In the photo Attila American Pit Bull di Beatrice Benassi.
best it has not never made badly one Moscow,
it has fear of the cats and it practically always sleeps.
It lives in apartment with terrazzo and best with the children.



This terrier be selected specifically for the combat between dogs and unfortunately still today comes used illegally for such scope.
The Pit bull be selected intercrossing between they the Staffordshire bull terrier with the Bulldog (not those ipertipici that we know today).

This dog with the flat and squared head, the jaws the much powerful and highly muscoloso body, trasuda power.
Body devout along that high, wide and muscoloso chest a much and posterior poderoso that allows it to carry out enormous leaps.
In order to lodge the poderose jaws the particularly wide snout in correspondence of cheeks.
The ransom goes from the 46 to i 56 cm for a weight that oscillates from the 23 to the 46 kilogrammi.
The round and often much dark one eye.
The orecchie until cut remaining cos small and erected Decembers 2006 came of norm; when the orecchie cut do not turn out elevated.
The short tail (does not catch up garretti) and the capacity horizontally when the dog in action.
Driven in hair, short and lucente; it does not introduce sottopelo.
The colorations are admitted all but the white man does not have to cover devout of 80% of the entire subject.


Leaving to today lose its passed from combatant the Pit Bull a lot appreciated like dog from company, optimal also for the defense della person and the guard della propriet.
Even if a lot often salted negatively to the honors of the report, this dog if very socialized from cucciolo, an optimal one babysitter.
In America the Pit bull the preferred race for pet terapy thanks to its optimal character.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:

E' the bravest dog and much full load of vitalit. Bond, obedient and with the capacit to distinguish endured the good ones from the bad intentions of the strangers.
If not very socialized from cucciolo pu aggressive being with the other dogs.

Resistant dog to the diseases, pu living to the open, but in winter goes to it supplied a heated shelter, in any case its ideal atmosphere in house close to just the landladies.

It goes fed in complete way but without to exaggerate in order not to make to fatten it.
It goes very rarely brushed with one brush of setole, increasing the frequency above all during the dumb one.