FCI-Standard N° 208  / 20.04.1998 / GB


ORIGIN : Tibet.

PATRONAGE : Great Britain.



No breeding to signal
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UTILIZATION : Companion dog.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. : Group     9     Companion and Toy Dogs.
                                              Section    5     Tibetan breeds.
                                              Without working trial.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Sturdy, abundantly coated dog with distinctly arrogant carriage and chrysanthemum-like face.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Intelligent, active and alert.  Friendly and independant.

HEAD : Head broad, round, wide between the eyes.  Shock-headed with hair falling well over eyes.  Good beard and whiskers, hair growing upwards on the nose giving a distinctly chrysanthemum-like effect.

Stop : Definite.

Nose : Black but dark liver in liver or liver marked dogs.  Top of nose leather should be on a line with or slightly below lower eyerim.  Downpointed nose highly undesirable.  Wide open nostrils.  Pinched nostrils highly undesirable.
Muzzle : Of ample width, square, short, not wrinkled, flat and hairy.  Length about one inch (2,5 cm) from tip to stop.  Bridge of the nose level or slightly tip tilted.  Pigmentation of muzzle as unbroken as possible.
Lips : Level.
Jaws/Teeth : Wide, slightly undershot or level.
Eyes : Large, dark, round, placed well apart but not prominent.  Warm expression.  In liver or liver marked dogs, lighter eye colour permissible.  No white of eye showing.
Ears : Large, with long leathers, carried drooping.  Set slightly below crown of skull, so heavily coated they appear to blend into hair of neck.

NECK : Well proportioned, nicely arched.  Sufficient length to carry head proudly.

BODY : Longer between withers and root of the tail than height at withers.
Back : Level.
Loin : Well coupled and sturdy.
Chest : Broad and deep.

TAIL : Heavily plumed carried gaily well over back.  Set on high.  Height approximately level with that of skull to give a balanced outline.


FOREQUARTERS : Legs short and muscular with ample bone, as straight as possible, consistent with broad chest being well let down.
Shoulders : Firm, well laid back.

HINDQUARTERS : Legs short and muscular with ample bone.  Straight when viewed from the rear.  Legs looking massive on account of wealth of hair.
Thighs : Well rounded and muscular.

FEET : Rounded, firm and well padded, appearing big on account of wealth of hair.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : Arrogant, smooth-flowing, front legs reaching well forward, strong rear action and showing full pad.


HAIR : Long, dense not curly, with good undercoat.  Slight wave permitted.  Strongly recommended that hair on head tied up.

COLOUR : All colours permissible, white blaze on forehead and white tip to tail highly desirable in parti-colours.

Height at the withers : Not more than 26.7 cm (10 1/2 ins), type and breed characteristics of the utmost importance and on no account to be sacrificed to size alone.
Weight : 4.5 to 8.1 kg (10-18 lbs).  Ideal weight 4.5-7.3 kg (10-16 lbs).

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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Going back documents and designs to XVI the century, show of the small somiglianti dogs to of the lions in miniatura (the Shih- Tzu come also call small lions to you, to times). In XVII century i dogs have been capacities from forbidden Tibet to the citt of Beijing and raise to you intercrossing them with the Lhasa Apso Tibetano and the Pekinese. The become Shih-Tzu the preferred dog from the Chinese imperial court. For many years this exported first race not never be exported and cucciolo in England laughed them to 1930. Today this much popular one and known race is like dog from company that like dog from exhibition.


This small but   strongly dog, like the Lhasa Apso, has a sottopelo lanoso, covered from a long and setoso mantle.   Dog from the fierce look has the hair over the nose that grows towards lalto, donandogli a funny face from crisantemo. The head rounded off with abundant beard and moustaches, the short and hairy snout and the black nose. The stop very defined. The eyes are large, round and in the greater part of the cases they are dark, except in the blue exemplary. The falling ears are covered from hair that is stirred with that one of the body. The teeth must be closed in a bite to tenaglia. The top-linens uniform and the body a po devout along dellaltezza to the garrese. The removal of the optional spur. The tail to spandrel is goffered on the posterior part.


The Shih-Tzu a dog much careful one. And likeable, stubborn allegro but. And a noble, brave dog but to times arrogant. It is well in company of children, not too much it lives and discoli to us. The Shih-Tzu makes friendship easy and if trained constantly to give bonds it turns out to you. And a dog from guard much careful one and in calm house. And stubborn and intelligent. This small and lively dog, become attached to just the landladies, wish to be to contact with people and usually it goes daccordo with other animals.

  Height and weight: Height: 28cm
Weight: 4-7 kg.

Problems of health :

They stretch to having a gasping and russano breath. Some exemplary that derive from particular lines of blood are predisposed to having problems to the orecchie, to the eyes and allapparato respiratory. An other problem pu to be hernia of the disc caused from the piedini posterior that is short and long. Their teeth need of taken care of visits veterinaries in how much stretch to falling soon. These dogs stretch to fatten easy and they would not have to never be soprappeso.

Living conditions:

These dogs are adapted to the life dappartamento and will be well also without a garden. They suffer the warmth.


The Shih-Tzu an active dog therefore needs at least one   pair of daily walks. Not to give too much to eat to this race otherwise ingrasser quickly.


approximately 15 devout years or.


This small dog demands one brushed daily. It must be maintained to the contour of the eyes and the orecchie clean. In fact the Shih-Tzu has the particularly sensitive eyes: they exist in commerce of the special drops for problems to the eyes. This race goes well for who suffers from allergy to the hair in how much loses some least if it comes regularly brushed.



The Standard

Standard F.C.I. n208/C 24/VI/1987


  •         General Aspect : Sturdy dog, from the abundant cape, characterized from the arrogant portamento and the snout "to crisantemo".

  •         Characteristics : Intelligent, reactive and alert.

  •         Temperament : Sociable and independent.

  •         Head and Skull : Wide, round, wide head between the eyes. Along hair beard falls back well on the eyes folta moustaches and hairs revolts towards the high on the nose in order to create the typical effect to crisantemo. Wide snout, squared, short, plate, without wrinkles and very supplied of hair. Black Tartufo, but color dark liver in the subjects liver and to spots liver. Long nasal cane approximately one inch (cm 2,54). Straight Tartufo or leggermente to the ins. root of the aligned nasal cane with stop or right under the inferior eyelid. Narici very opened. Spiovente nasal cane and narici highly undesirable grips. Joined Pigmentazione of tartufo devout the possible one.

  •         Eyes : Large, dark, round, very it distances to you, not sporgenti. Warm expression. in the subjects color liver or to spots liver, admitted a devout eye of color clearly. The white man does not have to be visible.

  •         Orecchie : Large, with long cartilage, hanging capacities. Attacked right under the crown of the skull, much guarnite of hair that this seems to melt itself with the hair of the neck.

  •         Mouth : Wide, with light prognatismo or the two jaws aligned. Labbra levelled.

  •         Neck : Very proporzionato, arch in aggraziato way, of sufficient length for being able to carry with fierezza the head.

  •         Front Limbs : Very rear shoulders. Short and muscolosi limbs with good skeleton, devout possible the rights, proporziona you to the wide thorax and very come down.

  •         Feet : It rounds off, solid and it equips you to you of good plantari bearings. They seem large because of the wealth of the hair.

  •         Tail : Very piumata and capacity gladly very over the back, attacked high; it approximately catches up the height of the skull in order to create a balanced effect.

  •         Sailing point : Arrogating. fluid, elastic movements good front extension, strong posterior propulsion.

  •         Cape : Along, folto, not curly, with good sottopelo. Admitted one light undulation. it is lively recommended to tie the hair on the head.

  •         Color : All colors are admitted. In the pluricolori subjects a lot wished one flame white woman on the forehead and the tip white woman of the tail.

  •         Weight and Ransom : from the 4,5 to the 8.1 Kg; the ideal weight goes from the 4,5 to the 7,3 kg. The Height does not have to exceed i 26,7 cm. Tipicit and the characteristics of the race are most important and they do not have to be sacrificed to the single ransom.

  •         Defects : Every shunting line the standard and to consider a defect, that it goes penalized the gravit second.

  •         Notes: The males must have two testicoli of normal aspect, very reductions in the scroto.