General aspect

Small dog from job to long hair, of great beauty, the Shetland not absolutely heavy of rough. Animal hair, criniera and dicky a lot folti, head very carved and sweet expression are the salienti features of this dog. Alert, sweet, intelligent, solid and alacre, the affectionate and receptive in the comparisons of master but rather classified Shetland also with the strangers.

In detail

the head refined in the lines and, seen gives over or gives under, has the shape of a lengthened cone, cut, that it goes progressively shrinking itself from the orecchie to the tartufo. the jaws are of equal length, clean and strong. The eyes are of medium dimensions, to almond, arranged obliquamente.Gli ears they are small and moderately wide to the base. The muscoloso neck, very arch the body of leggermente advanced length to the Height.

Ransom: ideal 37 cm in the male, 35 cm in the female.

It falls: attacked low, it catches up the tip of the garretto.

Colors: sable, tricolour, blumerlo, black and black and focato white man or.

Defects to avoid  

. . Spots white women on the body

. . Orecchie completely erected

. . Ransom beyond the limits  


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:



Lively, sweet, intelligent, solid and active.



Affectionate and receptive in the comparisons of the master, classified towards the strangers, never frightening.


Head and skull

Head of lines refined, seen of over and of profile has shape of lengthened cone that it goes gradatamente diminishing dallorecchio to the tartufo.

The width of the skull proporzionata to the length of the skull and de snout.

Linsieme of the head must be considered in connection with the ransom of the dog.

The flat skull, of width moderated between the orecchie, without prominenze of the crest occipita them.

The cheeks are flat and they are melted sweetly in a snout very rounded off.

The skull and the snout are of equal length and the center represented from the inner sconnessura dellocchio.

Of profile the advanced line of the skull must be parallel to the advanced line of the nasal cane with one stop little marked, but clearly.

The tartufo, labbra and the contour of the eyes is black.

Characteristic Lespressine the result of a perfect equilibrium and dellarmonia of the skull and the nasal cane, the shape of the eyes, the position and the correct portamento of the orecchie.


Set of teeth

Jaws of equal length, clean and strong; the inferior jaw very developed.

Healthy teeth with closing to perfect, regular scissor and complete, it is worth to say I recorded to you advanced they cover the inferiors to tightened contact and are implants to you in square regarding the jaws well.



Of medium dimensions, arranged oblique, to shape of almond, color brown but that in the blue merle, where or both can be blue or spotted of blue.



Moderately wide small and to the base, enough near mail on the sommit of the skull When the dog in rest is capacities GO BACK TO LIST, when in attention are and seeds ahead erected capacities with the tips that fall back in ahead.



Muscoloso, very modeled, of such length to allow the fierce portamento of the head.



Shoulders very tilted allindietro.

To the garrese the bachelor are not separated that from the vertebre but they are tilted towards lesterno in order allowing the curving of the ribs that demanded.

Very angled humeral bachelor Larticolazione. The arm and the bachelor are of length   devout or less equal. The elbow to equal distance from the garrese from the ground.

The front limbs must be in perpendicularly when they are seen of clean forehead, muscolosi and; their strong skeleton:

The metacarpi they are solid and flexible.




The length of the log, from the tip of the shoulder to the tip of the thigh, leggermente advanced allaltezza to the garrese. The deep chest r catches up the tip of the elbow.

Ribs very you try, but in the met advanced they are tilted to fused in order to allow the melted movement of the inferior limbs and the shoulders.

The straight dorsal line and the line of the kidney light curving introduces one.

The rump is tilted gradually towards the posterior one.



The wide and muscolosa thigh, the femore one forms an angle resisted with the coxale.

Larticolazione of ginocchio (the point where the femore meets the tibia) forms a clearly marked angle.

The garretto in, the angled one and very come down; its strong skeleton.

Approval of GO BACK TO LIST the metatarso must be in perpendicularly.


. Piede

Of shape very thick oval, bearings, fingers bent and locked.



Attacked low. The vertebre tail they go gradatamente losing weight itself and they catch up at least the tip of the garretto. The abundant hair, the tail curve leggermente towards lalto.

When the dog in action pu to be leggermente high capacity, but never above the level of the dorsal line.

It must not never have nodes.



Soft sailing point, collection and aggraziate, limpulso given from the posterior limbs, the dog must cover the maximum land with the minimal effort.

To intercross or to roll, lambio, rigid landatura, hopping landatura with obvious vertical oscillation, are serious defects much.



Double hair. Hair of long, and straight hard cover. Soft, and short driven in Sottopelo. Abundant Criniera and collar a lot and front limbs very frangiati. Posterior limbs covered of hair a lot abundant over the garretti, but to of under   enough short hair.

Hair of the shaved snout.

The type known under the name of short hair to discard.



  Fulvi: luminosity or charges of coal, is admitted all tonalit delloro the pale to the intense mahogany, but in its gradazione the color must be of supported tone (gray lupo and gray is from avoiding).

Tricolour: black intense on the body with focature it lives to us.

Blue merle: blue silverplated, schizzato and marmorizzato luminosity of black; they will be from preferring focature lives to us, but their absence does not go penalized; leffetto it must be blue and great black spots, color slate or tonalit rust is in the hair that in the sottopelo is from forbidding.

Black and R-bianco.e.nero and focato: are recognized colors; the spots white women can appear (but that in the black one focato) on the chest, the collar, the limbs and sullestremit of the tail; the spots white women will be    preferred in part or theirs totalit   (but that in the black one focato), but their not penalized absence sar; spots white women on the body are forbidden.



  Ideal Laltezza to the garrese of 37 cm for i males and 35,5 cm pearls females; every surplus in devout or less than 2,5 cm constitutes serious defect.



  Every exception to foretold how much must be considered defect, than sar penalized to second of the gravit.



  The males must completely have two testicoli of normal aspect reductions in the scroto.