ORIGIN : Great Britain.


UTILIZATION : Pointing dog.


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CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. : Group                         7                        Pointing Dogs.
Section                        2.2                        British and Irish Pointers                                                            and Setters; Setters.
With working trial.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Stylish dog, with galloping lines. Consistent with its build which can be compared to a weight-carrying hunter. Symmetrical in conformation throughout.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Intelligent, able and dignified. Bold, outgoing, of a kindly even disposition.

HEAD : Deep rather than broad. Length from occiput to stop longer than from stop to nose. Below and above eyes lean.

Skull : Slightly rounded, broadest between ears. Broader than muzzle, showing brain room.
Stop : Clearly defined.

Nose : Large, broad, nostrils open and black.
Muzzle : Long with almost parallel lines, neither pointed nor snipey. Muzzle note quite as deep as its length.
Flews : Not pendulous, clearly defined lips.
Jaws/Teeth : Jaws strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws.
Cheeks : As narrow as leanness of head allows.
Eyes : Dark brown, bright. Neither deep nor prominent, set sufficiently under brows, showing keen, intelligent expression.
Ears : Medium size, thin. Set low, lying close to head.

NECK : Long, lean, arched, without throatiness.

BODY : Moderate length.
Loin : Wide, slightly arched.
Chest : Not too broad. Brisket deep, ribs well sprung. Back ribs deep.

TAIL : Straight or slightly scimitar, not reaching below hocks. Carried horizontally or below line of back. Thick at root, tapering to fine point. Feather or flag starting near root, long, straight, growing shorter to point.


FOREQUARTERS : Forelegs flat boned, straight, strong.
Shoulders : Shoulder blades long, sloping well back, wide flat bone, close at withers, not loaded.
Elbow : Well let down and close to body.
Pastern : Upright.

HINDQUARTERS : From hip to hock, the hindlegs are long, broad and muscular. From hock to heel short and strong. Straight from hock joint to ground. Pelvis tending to horizontal.
Stifles: Well bent.

FEET : Oval, close-knit, well arched toes, plenty of hair betweeen. Well paded toes, deep heel cushions.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : Steady, free-moving and true, with plenty of drive GO BACK TO LIST.


HAIR : On head, front of legs, tips of ears short and fine; moderate length, flat and free from curl or wave on all other parts of body. Feather on upper portion of ears long and silky; on backs of legs long, fine, flat and straight, fringes on belly may extend to chest and throat. As free as possible from curl or wave.

COLOUR : Deep, shining coal black, without rustiness, with markings of chestnut red, i.e. lustrous tan. Black pencilling on toes and black streak under jaw permissible.  Tan markings : Two clear spots over eyes not over 2 cms (3/4 ins.) in diameter. On sides of muzzle, tan not reaching above base of nose, resembling a stripe around clearly defined end of muzzle from one side to other. Also on throat, two large, clear spots on chest. On inside hindlegs and inside thighs, showing down front of stifle and broadening out to outside of hindlegs from hock to toes. On forelegs, up to elbows GO BACK TO LIST, and to pastern joints or little above, in front. Around vent. Very small white spot on chest permissible. No other colour permissible.

Height at the withers : Dogs             66 cm (26 ins.).
Bitches             62 cm (24 ½ ins.).
Weight :                     Dogs    29.5 kg (65 lbs).
Bitches 25.5 kg (56 lbs).

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Automatic translate from

In a generalized manner

a dog from firm from the incontestable class, constructed for the gallop. The conformation must be harmonious from all the points of view. Intelligent, easy to train and full load of dignit the Gordon dog a dared, sociable and calm and by nature kind. Its noble aspect attracts l.attenzione of the profane one and strengthened from its full look of tenderness.


The wide high head devout that but devout wide regarding the snout. with scato it cranial very developed. The stop clearly marked; the little loaded cheeks contribute to confer all.intera head a dry aspect. The long snout with lines nearly parallels. The eyes have lively and intelligent expression, the ears: they are of medium dimension and thin, and the long, dry and arch neck. The strong and muscolosi body of medium length, posterior limbs and regular, melted and decided l.andatura.

Ransom: l.altezza to the garrese of 66 cm in the male, 62 cm in the female.

Tail: straight or leggermente to, scimitarra: it does not have to exceed the garretto.

Colors: black intense and lucente anthracite. without rust trace, with focature of red brown an alive one.

To avoid

Appuntito snout, to soffietto

labbra hanging



Head :
Dolicocefala: its total length of 4/10 of the Height.
The length of the equal skull to the length of the snout and met of the length of the snout and met of the total length of the head are found on the horizontal line that combines the two inner angles of the eyes.
The cefalico index total
it does not have to exceed the n.50 , and therefore the bizigomatica width of the skull does not have to be to exceed met of the total length of the head.
The directions of the advanced longitudinal aces of the skull and the snout are between of they parallels.
The voluminosa head, rather not light, must be in rapporrto to the general construction that relatively heavy. It does not have to introduce wrinkles on the skull and the very adherent skin to the below woven ones.

Tartufo :
The tartufo it must be large, fresh, humid, with open narici, well large and you furnish, on the same line of the nasal cane and, seen of profile, its front face is found slowly on same the vertical anteiore of the labbra.
The black pigment.

Nasal cane :
Straight, long how much the skull and with longitudinal axis parallel to that one of the skull. Its width, to met of the development the total, corresponds to 40% of its length.

Labbra and snout :
The labbra advanced thin, not penzolanti n they are rilassate, adherent supporters with the jaw; forehead sights determine to their inferior margin a semicircle; enough abundant; the front face of the snout, date the height and the width of the walls parallels must be flat (square snout).
The labbra advanced they cover the jaw and therefore the inferior profile of the snout given from the labbra, seen of profile interrupted from the connessura, than obvious, but not too much. The antero-inferior-lateral profile of the snout introduces the design of a semicircle to rope not much sluice.

Jaws :
Of normal development, with the branches of the jaw tending to the straight line and with arched the dental combaciantesi perfectly (to scissor). Healthy set of teeth, completes for didenti development and number.

Depression frontal nose :
Much marked one, but not with abrupt slope. The frontal breasts are not a lot develop to you and in ahead up.

Skull :
Its equal length to the length of the snout and its bizigomatica width must be inferior to met of the total length of the head.
Approval of forehead and profile of shape spheroid; this shape emphasized on the sommit of the skull much to remember p a shape to cupola. Its longitudinal axis advanced parallel to the axis of the nasal cane.
Sutura metopica marked, apophysis or marked clean crest occipita them without esagerazione. Frontal breasts a lot does not develop to you in height, length and cross-sectional sense.
Adherent skin to the below parts, without wrinkles.

Orecchie :
Hanging, until the tact, soft of the triangular with tip leggermente rounded off, flat, adherent shape to the cheek, one becomes part to the height of the zigomatica arched one.
In normal station and with the head in horizontal position, its length surpasses of approximately cm. 3 the inferior line of the throat. Its skin on the covered external face of setaceo hair, along two centimeters beyond the tip.

Eyes :
Large, with sweet look, palpebral rhyme tending to the round one, well adherent eyelids to the bulb, than do not have to be n sporgente, n infossato, in position sub-facade; the color of iride the dark brown and the pigmentazione of the equal palpebral margin to that one of the tartufo, cio black.

Dry ground, free from giogaia, muscoloso, with insertion to the very marked nape, joins harmoniously to the shoulders. Its length catches up 4/10 of the Height (in a dog of cm.60 to the garrese the length of the neck sar of approximately cm. 24) its perimeter of 2/3 of the Height.
Arch advanced profile.
Inferior profile not disturbed from skin lassa, but adherent to muscles.

Body :
The length of the log measured from the tip of the shoulder (bachelor articulation humeral) to the tip of the buttock (posterior tip of the ischio) equal to the Height (is in the square).
The advanced line of the log (line back-lumbar) has straight profile (back) and profile leggermente arch (lombo).
The inferior line follows the advanced line approximately and cio a profile nearly resisted for all the length of the sternale region (the sternale region must long be and its profile not perfectly rectum, but leggermente convex): after the xifoide appendix the profile given from the ventre and rimonta leggermente towards the high.

Chest :
Developed in width, opened and supplied of musculature very developed. Its width measured between the exceed-front margins of the arms, must be a p devout of 27% of the Height.
The handle-bar of the sterno to level of the tip of the shoulders.

Thorax :
Very convex to met of its height, very come down to exceed the elbow little (one or two centimeters); the ribs go graddatamente diminishing theirs convessit towards the sterno; without in order forming it careens.
The profile of the sternale region must leggermente be lngo and rimonta towards the abdomen.
The measures of the thorax are in one Gordon of cm. 60 of Height, circumference (GO BACK TO LIST the elbow), a quarter approximately in devout of the Height=cm. 75.
Perimeter of arches costs them cm. 65. Profondit cm. 30. Height cm. 31. cross-sectional diameter cm. 19.
The represented thoracic index sar from a not advanced number to seven.

Back :
Garrese elevated on the line of the back, with resisted advanced profile.
The length of the little inferior back to 1/3 of the Height.

Lombo and kidney :

Arch, seen of profile, with musculature very developed in width. Its length a p less than 1/5 of the Height and the width a p less of the length.  

Ventre and flanks :
The inferior line of the log must rimontare, after the sternale region, towards the flanks, but leggermente. The long flanks must be how much the lombi.  

Rump :
Wide the 1/7 of the height garrese, muscolosa and lasua equal length approximately to 1/3 of the Height, its inclination of approximately 10 on the horizontal, therefore considered horizontal.  

Tail :
Given to the little inclination of the rump high the inserted tail; large and sturdy to the root, it goes gradatamente diminishing of grossezza towards the tip. Its length must be equal to the height of little devout the front limb to the elbow or. Capacity horizontally. Its portamento would have to be one nearly straight line in all its length, however one tail to shape of scimitarra pu being admitted. supplied of fringe to triangle shape isoscele, that it has beginning to two or three centimeters from the root of the tail.  

Sexual organs
Normally it develops to you and in their natural center: the two testicoli must be of correct and equal development, contained in the scroto.  

Front limbs

Appiombi normal seen of profile :
1) the vertical one, lowered from the bachelor-humeral articulation (tip of the shoulder or the arm) must fall touching the tip of the fingers.

2) the vertical one lowered the omero-radial articulation must divide in two equal parts (equal qusi and greater the front part), the forearm, the carpo, exiting outside posteriorly to level of the met of the length of the metacarpo.

Appiombi normal seen of forehead :
The vertical one lowered the bachelor-humeral articulation must divide in two nearly equal parts the forearm, the carpo, metacarpo and the foot.
The length of the front limb to the equal elbow to the met of the Height . 

Shoulder :
Long 1/4 of the Height, tilted of 45- 55 on the horizontal, with muscles very develop to you and free in the movements.
The tips of the bachelor approached between they.

Arm :
As the supplied muscle shoulder a lot develops to you and strongly skeleton. Inclination of approximately on the 65 has one horizontal and the length approximately 30% of the Height. Its direction nearly parallel to the median plan of the body.  

Forearm :
Strongly skeleton, forehead approval must follow the vertical one lowered from the tip of the bachelor-humeral articulation, its section oval. Along how much the arm. The elbows must be found in a flat parallel to the median plan of the body.  

Carpo :
On the vertical line of the seen forearm of forehead; the metacarpi seen of profile they must be spread so that the vertical one lowered from the radial omero articulation must divide in two equal parts the forearm and the carpo and exit outside to met of the length of the metacarpo. Its length a p advanced of 1/6 of the height of all the limb to the elbow.  

Foot :
Of shape oval with very near between they and arch, covered fingers of driven in hair. Sole hard and nails strong ricurve and pigmented of black.  

Posterior limbs

Appiombi normal seen of profile :
The vertical one lowered from the tip of the buttock must always touch the tip of the fingers, having the metatarso to be in vertical position.

Appiombi normal seen posteriorly :
The vertical one lowered from the tip of the buttock must divide in two equal parts the tip of the garretto, metatarso and foot.  

Thigh :
Wide, long, and muscolosa with convex posterior margin, its oblique direction from the high to the bottom and GO BACK TO LIST in ahead (75%) and, regarding the vertical one, parallel to the median plan of the body. Its length must be inferior to the third party of the Height and the width of the external face of 1/4 of the Height.  

Leg :
With strong skeleton, dry musculature in its advanced part and very marked gambale rabbet. Its little inferior length to that one of the thigh and its inclination of approximately 40-45 on the horizontal.  

Garretto :
Its faces must be the much wide and its angle closed enough.
The posterior line that they give the tip of the garretto comes down to earth must be found on the vertical one and the extension of the line of buttocks. The distance from the tip of the garretto to earth must be of approximately 27% of the Height.

Metatarso :
Sturdy, dry. For its length you see garretto. The metatarso it always must be in vertical position. Approval of profile in perpendicularly normal if the vertical one lowered from the tip of the buttock touches the tip of the fingers. Its inner face must be lacking in spurs.

Foot :
With all requirement of front and p a little oval.

Hair :
Along from 5 to 6 cm., of setaceo webbing, leggermente undulated, with rich frange, not folte. Along on the body, on the external face of the pavilion, form fringe to the posterior margin of the limbs, to the sternale region, the throat and the tail. The feet between the fingers, very are guarnite of hair. Abundant Sottopelo only in the winter season.  

Color of the mantle :
Black darkness, but shining with blue glares and spots of color mahogany to fixed centers. The spots must be of ink without tizzonature and cos are distributed:
1) Two clean spots to the sopraccigliari regions with not advanced diameter to two centimeters.
2) To high not devout the lateral faces of the snout of the base of the tartufo.
3) To the throat
4) Two wide spots to the chest.
5) To the front until nearly to the elbow in the inner face and little devout limbs on of the carpo front.
6) To the inner face of the thigh and they can extend until the garretto and to the external margin of the metatarso; the fringe of the metatarso must be of black color.
7) On the feet.
8) Around the ano.
tolerated one small spot white woman to the chest.

Skin :
Thin, very adherent in every region of the body, it does not have to form giogaia to the throat and the neck, n wrinkles on the skull. The mucosae and the sclerose must have black pigment and cos also the nails and the sole of the digital bearings plantari them and must be black.

Height :
In i males from cm. 58 to cm. 64; in the females from cm. 52 to cm. 62, with tolerance of two centimeters in devout and less.

Weight :
From Kg. 22 to 30  

Sailing point :
To the gallop.

The ideal height of cm. 60.