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FCI-Standard N° 76/ 20. 01. 1998 / GB


ORIGIN : Great Britain.



CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. : Group 3         Terriers.
                                             Section 3        Bull type Terriers.
                                             Without working trial.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Smooth-coated, well balanced, of great strength for his size.  Muscular, active and agile.

BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT : Traditionally of indomitable courage and tenacity.  Highly intelligent and affectionate especially with children.  Bold, fearless and totally reliable.

HEAD : Short.

Skull : Deep through with broad skull.
Stop : Distinct.

Nose : Black.
Muzzle : Short foreface.
Jaws/Teeth : Jaws strong, teeth large, with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i. e. upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaw.
Lips : Tight and clean.
Cheeks : Very pronounced cheek muscles.
Eyes : Dark preferred but may bear some relation to coat colour.  Round, of medium size, and set to look straight ahead.  Eye rims dark.
Ears : Rose or half pricked, not large or heavy.  Full, drop or pricked ears highly undesirable.

NECK : Muscular, rather short, clean in outline gradually widening towards shoulders.

BODY : Close-coupled.
Topline : Level.
Chest : Wide front, deep brisket, well sprung ribs ; muscular and well defined.

TAIL : Medium length, low set, tapering to a point and carried rather low.  Should not curl much and may be likened to an old-fashioned pump handle.


Legs straight and well boned, set rather wide apart, showing no weakness at the pasterns, from which point feet turn out a little.
Shoulders : Well laid back.
Elbows : No looseness.

HINDQUARTERS : Well muscled. Legs parallel when viewed from GO BACK TO LIST.
Stifles : Well bent.
Hocks : Well let down.

FEET : Well padded, strong and of medium size.  Nails black in solid coloured dogs.

GAIT/ MOVEMENT : Free, powerfull and agile  with economy of effort.  Legs moving parallel when viewed from front or rear.  Discernible drive from hindlegs.


HAIR : Smooth, short and close.

COLOUR : red, fawn, white, black or blue, or any one of these colours with white.  Any shade of brindle or any shade of brindle with white.  Black and tan or liver colour highly undesirable.

SIZE AND WEIGHT : Desirable height at withers : 14-16 ins. (35,5 to 40,5 cm), these heights being related to the weights.
Weight : Dogs      : 28-38 lbs (12,7-17 kg).
              Bitches   : 24-34 lbs (11-15,4 kg)

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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The most resistant and strongest dog, the Staffordshire BuII terrier was used a time in the combats between dogs and for the guard. Equipped of extraordinary force in connection with the small ransom, mistrustful one with the strangers has a character to times much. In family, viceversa, it is demonstrated sociable and affectionate, also with the devout small. Given its vivacit, much space for being able itself has need to move liberations. Its short cape demands very little cures.

THE ORIGINS When lallevatore James Hinks cre the modern Bull terrier, seems had left just from the race today called Staffordshire, than soon it came supplanted from the new type of dog. However, in the region from which the race it takes the name, some get passionate to you continued to raise it with much passion, maintaining it in purity in spite of the race officially were not recognized from the Kennel Club. Its specialistic club was founded in 1935 and before then it had been attempted of affinarne the type intercrossing it also with the Manchester terrier. Its notoriet pu to say that from then exploded in all the Anglo-Saxon countries, where, still today, much popular one. Outside of they, viceversa, it little remains a dog known and a lot often confused with the pitt bul.


The Staffordshire bull terrier a dog from the strong solid structure and, with great muscular development and agile movement. The head, not too much long, has a wide skull and flat, on which the orecchie from the shape to rose with portamento are placed seeds erected.



Height and weight .

  • Height: from 35 to 40 cm, in relation to the weight.
  • Weight: males from 12,5 to 17 kg, females from 10,8 to 15 kg.

    Head Short, deep. Wide skull. Muscles of cheeks a lot pronounces to you. Deep Stop. Short snout, with tartufo black. I recorded you of the inferior jaw that joins closely to those of the advanced jaw. Labbra adherent.

    Eyes Preferibilmente black, round, of medium largeness, situates to you so as to to watch straight in ahead.

    Orecchie Not large, to rose or elevated.  

    Neck Rather short, muscoloso, than is increased gradatamente towards the shoulders.

    Front limbs Rights, with good skeleton, rather distant between than they.

    Body Solid, with the levelled advanced profile. Come down and wide chest. Deep thorax, with ribs very you try and rather to read to the flanks.

    Posterior limbs Muscolosi.

  • Garretti very reductions.
  • Metatarsi very angled.
  • Legs seen parallels give GO BACK TO LIST.
  • Feet. Strong, of medium largeness, with good it uses.  
  • Tail Of medium length, attacked low, than they are lost weight towards the tip.

    Mantle Smooth hair, short, soft, adherent. Color: red, beige, white man, black, blue, or one whichever of these colors joined the white man.

    LALIMENTAZIONE The alimentary requirementses for this tenacious one terrier vary, to second of the weight and the sex, from the 900 to the 1,100 Kcal/giomo. Such data reported to subjects in rest condition that gi have caught up the physical development from adult. In the diet, to the aim to reduce eventual phenomena fermented to you that they happen nellintestino crasso, they are from reducing the meats of qualit mediocre, carbon hydrates and lapporto in boneses.

    THE EVERY DAY CURES And a supplied dog of a short and smooth hair cape that does not demand particular cures. Periodic Luso of a glove of horsehair passed on all the body, alternated with a flannel cloth, allows to eliminate died hairs, cellular detritus, dirt, etc.

    FROM THE VETERINARY The spurs, present are to the front limbs that to those posterior ones, for the emergency of the dog must be amputate to you from birth after some day.