FCI-Standard N° 269  /  29. 11. 2000  / GB


Proposed by Mrs Karin Hedberg (Sweden), Mrs Ute Lennartz (Germany), Dr. Alain Campagne (France), Mr. Terry Thorn (Great-Britain), Raymond Triquet, as President of the Standard Commission of the F.C.I.

ORIGIN : Middle East / FCI Patronage.


UTILIZATION : Hunting and coursing hound.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. :    Group     10        Sighthounds      .
                                                 Section       1        Long haired or fringed  Sighthounds.    
                                                 Without working trial.

BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY : Salukis vary in type and the variation is desired and typical for the breed.  The reason for the variation is the special place held by the Saluki in the Arab tradition and the immense size of the Middle East area where the Saluki has been used as a hound of the chase for thousands of years.  Originally each tribe had Salukis best suited for hunting the particular game in its own area, but by Middle East tradition, Salukis are not bought or sold but presented as marks of honour.  It follows that those presented as such to Europeans and brought to Europe came from a wide variation of terrain and climate and vary accordingly.  The British 1923 standard was the first official European breed standard for the Saluki and was drawn up to cover all these original types of Saluki.
GENERAL APPEARANCE : The whole appearance of this breed should give an impression of grace and symmetry and of great speed and endurance coupled with strength and activity.
Smooth variety : the points should be the same with the exception of the coat which has no feathering.


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  • The length of the body (from point of shoulder to point of buttock) is approximately equal to the height at the withers, although the dog often gives the impression of being longer than he really is.

BEHAVIOUR TEMPERAMENT : Reserved with strangers, but not nervous or aggressive.  Dignified, intelligent and independent.

HEAD : Long and narrow, the whole showing nobility.

Skull : Moderately wide between ears, not domed.
Stop : Not pronounced.

Nose : Black or liver brown.
Jaws/Teeth : Teeth and jaws are strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite.
Eyes : Dark to hazel and bright, large and oval, but not prominent.  The expression should be dignified and gentle with faithful and far-seeing eyes.
Ears : Long and covered with long silky hair, set on high, mobile,  hanging close to the skull.

NECK : Long, supple and well muscled.

Back : Fairly broad.
Loin : Slightly arched and well muscled.
Croup : Hipbones set wide apart.
Chest : Deep, long and moderately narrow.  Neither barrel ribbed nor slab sided.
Underline : Well tucked up.
TAIL : Long, set on low and carried naturally in a curve, well feathered on the underside with long silky hair, not bushy.
In adults not carried above the topline except in play.  Tip reaching at least to the point of hock.


Shoulders : Well laid back, well muscled without being coarse.
Upper arm : Approximately equal in length to the shoulder blade and forming a good angle with it.
Forearm : Long and straight from elbow to wrist.
Pasterns : Strong and flexible, slightly sloping.
Front feet : Feet of moderate length, toes long and well arched, not splayed, but at the same time not cat-footed; the whole being strong and supple; feathered between the toes.

HINDQUARTERS : Strong, showing galloping and jumping power.
Upper and lower thighs : Well developed.
Stifle : Moderately bent.
Hocks : Well let down.
Hind feet : Similar to front feet.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : smooth, flowing and effortless at trot.  Light and lifting showing both reach and drive without hackney action or pounding.


HAIR : Smooth and of a soft, silky texture, feathering on the legs and at the back of thighs, feathering may be present on the throat in adults, puppies may have slight woolly feather on thighs and shoulders.  The smooth variety has no feathering.

COLOUR :  Any colour or combination of colours is permissible.  Brindles are undesirable.

SIZE   :
Height at withers : Average between 58 - 71 cm (23-28 inches) bitches proportionally smaller.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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The history of the closely tied Saluki to the history of the primitivo man. In antichi times the primitivo man diffused itself from a part to the other of that fertile earth known like Mesopotamia. When the primitivo man progred the being a simple hunter and binder and beginnings to settle down in villages and divent an agriculturist devout beginnings also to add meat to its feeding. Little hunters on foot could not hope to hunt a lot of that game that abounded in the fertile areas of the Mesopotamia. The primitivo man beginnings to tame the lupo present in the zone, variet devout a small, light and fast of the lupo that he lived in the northern devout zones. Through a selective breeding he obtained the first tamed dog: the Saluki, an able dog to chase and to hunt prede and to capture them in the hard climate of the desert. Devout the ancient existing testimony (graffiti) of the Saluki, known also like Persian levriero, or dated dog gazzella approximately around to the 14,000 A.C. When civilt the beginnings to diffuse itself in the Mesopotamia, one of first civilt known was that one of the Sumeri. They held the Saluki for the hunting and left many graffiti that represented them. While a civilt it disappeared and others were born, the Saluki maintained its role of dog from pursuit. They were the favorite dogs of the Egizi, and were known like the Real Dogs of Egypt. To the noble ones it was only granted to hold some. Many have been find to you mummificati in the tombe with their masters, a sign this of great consideration! There are many good paintings of the King Tutankamen with its Saluki favorite. The Egizi sometimes orecchie like pu looking at itself to them in fact in the deep graffiti of the tombe that they show of the dogs from the orecchie ritte, thoraxes cut they and long legs. Many of the first Saluki were totally identical to their siblings frangiati except that for the frange sericee on the orecchie and the tail. They were also the dogs of the Bible. When in the Bible it is spoken about dogs agrees the Saluki. From the fertile area of the Mesopotamia, the merchants carried the Saluki in all the Middle East where they became appreciate it to you dogs from pursuit of the trib nomadic. For many centuries, the nomadic Bedouins have made confidence on the fast Saluki in order to supply the trib of game to cook. Bench the dogs were consider impure give it to religion Muslim you del Arabic world, a special exemption were made for the Saluki. One believed that the Saluki was a gift of Allah to the trib, and they called the Saluki "El Hor" that is "the Nobleman". To tutt' today, in Middle East, the Saluki is going away from the life of the Bedouins chases to you from the civilizzazione. Little Bedouins go around themselves in the desert; many prefer to move themselves in the citt and the role of the Saluki is modifying with this change of lifestyle. The real families, nobilt and the little trib Bedouins still today use the Saluki for the hunting. For the principles and their families, the hunting with the Saluki sport; for the Bedouins like always be for the survival. To horse between the two centuries, the Saluki arrived in England. One of the first persons to import them was the daughter of an eminent egittologo, Lady Florence Amherst that fond in England the Amherstia breedings its Saluki were mostly of origin Egyptian. (' race meridionale' devout high, from long devout legs, with devout boneses to read less and a cape folto). They were the true levrieri from desert, raise to you aiming are to the velocit that to the resistance to the environmental conditions them of the desert. Then those of General Lance came, which withdrawn from the British army, torn in England with of the Saluki it acquires to you in Syria. These levrieri (of "northern" type) instead had been raise to you in order to hunt in uneven, cold and mountainous lands of Syria, North Iraq and Iran. They were devout pieces, with heavy skeleton devout, cape devout often and with devout frangiature. A typical example of this variet was its preferred dog, Ch Sarona Kelb that was the first Saluki champion in England; its daughter, Ch Orchard Shahin, were the first female champion. The line of blood of Kelb in the pedegree of the greater part of the Saluki English. From the breedings Sarona and Amherstia and the crossings between the two they came outside the subjects that diffused the Saluki in America and the greater part of the western world. The Sarona males and the Amherstia females were import to you in America and, intercross to you with, divennero the base of the first breedings Americans.


The Saluki a aggraziato equilibrium of beauty and funzionalit. The Saluki has a height that varies from 58 to 71 cm to the garrese and their varied weight from 18 to 30 kg.
The Saluki is fast, agile and a lot leggiadri in motion. Making part of the group of the dogs from hunting, the Saluki hunts with the aid of the sight and not of the smelled one. They have been select to you for being of the runners on the long distances, possessing at the same time it is the velocit that the resistance while their cousinses, greyhound and the whippet were selects to you for being of the velocisti on the short distances.
The velocit of the Saluki be cronometrata beyond the 45 miles to the hour. Their shape streamlined evoluta for a specific task: the hunting. Their sight from far away exceptional.
They have deep thoraxes, for giving great space to the heart and to the lungs that are devout large of the normal school in order to decide of greater quantit of air and blood because of increased requirementses during the hunting. Their bodies leviga you possess one low quantit of corporeo fat person, giacch the greater weight represents mass that must be transported and every gram in devout reduces theirs velocit. Their long legs that seem fragile are sturdy and releasing in order to support one maximum acceleration. The falangi of the foot they are strong and flexible, able to support the impact of the entire weight of the body when they go to the gallop in double suspension. Their posterior legs very are muscolate in order to give it force to they to push themselves to cos high velocit. Theirs garretti are low regarding the land guaranteeing cos the principle elasticit. The boneses are sturdy and to crushed section offering cos to force without superfluous weight to the contrary of heavy boneses to round section of the greater part of all the canine others breeds. The long tail has the function of a rudder in the svoltate ones to high velocit. Quantunque their witness is snelle and elegant, they possess strong able jaws to land and to withhold large prede. Their sericeo cape to the tact and generally short on all the body. The Saluki the only race of dog with a single layer of fur; they do not have in fact sottopelo for being able to resist to the high temperatures of the desert. Just because of this oleoso lack of sottopelo they never the characteristic "odore of dog". The orecchie, the long tail and the legs are adorned of frange except in the subjects pertaining to the variet smooth down. Their thin and dry skin. Their feet "from lepre", driven in you cover yourself of hair between the fingers allow without difficolt the race in the high sand. They are a perfect example of like the Nature has planned an animal for a specific task. Engineering of their bodies arrogant for a dog from hunting that must galoppare and that it must carry out fastest accelerations and race extended for long periods of time. The Nature has given they moreover great beauty and variet of aspect. Nobody other race has cos many variations of types (type of the North, the intermediate South and) and variet of colors. The clear devout colors are prevailing in the southern zones, where they are camouflaged better with the color of the desert; the dark devout colors are often found devout in the northern zones. Some of the colors to disposition are: cream, fallow deer, golden, grizzle, grizzle fulvo, grizzle red deer, grizzle silver, grizzle golden and grizzle black, fulvo, tricolour, white man, black (black and the brown, tricolour, that it would be black, white man and black brown and and silver), chocolate and the parts-colors (spotted body color cream with one of the cited colors over). Many of the solid colors also are focati. Frange black on the orecchie and the tail introduces in many subjects color fallow deer or fulvi. All the colors and their combinations are admitted. The Saluki, that it seems made of fine china, in realt constructed in sturdy leather. Its fragile deceptive aspect. Many artists have loved ritrarre the Saluki just for their lines clean and their gradevole aesthetic simmetria.


The Saluki comes rilasciati to the pursuit next to the place where the hawk is going around itself, to times to miles of distance from the hunters in wait. The Saluki chooses cos theirs preda and the pursuit has beginning. Some time the short and fast hunting; but, other times, the pursuit prolongeds for many miles, putting to hard it tries the fiber and the cardiac resistance of the Saluki. Once that the preda it comes seized, it comes held to taken earth from the firm one of the strong jaws of the Saluki. In practical the religious Muslim the dog does not have to kill the preda that a rituale for being able must second be sacrificed from the hunter to obtain meat that pu to be consumed. The dogs come perci train to you to withhold the preda but not to kill it. The taken one died them to the throat interrupts afflusso of oxygen and the cause to preda a loss of attended acquaintance in of the arrival of the hunter. If the hare-shooting, and the hunter on foot, the Saluki dovr portargli GO BACK TO LIST one lepre not hurt and svenuta. From when the Saluki has operated in the hunting without the directed supervision of their masters, fundamental state that they had intelligence and independence in order to act in this way with happening. Così, the heart, intelligence and independence qualit were largely considered from the Bedouins in the selection and the breeding of their dogs. The life in the trib of the desert imposed moreover other requirement. The Bedouins held in great consideration their Saluki, even allowing they to sleep in theirs stretch also in order to avoid that they came steals to you from trib you avail again. Moreover they raised also selecting the characteristics of riserbo and circospezione in the cares of the strangers for proteggersi from the thefts. Less the ospitalit of the Bedouins always be leggendaria and their dogs from hunting they could not be aggressive in the comparisons of the visitors or other members of. The result of this selection and training an unwrapped and become attached dog that with the persons who know but classified with the strangers. The Bedouins moreover understood that their dogs did not have to be aggressive with other animals, in how much they had to cohabit with other Saluki, with the horses, the camels, the goats and to other types of animals. The Saluki behaves in this type of situations, in grown particular way if with these animals well. E' a lot important that the puppys of Saluki are very socializes perch they to you has the tendency, just for theirs riserbo and their independence, to to be timid with the strangers or places or other animals that do not know. A Saluki very socialized to its comfort ovunque. Intelligence in a dog often an arm to double quantity cut. Sure a quantitative one of intelligence necessary in order to train a dog. Too much intelligence and independence pu to be a problem. A devout dog the much wide awake not always easy trainable dog. Like the cats, that they have always known ciò, they are wide awake in order to realize enough that they do not have to make determined things in order to earn your affection. Cos "addestrabilit" a deceptive term. The Saluki is not rinomati for theirs addestrabilit, but for the behavior that satisfies their masters. In this they are amazingly similar to the cats. Generally they do not see reasons in order to make things that they do not want to make. There are much Saluki very trains to you also in obedience and agility. However different of training patience demand us and, methods sense of humor much. Attention, that the Saluki does not understand what you want from they; that they do not understand perch waited for you that they make one determined what. The greater part of the methods d training is based on the system of ricompensa from approval. The dog wants to please to you ago and cos what you want. This not always works with the Saluki. The need that they have of your great approval not cos; they are convinced that your affection does not depend on the fact that they execute a game correctly. They go cos used other approaches. The two that they work of devout are the training with the food like prize much or the training during an amusing game. The Saluki loves the games and is often disposed to play. Intelligence makes to be born curiosit and the Saluki one of breeds the devout onlookers that exists. This aspect leads them in every risen of situations of all the unexpected ones for a dog. But intelligence also trouble cause. A bored Saluki a Saluki that is put in the troubles, trying something of new and exciting making. Their temperament renders them one truly only race. They are wide awake, curious and rich of inventiveness. They are joyful, giocherelloni and affectionate. They are is obstinate to you, have a great sense of the humour (and many are disposed to joke with their masters and have disturbing abilit in the reasoning (they would have to be labeled like the engineers of the canine world, must only be to observe them while they resolve a problem). All they think to be kind maest and that you are to the world in order to serve them. They think to be they to dictate the law on same they. If their confidence and their respect earned you, they will give you the autorit, but you must deserve it. They have an amazingly good memory and in the long term, it is for the bad things that for those good ones. Intelligent and wide awake, they are also much sensitive and their feelings come hurt from hard words. A strict discipline renders them introverts and pu to want much time in order to make to us to improve psychologically them. Also a discipline that previews corporal punishments always an error with the Saluki. Strong the devout subjects become are obstinate to you; the devout myths, introverts. There also one great characterial difference and of temperament between the males and the females. The males stretch to being devout unconstrained, devout docile, devout affectionate. The females of this race are those devout hard, generally. The male alpha eserciter its autorit on all the dogs of branco unless on the female the alpha and avr the good sense to leave it to be! The females are the aggressive huntresses devout, that better oriented in branco and devout the intelligent ones. If been trying a dog that to follow adoring your steps expectant it makes you it appeal to and to obey to your commandos, the Saluki not the dog adapted to you. For living with the Saluki, you have need to understand them and to appreciate them for as they they are and to find delight in their only ones qualit and not to try to transform the behavior of a Saluki in that one of a Golden Retriever!


The Saluki a truly only dog. It has the characteristics generates them of the group of the levrieri from hunting but in some case a lot emphasized. If been considering to take a Saluki, you must be sure of being able to accept and to love characteristic following.
A Saluki makes exactly what it wants to make, that often it differs from what you want that make.
A Saluki does not learn easy giochetti like a Golden Retriever.
A Saluki a lot distaccato and often classified with the strangers. This clearly pu to create resentment in the persons who have one low consideration of same they.
A Saluki expects that you deal it like one person. They are creatures who love the comodit and love living in house and on the divani.
A Saluki probably not verr when the calls less than he does not want to come.
A Saluki must be held to the leash or in a recintata area. The fencing must be high at least 180 cm.
A Saluki pu to be to times devout elegant of you. Us pu to be enough amusing or embarrassing to second of the situations.
A Saluki has need much exercise.
A Saluki pu to conserve the character from cucciolo for many years and pu being enough destructive.
A Saluki pu to put in action of the reprisals if it perceives not to be dealt correctly.
If still thoughts that a Saluki pu to be the just dog for you, then you could be one of the fortunate persons who will know the Saluki. They in fact have many good ones qualit that they redeem them wide. Although distaccati with the strangers a Saluki one indissolubilmente attacks the just person.
A Saluki becomes in all the senses an other member of the family.
A Saluki generally has one its personalit much pronounced one!
A Saluki pu wonderful being!
If a Saluki interests you, please you take yourselves little of time in order to know it, ve of it you will not repent.


Author: Judy Simpson
Date: 12 July 1995
Translation edited by Marilena Candeloro




The ICF STANDARD Not 269/29.11.2000/GB - SALUKI


The total aspect of this race would have to give to an impression of grace and simmetria and great velocit and joined resistance to vigor and action.

Variet to short hair: the same characteristics would have to be ad.eccezione.del the cape that not supplied of frange.

The measure of the length of the body (from the shoulder to the buttock) approximately equal to the measure of the ' Height, although the dog often d the impression to be devout along of how much really is.


BEHAVIOR - CHARACTER : Classified with the strangers, but not nervous or aggressive. Dignitoso, intelligent and independent.


HEAD: tightened and lengthened, than extension in its complex nobilt of aspect.

Skull: moderately spazioso between the orecchie, not bombato.
Stop: not pronounced.

Nose: black or brown liver


From dark to nocciola and dazzling, great and ovals but not sporgenti. The expression would have to be noble and kind with a loyal look that seems to space far away.


Lengthened and covered from long and setoso hair, placed up, furnitures, attacked close to the skull.


The teeth and the jaws are strong with one perfect, regular and complete closing to scissor.


Along, flexible and equipped of good musculature.


The measure of the length of the body (from the shoulder to the buttock) approximately equal to the measure of the Height, although the dog often d the impression to be devout along of how much really is.

Back: enough wide

Kidneys: leggermente it arch to you and very muscolati.

Rump: the boneses iliache very distanced

Thorax: deep, lengthened and moderately tightened. N to fluted shape of botte n flat laterally.

Inferior line: very folded towards the high.


Shoulders: very placed GO BACK TO LIST, with good musculature without to appear rough

Arm: approximately equal in length to the bachelor one form a good angle with it.

Forearm: along and straight from the elbow to the wrist.

Pastorali: strong and flexible, leggermente it tilts to you.

Front feet: feet of moderated length, long fingers and very arch, not increased but al same time not to shape of cat foot; all strong and the elastic one; supplied of frange of hair between the fingers


Strongly, than extension power to the gallop and the jump

Coscie advanced and inferior: very developed

Grassella: moderately folded

Garretti: very decreased

Posterior feet: similar to the front ones


Feet of moderated length, lengthened fingers and very arch, not spread but at the same time not to shape of cat foot; strong and altogether flexible; supplied of hair between the fingers.


Harmonious, fluid and without effort to the trot; light and raised that extension is lengthening that pushed without sailing point from ings or heavy step.


Long, posizionata low and capacity naturally bent, very supplied of frange long and setose on the inferior part, not cespugliose. In the adults capacity above the high point devout of the body does not come. The tip arrives at least to the height of the garretto.


Smooth, soft and setoso to the tact, supplied of frange to front legs and on the posterior part of the coscie; the frange they can be present on the neck in adult exemplary, the puppys can have one light lanosa down on the coscie and the shoulders

The variet to hair short it does not introduce the frange.


Every color or allowed combination of colors. The not desirable tigrato cape.


Height:in medium between 58 - 71 cm (23 - 28 inches), the females in proportion are devout small.


Every removal from the exposed points over must be considered a defect and the seriet with which this defect it goes estimated it would have exactly to be proporziona them to the entit of its degree.


The males must completely have two apparently normal testicoli reductions in the scroto.

we thank for the realization of these cards the situated one