FCI-Standard N°  1 / 07. 09. 1998 / GB


ORIGIN : Great Britain.


UTILIZATION : Pointing dog.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. : Group   7    Pointing Dogs.
                                             Section 2.1   British and Irish Pointers and Setters, Pointer.
                                             With working trial.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Symmetrical and well built all over, general outline a series of graceful curves. A strong but lissom appearance.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Aristoractic. Alert with appearance of strength, endurance and speed. Kind, even disposition.


Skull : Of medium breadth, in proportion to length of foreface. Pronounced occipital bone.
Stop : Well defined.

Nose : Dark, but may be lighter in the cas of a lemon and white coloured dog. Nostrils wide, soft and moist.
Muzzle : Somewhat concave, ending on level with nostrils, giving a slightly dish-faced appearance. Slight depression under the eyes.
Lips : Well developped, soft.
Jaw/Teeth : Jaws strong, with perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws.
Cheeks : Cheek bones not prominent.
Eyes : Same distance from occiput as from nostrils, bright and kindly in expression. Either hazel or brown according to colour of coat. Neither bold nor staring, not looking down the nose. Eye rims dark, but may be lighter in the case of a lemon and white coloured dog.
Ears : Leathers thin, set on fairly high, lying close to head, of medium length, slightly pointed at tips.

NECK : Long, muscular, slightly arched, springing cleanly from shoulders and free from throatiness.

Loin : Strong muscular and slightly arched. Short coupled.
Chest : Just wide enough for plenty of heart room. Brisket well let down, to level with elbows. Ribs well sprung and carried well back, gradually falling away at loin.

TAIL : Medium length, thick at root, tapering gradually to a point. Well covered with close hair, carried on a level with back, with no upward curl. In movement, tail shoud lash from side to side.


FOREQUARTERS : Forelegs straight and firm, with good oval bone, with back sinews strong and visible.
Shoulders : Long, sloping and well-laid back.
Pastern joint : Flat with front leg and protruding very little on inside.
Pastern : Lengthy, strong and resilient. Slightly sloping.

HINDQUARTERS :Very muscular.
Haunch : Haunch bones well spaced and prominent, not above level of back.
Upper thigh : Good expanse of first thigh.
Stifle : Well turned.
Lower thigh : Good expanse.
Hock : Well let down.

FEET : Oval, well knit, arched toes, well cushioned.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : Smooth, covering plenty of ground. Driving hind action, elbows neither in nor out. Definitely not a hackney action.


HAIR : Fine, short, hard and evenly distributed, perfectly smooth and straight with decided sheen.

COLOUR : Usual colours are lemon and white, orange and white, liver and white, and black and white. Self colours and tricolours are also correct.

Height at the withers : Dogs :    63 - 69 cm (25 - 27 ins).
                                 Bitches : 61 - 66 cm (24 - 26 ins).

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.


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following the credible devout hypotheses the English Pointer, developed two centuries ago from a crossing between the Italian Pointer, the Foxhound, the Bloodhound, the Greyhound, the Newfoundland, the Setter, and the Bulldog. This mix rather incredible but sure has produced an extraordinary result. The Pointer puts into effect them present gives approximately ottantanni. Its name derives from the particular position that it assumes exactly in phase of "tip", informing the hunter of the place in which the game previously hidden (in phase of training is found preda (in phase of hunting) or). The first data recorded relative to one seated of hunting of the English Pointer laughed them around to 1650, for the hare-shooting. From 1700 it comes confirmed to full ballots like dog from hunting. The rinomato English Pointer for its powerful fiuto and velocit with which it follows the traces that fastly carry it to the preda. It does not suffer particularly the devout cold even if the warm and lukewarm climate sure adapted its physicist. Today the English Pointer the dog from hunting for antonomasia and a faithful and likeable dog from company.


The Pointer, known also like English Pointer, a powerful, aggraziato and aristocratic dog. The pointer it has careful unespressione and an agile and athletic body. Elegance has uninnata that sfoggia with much nature. The nose leggermente in on regarding the rest of the snout. The stop very defined. Labbro the advanced not rilassato full load but. The eyes are of color nocciola or chestnut, depends on the color of the cape. The orecchie of medium measure are pendants. The teeth would have to close to scissor. The long neck. The straight and thin tail and never does not have to be cut. The legs are ovals. The cut of the spurs of posterior legs optional. The cape from the short hair, I polish and smooth mainly white man, with dark devout spots that vary dallarancione, to the black brown or. The nose would have to be of the same color of the spots on the cape.


Full the English Pointer of energy and has great resistance. Loyal and devout person turns out to be a true friend. And much patient with the children and being a dog much assets and giocherellone, without doubt one good company. The Pointer very becomes attached to its landladies, extremely intelligent and cleaned up. a energetic hunter much and calm one when to house. And in a position to fastly adapting to whichever situation also thanks to its detached intelligence. If socialized correctly in tender ET, not avr shyness problems that to times can tendentially manifest in how much a dog from the placid and timid temperament. They stretch to being a po reserves you with the disowned ones. Abbaier if to feel of the noises suspiciones but not mainly a dog from guard. Listinto to the developed hunting a lot prematurely. Quite the puppys of sun eight weeks can show attitudes of "tip". These rather independent dogs are good with other domestic animals and they are not aggressive.

Problems of health.

Incline to dysplasia, problems of tiroide and nanismo. Pu to be subject also to skin problems.


These dogs are not recommend you for the life dappartamento. They are enough active and therefore they would need of garden.

Physical exercise:

Being energetic dogs much they must be puttinges in the condition of being able itself to vent with long race. To avoid this dog if it is desired to hold it in apartment like dog from company: if he does not come given the possibilit to it to run and to move liberations, diventer sad, gotten depressed and could "vent" its energy with furnitures and objects that the captain to shooting.


The smooth cape of the Pointer turns out to be much easy one to maintain tidy and clean. Sufficient Sar one brushed to the day with one brush from setole hard and the single bath if necessary in order to have a clean dog and in order. To control legs after that the dog has made dellesercizio physicist or after to have go huntinged. Important also to dry it after to be returned from the hunting, this in order to avoid that it takes the cold. And also important esaminargli the orecchie with regolarit: go huntinging also in means to low and driven in shrubs easy that of the thorns or needles of conifers they are implanted allinterno of the auricular pavilion, provoking to annoyance and pain and in worse of the cases the infections. This race has one dumb of the medium hair.




General aspect
The pointer harmonious, very constructed in every part. D impression of force and agilit. Its general profile describes one series of aggraziate curves.

Aristocrat. Assets, giving off an impression of force, resistance and rapidit.

Good character, of constant nature.

Head and skull
The skull of medium width, in relationship with the length of the snout. The stop very marked, pronounced the swell occipita them. Tartufo and the external edge of the eyes is of dark color, but they can be devout luminosity in the mantle case lemon and white man. The tartufo wide, soft and humid. The somewhat concave snout and finishes to level of the tartufo, giving to the face an aspect leggermente grooved. The zigomatiche arched ones are not prominenti. Light depression under the eyes. The labbro very developed and soft.

To equal distance from the occipite ones and the tartufo. Expression of bont lives to us with one. The eyes are of color nocciola or brown, according to the color of the cape. They are not n sporgenti n overbearing. The not escaping look.

The thin skin. The ears are attack to you enough up. Supporters with the head, of medium width; leggermente puntute to the estremit.

The jaws are strong and introduce a articulation to mandibolare to perfect scissor, regular and complete, are worth to say that I recorded to you advanced cover the inferiors to tight contact and are implant to you to square in connection with the jaws very.

Along, muscoloso, arched, leggermente very outgoing from the shoulders, free from giogaia.

The shoulders long, oblique and are very tilted to GO BACK TO LIST. The thorax has just the necessary width to one good amplitude of the sternale region. very come down to level of the elbows. The front limbs, from the elbow to the ground, are straight and solid, with good skeleton. The boneses are ovals, the tendini they are strong and obvious. The articulation of the carpo does not exceed the front profile of the limb and turns aside very little on the inner face. The metacarpi they are enough long, strong and elastic. They are leggermente tilts to you.

Very convex coasts, very developed to GO BACK TO LIST, gradually diminishing towards the kidney that strongly, muscoloso and leggermente arch. The short kidney. The boneses of also very are spaced and prominenti, but they do not exceed the level of the back.

Much muscoloso. Ginocchia very angled. Good development of the thigh and the leg. The garretto very come down.

The foot oval; the fingers very are locked and arch, supplies of good bearings.

Of medium, large length to the root, gradually assottigliantesi towards the estremit. Very covered of driven in hair and capacity to level of the back, without to introduce curvings towards the high. When the dog in action, the tail must strike with lateral movement.

Sailing point
Uniform. The dog covers much land. Push determined from the posterior one. The elbows are not n in outside n in within. It does not have absolutely to levare up the limbs as a Hackney horse (not found sailing points or hopping).

The fine hair, short, hard and uniform distributed, perfectly smooth, straight and very lucente.

The colors accustom them are lemon and white man, orange and white man, liver (brown) and white man, black and white man. The unicolori and tricolour capes equally are corrected.

The height to the searched garrese, in the male from 25 to 27 inches (from 63 to 69 cm), in the female from 24 to 26 inches (from 61 to 66 cm).

Every difference in connection with that it precedes must be considered defect, than sar penalized in connection with its gravit.

NB. The males must have two testicoli of normal appearance, completely reductions in the scroto.