COARSE-HAIRED STYRIAN HOUND (Steirische Rauhhaarbracke)


FCI-Standard N° 62/ 18.06.1996 / GB



ORIGIN : Austria.


UTILIZATION : The breed's work does not only consist in hunting with giving tongue but very often in purely tracking wounded game in difficult mountain territory.

CLASSIFICATION FCI :   Group 6            Scenthounds and related breeds .
                                             Section 1.2.       Medium-sized hounds
                                             With working trial.


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BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY : Carl Peintinger, industrialist in Styria, began breeding in 1870 by crossing the Hanoverian Scent Hound bitch "Hela 1" with a coarse-haired male Istrian Hound, which excelled in hunting qualities and appearance. The best puppies from this litter were reared and selective breeding from them was continued. Their rough coats made the dogs resistant to the inclemencies of the weather.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Medium size, strong muscles. Expression serious but not vicious.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : A passionate, tough hunting dog which unceasingly giving tongue; a firm and determined tracker.


Skull : Slightly rounded. Occiput well developed.
Stop : Clear.


Nose : Black.
Muzzle: Strong and straight.
Lips : Not pendant.
Jaws/Teeth : Strong scissor bite. A complete set with 42 teeth is sought after; the absence of totally two PM1 or PM2 (premolar 1 or 2) is tolerated; the M3 (molar 3) are not taken into account.
Eyes : With brown iris.
Leathers : Not too large, lying flat, covered with fine hair.

NECK : Strong, not too long .

Back : Straight and broad.
Loins : Moderately tucked up.
Croup : Falling away obliquely.
Chest : Deep and broad.

TAIL : Medium length, strong at root, well coated, never curled but carried upwards in slight sickle shape. Brush, with no plume, on underside.


FOREQUARTERS : Legs straight in position, muscular with good angulation.
Shoulders : Well laid back.

HINQUARTERS : Muscular, strong, well angulated. Straight position when seen from rear .

FEET :  Not too large. Toes well arched, close together. Pads hard,  not too large .

MOVEMENT : Ground covering, elastic.



HAIR : Rough coat, not shaggy, without gloss, harsh and coarse. Coat on head is shorter than on body,  forms a moustache.

COLOUR : Red and fawn. White mark on chest permitted.

Height at withers : 45-53 cm
                           Dogs             47-53 cm
                           Bitches          45-51 cm.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.

  • Head too fine.
  • Leathers folded or too pointed.
  • Tail too short, too thin or curled too much upwards, forming a plume.
  • Weak legs.
  • Coat too long, thin, curly or soft.
  • Shy in temperament.


  • Aggressiv oder ängstlich.
  • Under or overshot mouth ; more than two premolars (PM1 or  PM2) missing.
  • Any colour other than mentioned in the standard.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Automatic translate from

ORIGIN: Austria

E' be selected intercrossing the Segugio di Hannover with the Segugio Istriano to rough hair

E' an aesthetically very balanced dog, of madia size with serious and intelligent appearance, strongly musculature.

its ransom goes from the 40 to the 50 centimeters.

Lengthened head of light skeleton has one; rounded off forehead a po and stop enough marked, has beautiful strong set of teeth and tartufo a black one.
The eyes are limpid from the brown to the yellow.
The orecchie are long, flat and with less rough hair that on the rest of the body.
Ia tail of medium length and never rolled up.
The limbs are in perpendicularly and very muscolosi.
The large, rough hair, goffered, in the inks: red and yellowish, sometimes with one spot white woman on the chest.


The Stiria a region of Austria with alpine climate and inverni rigid but this segugio strongly musculature, untiring, resistant to the cold, adapted to stony lands perfectly inserted in the difficolt orographic and atmospheric of its country. For its not common intelligence and the large one sensibilit of its fiuto, a lot appreciated also to the infuori of its country of origin and above all Yugoslavia and Germany.

Its specialit the small game.

lately it finds you vary very well estimative also between the hunters, not behaving itself also in the families with children


Obstinate and rude in the hunting, affectionate with the master, allegro and cleaned up bond and

Resistant dog to the diseases, pu living to the open, but in winter goes to it supplied a shelter very coibentato, especially if it is lived in mountain.

It goes fed in complete way but without to exaggerate in order not to make to fatten it, if the portion lives to the open goes increased in winter.
It goes very rarely brushed with one brush of setole hard, increasing the frequency above all during the dumb one.