjects and, in order to confer they an imposing size devout, inserts abruzzese molossoide blood.
To exit some outside a cocktail truly exceptional, perch in psychological level, duttilit of the stock the base it succeeds to join the just diffidenza of the Abruzzese, being obtained a dog a lot balanced, carried for whichever type of training, but also a tenacious guardiano.
Above all a dog that, outside from its atmosphere, indifferent for its nature to all us that it encircles it (dogs, cats, inoffensive persons).

In the photo Piero Accettella  
with to one of its
beautifulst dogs



It is advised to raise it single if one prepares for professional level even if draft to you of a peasant and natural dog, therefore the bitch for instinct digs in the earth and a lair is made, where then it thinks splendidly next to the puppys alone, and if there some cucciolo that it has problems (for we is not nearly never visible) puts it from part and it leaves it to never die (to replace itself to the nature, even if us pu to seem cruel).

Essential condition for who wants to raise the aforesaid one, to adhere to these little but most important rules:

1. the cucciolo it must be separated from the mother to 60 gg., this for having correct imprinting maternal (a psico/fisico equilibrium of the dog) that the mother gives from the 45 gg. to the 60 gg. approximately, in such way that is not aggressive, n remissivo without just cause, practically the mother to resume the cucciolo when on turns and the sosterr when under tone;

2. after the 60 gg. the cucciolo it comes separated from the mother, but correct socialization (for 1 month remains at least with the siblings for having one). Practically, mimando you play and fights between of they, they will not have affective deficiencies and they will be therefore in the future of the inamovibili and indifferent dogs to all us of inoffensive, than not ago part of their familiar nucleus (therefore strangers persons and/or animals);

3. with imprinting and the socialization, the cucciolo automatically predisposed to its job of guardiano, moreover the vicinity with the adults strengthens this its innata predisposition;

4. the Breeders of the dog reserve themselves to deliver it single and exclusively to conoscitori and lovers of the race, that they appreciate its peculiarit, and have requirement of idoneit, in fact, determining the visit in Breeding for being able itself to know, therefore they are not sent n deliver to retailers the puppys;

5. important other particolarit that cucciolo or cucciolone or the dog trained before chosen being it never does not come to contact directed with the eventual purchaser, waves to avoid that if then did not come acquired, being for state manipulated from hands strangers, it would find it hard to get used with its future family and moreover would lose its proverbiale diffidenza towards the strangers (practically would not succeed devout to distinguish the friend from the stranger).

Morphologic development and reproduction

E' a dog to slow development, therefore is said cucciolo from 1 gg. to 1 year, cucciolone from 1 year to 4 years approximately (for the male) where it catches up the maximum exaltation of the physical and psychical standard, the mature female approximately 1 year before, the 30 the advised 10accoppiamento around to year for the female in the 40 for the male, with the advising of the Breeder that has sold the dog, than referter the subjects that will have to be coupled, in order to see if they are suitable for the reproduction, in the case was all to place, us pu to lean itself to the same one, also for the delivery not having structures adapted.

The Shepherdesses Italian prettamente carnivorous, therefore go fed with optimal mangime dry alternated to rigorously cooked fresh meats (absolutely not to interiora) the red white women or purch of good qualit, with integration of fruit, apples, pears, also carrots.Not absolutely to the paste and rice, the dog finds it hard to assimilate them.
Very rarely vitamins or other need of, if it feeds them cos.

Food: annealed, mozzarella, all the cheeses do not age to you, fish: cod, sogliola, cefalo, purch cooked to vapor or the furnace.

FOODS NOT : chocolate, latte vaccine (the cucciolo could not tolerate the lactose then) if not if it wants some to make less to take that specific one for dogs, fritture, cakies, boneses (allowed that one of the ginocchio of year-old calf, every pair of months in order to make to amuse it, from the year of life in then).

Like Guarding It

1. To entrust itself to of the professionals of the pension holding present that the Shepherdesses Italian has need much movement, therefore of great spaces.

2. And indispensable that the dog is not never to contact with its similar waves to avoid to eliminate its indifference towards the same ones.

3. It does not have to be manipulated from chicchessia (is equivalent to say: caress from strangers).

4. If possible to lean itself from the same breeder of the race.

5. The pension must have like indispensable requirement of box single with unit the night and day and birdcage tray drinkable water, at least 20 mq.

6. A mangime must be used advised dallAllevatore.

7. It must have a control Veterinary also in the festive ones.

8. Treatment pesticide hard sprays against zecche and pulci that at least the period of the permanence to the pension.


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ORIGIN: Abruzzi (Italy)

USE : dog from guard, defense and utilit

CLASSIFICATION : Group 1 Category 1 (dog from shepherdesses)

To : subordinates to job tests

GENERAL ASPECT : Harmonic in its constitution.
Dog of peasant ransom medio/grande much and natural one (adores the sea and the mountain), adapted to whichever climate and landladies whom it unconditioned loves to the madness.
A lot balanced and ductile, innato sense of the propriet, most affectionate with the children of the family, but mistrustful with the strangers (indifferent with the animals in kind).
Adult to four years, has one iron health, many long-lived of average alive 17 years.

Horizontal long log, enrolled in a rectangle.
The length of the log of 30% approximately regarding the height.
Height males cm. 62/70 to the garrese.
Height females cm 56/65 to the garrese.
Weight Kg males. 35/45 approximately.
Weight Kg females. 25/35 approximately.

DEFECTS TO AVOID : Low rump; Short log; Tight snout.

PORTAMENTO : Dog that in spite of agile and powerful, trottatore the size much untiring one, searches carefully the territory constantly to defend.

TEMPERAMENT : Much serious one and balanced, never do not attack without reason, exceptional, mistrustful and mordacious guardiano with the strangers in its territory, indifferent and inamovibile outside from its atmosphere (always close to its landladies). Dog of large hardening has determined need of landladies.


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