The splendid exemplary of the photos are of the breeding maliusinky



  main characteristic of this dog the fur, raised from an abundant sottopelo; they hit in particular the zone of the neck, covered from opulent a criniera, and folta the tail capacity on the back. The snout, proporzionato to the skull, not too much along. The tartufo, round small and, of black color, unless in the subjects browns.


Brazen, curious, audacious and alert, they become attached the master and they are tied with absolute devozione. In compensation, they are mistrustful in the comparisons of the strangers. They have a squillante voice, that they stretch to make to feel rather often turning out optimal alarmists


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Official Standard


Always alert, lively and extraordinarily become attached the owner; much receptive and easy trainable one. Resistant to the inclemencies, sturdy and long-lived. Mistrustful towards the strangers, lacking in whichever instinct of hunting, the ideal caretaker of the house in campaign or the small farm. Excellent the large ones spitz for the guard, always to the erta and ready to giving to the alarm to whichever noise suspicion; the small, simpati to us and graceful, are employed also from company.

Sailing point

Flowing and elastic light trot, for effect of one good push gives GO BACK TO LIST.


Double: that one of long cover, straight and borne away from the body; sottopelo short, often and stuffed with wadding. Head, ears, front part of the limbs and covered feet of short and dense hair (vellutato), along and abundant instead that one of the rest of the body; not undulated n curly, n ispido, not divided to leave from the line of the back. Neck and shoulders covered from rich criniera; posterior parts of the front limbs very frangiate; posterior covered, from the rump to the garretto, an opulent one culotte ; folta tail.
Very adherent skin to the body, without folds.

You see "Variet", for ciascuna of the several ransoms.


Head and skull
Head of medium largeness; wide skull devout GO BACK TO LIST (seen gives over), that it goes diminishing to cone until the tartufo. Moderately pronounced Stop (of profile). Tondeggianti, if delicately also not sporgenti cheeks. Snout very proporzionato regarding the skull, not too much lung; tartufo small and round, black pure, except in the subjects from the cape brown (dark brown, in this case). Labbra not overlapping, very stiff, without folds to the commessura. Completely black in all the variet of colors, except in the subjects brown (where they are of color dark brown).

Of medium largeness, leggermente it lengthen and a p to you of devious; of dark color; eyelids pigmented of black in all the variet, except in the subjects from the cape brown (where they are of color dark brown).

Orecchie small, a lot drawn near, to tip and triangular; attacked high and always erected capacities, with the very rigid tip.

Set of teeth
Jaws normally developed, scissor articulation; complete set of teeth (42 teeth in the spitz-lupo, spitz of the great ransom and the mean, tolerated in the small and the dwarf absence of a reduced premolar number).

Of medium length, wide to the attack between the shoulders, the nape appears leggermente arch; without giogaia, covered from collar to criniera.


Enough wide rights and on. Long and tilted bachelor GO BACK TO LIST; arm nearly along how much the shoulder, with scapulo-humeral angle-shot of 90 approximately; shoulder of good musculature, saldamente adherent to the thoracic cage. Elbows from the strong articulation, very adherent to the thorax, do not turn to you in within n in outside.
Forearms of medium length, vigorous regarding the log, perfectly straight, with the part GO BACK TO LIST very frangiata. Metacarpi solid and medium long; angle-shot with the forearm of approximately 20 regarding the vertical one.

Many muscolosi, with abundant coulottes until the garretto; rights and parallels. Nearly equally long thigh and leg. Moderately angled, solid and not moved Grassella in within n in outside, in motion. Metatarsi of medium length, sturdiest and perpendicular to the ground.

Devout small possible, round, with fingers tight (of cat) and very arched, those front ones; posterior, the not equally round ones, with very tight fingers and resistant bearings. Nails and devout bearings of dark color the possible one.


Very lowered and arch; very developed the region of the sterno; thoracic cage developed devout the possible one GO BACK TO LIST.

The advanced line, to leave from the tip of the orecchie, prolongeds horizontally, after one sweet incurvatura, in the back (the profile completed from folta the tail rigirata on the back, than of it it covers a part). Very pronounced Garrese, than progressively is melted with the back, devout possible, straight and the short strong one; short, wide and strong kidney; wide, short rump, not lowered.

Moderately retratto.


Attacked high and of medium length, a lot folta, erected end from the root, rigirata in ahead and rolled up on the back (it is leaned to you saldamente).


All us that discosti from the indicated standard verr penalized the gravit second.
Serious defects : defective structure or sailing point; too much flat head or too much to time; tartufo, clear eyelids and labbra; eyes too much large, prominenti or infossati; premolars lacking in the subjects of average or great ransom.
Defects from disqualification : macchioline white women very delimited in every variet of ransom; persistence of the fontanelle; prognatismo and enognatismo; stumped ear; not perfectly decreased monorchidismo, criptorchidismo, testicoli in scroto or one of the two not sufficiently developed.


Volpino-lupo (wolfspitz)
Height: 50 cm; tolerance of 5 cm in devout or in less (admitted ransoms until 60 cm, but only if not altered the general aspect).
Color Grigio-lupo (gray-cloud, cio sprayed of black on the tips of every hair): it is worth to say a gray-silver-plated one, with carbonature (black shadings to the estremit of the hairs); mask not too much dark; clear criniera devout, like the zone of the shoulders (finimenti); gray-silver-plated front and posterior limbs, without black signs under the elbows or the garretti; tip of the black tail, with inferior part and coulottes clear gray-silver.

Volpino of great ransom (grospitz)
Height: 46 cm; tolerance of 4 cm in devout or less.
Color Black: sottopelo and skin dark; in laccato surface the black one, without traces of white man and the minimal sign. Brown: dark, equally distributed and uniform. White man: pure, without the minimal shadow, especially in the yellowish shadings that often are met on the ears.

Volpino of medium ransom (mittelspitz)
Height: 34 cm; tolerance of 4 cm in devout or less.
Color Black, brown, white man, orange (equally distributed and uniform, in the medium shading of the international scale of the colors RAL), gray-lupo (gray-cloud), or other colors (agree: cream, cream-beaver, orange-beaver, black and focato, screziato; screzia you must have bottom white man and the black spots, browns, grey or orange must be distributed on all the body).

Volpino of small ransom (kleinspitz)
Height: 26cm; tolerance of 3 cm in devout or less.
Color. Black, brown, white man, orange, gray-lupo (gray-cloud), or other colors.

Volpino dwarf (zwergspitz)
Height: 20 cm; tolerance of 2 cm in devout or in less (does not search to you subject under 18 cm).
Color. Black, brown, white man, orange, gray-lupo (gray-cloud), or other colors.

The indications supplied for several the colors over emphasize you are worth for all the variet in which they resort.
The German denominations correspondents are: Wei (white man); Altfarben - Braun oder Schwarz (old colors - black brown or); Neufarben - Orange, Graugewolkt & Andersfarbig (new colors - orange, gray-lupo or gray-cloud and other colors).

Approved of 9 Decembers 1996
In vigor 31 January 1997




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