the subjects of the photos are of the breedings Toe-Khaley and Nam-Yu


FCI-Standard N° 209   / 20.04.1998  / GB


ORIGIN : Tibet.

PATRONAGE : Great Britain.


UTILIZATION : Companion dog.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. :  Group     9     Companion and Toy Dogs.
                                               Section    5     Tibetan breeds.
                                               Without working trial.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Sturdy, medium-sized, long-haired, generally square outline; resolute expression.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Lively, good-natured.  Loyal companion dog with many engaging ways.  Outgoing, alert, intelligent and game; neither fierce nor pugnacious.  Sparing of affection to strangers.

HEAD : Head well furnished with long hair, falling forward over eyes.  Lower jaw carrying small, but not exaggerated amount of beard.

Skull : Of medium length, neither broad nor coarse, narrowing slightly from ear to eye, neither domed nor absolutely flat between ears.
Stop : Marked in front of eyes, but not exaggerated.

Nose : Black.
Muzzle : Strong.  Length from eye to tip of nose equal to length from eye to base of skull.
Jaw/Teeth : Lower jaw well developed.  Incisors set in slight curve, evenly spaced and set perpendicular to jaw.  Scissor or reversed scissor bite.
Cheeks : Zygomatic arch curved, but not overdeveloped so as to bulge.
Eyes : Large, round, neither prominent nor sunken; set fairly wide apart; dark brown.  Eye rims black.
Ears : Pendant, carried not too close to head, V-shaped, not too large, heavily feathered.

BODY : Well muscled, compact and powerful. Length from point of shoulder to root of tail equal to height at withers.
Back : Level over ribs.
Loin : Short, slightly arched.
Croup : Level.
Chest : Well ribbed up.

TAIL : Medium length, set on fairly high and carried in a gay curl over back.  Very well feathered.  Kink near tip often occurring and permissible.


FOREQUARTERS : Heavily furnished.  Legs straight and parallel.
Shoulders : Well laid.
Pasterns  : Slightly sloping.

HINDQUARTERS : Heavily furnished.
Stifles : Well bent.
Hocks : Low set.

FEET : Large, round, heavily furnished with hair between toes and pads.  Standing well down on pads; no arch in feet.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : Smooth; good reach; powerful drive.  When walking or trotting hind legs should track neither inside nor outside the front legs.


HAIR : Double coat.  Undercoat fine and woolly.  Top coat profuse, fine but not silky nor woolly; long; either straight or waved but not curled.

COLOUR : White, golden, cream, grey or smoke, black, parti-colour and tricolours; in fact any colour except chocolate or liver permissible.

SIZE   :
Height at shoulder :       Dogs    35.6 - 40.6 cm (14 - 16 ins);
                                   bitches slightly smaller.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Automatic translate from

According to the common theory devout, the Terrier of Tibet would be devout the ancient one of the original small breeds of this part dellAsia. It makes of he one us of the old devout dogs of the world: the Terrier of Tibet has in fact devout of 2' 000 years!!!

Sacred dog, dog portafortuna, the Terrier of Tibet was object of thousand attentions from part of its masters, it is in reason of its history is because of the its great intelligence and of its lives participation in the societ human. It came raised in the monasteri and highly was considered. It had the lookout role and therefore it perceived the monaci in case someone was approached the monastero.

Today it is believed that docilit and the lassenza of aggressivit has had to the fact that these dogs have lived in a collected and spiritual atmosphere which that one of the monasteri.

The Tibetani nicknamed them Small Persons, probably because of theirs adattabilit to the human life, moreover considered them bearers of felicit and R-di.fortuna.

For a shape respect, the Terrier of Tibet never did not come sold, but offered to visitors or friends, in pledge of felicit and prosperit.

in this way that, in 1920, the doctor Agns Greig introduced in Europe the first subjects of this race, than a tibetana prince had offered to them in sign of thanks for the received medical cures.

Dog from company to 100%, but the Terrier of Tibet also a personage.
Much natural one in its aspect and its behavior, spontaneous, frank, allegro, rather calm, and above all much neighbor to its landladies. Not the case to make of the Terrier of Tibet a precious and sophisticated dog, that it prefers the pillows and the ribbons to lesercizio physicist. in fact one peasant, active race, perspicacityes and flood of vivacit.

The Terrier of Tibet a small dog (devout the large one of the small dogs), with the character and the great temperament dun, whose education demands one sure psycology and firmness.

Its natural nature would be accompanied badly to every type of brutalit. N enslaved big doll n, this dog wants to be respected. Enough individualista, but not dominating, an expert of the seduzione, aspect that ago part of its world and its identit.

In spite of in its name, we do not have to that to make just with a true one and terrier, but rather with a guardiano, than sapr to perceive allarrivo its landladies of a stranger.

Because of its ransom, of its vivacit, its humour, its affectionate character and its adattabilit, the Terrier of Tibet the dog who we have always dreammed for the family life. Devout you will live in its company, devout you will speak to it, devout you will introduce it the outer world and you will make it to meet new persons, devout he to be astonished. To contact with the humans, its intelligence is aroused, its sharp spirit, and very soon catturer lattenzione of all the present ones.

the bath:

All the baths have the same procedure, are that the dog has a lot little or hair, are that it is young or old.

To normal temperature for a human, bathed the dog on the body with the shower, poured a po of shampoo diluted with dellacqua lukewarm, makes you to penetrate it avoiding of massaggiare in all the directions (you will avoid the nodes in this way). You clean up with insistence in the regions of the mouth and seating.

You clean up the orecchie externally, not in profondit.

Risciacquate and you repeat loperazione.

Strizzate the hair of the dog with the hands, then tampona you it with lasciugamano so as to to absorb to the maximum lacqua avoided of massaggiare in all the directions in order to avoid the nodes!

With laiuto of a hair dryer and a brush, dried the dog leaving from the base of the hair and continuing towards lestremit. Dried legs brushing in contropelo for giving devout volume. Not forgotten to dry well linterno of the orecchie.

Finished passing the comb on all the body

The pulizia

The pulizia of the dog it depends on you, from yours disponibilit, your patience, your intuition and your reaction.

In order to obtain pulizia and order quickly, it must have of the precise timetables is for the meal is for the periods of rest. It must know that a dog makes its needs the devout ones of the times to its awakening and 2-3 hours after the meal. important that you do not play with the dog when the capacities outside making its needs. Lasciategli a po of time and when avr finished it encourages it to you, congratulating to you with he and caress it.

If you have a closed garden, would be interesting to make it to take a walk with the leash. In fact, many dogs refuse to make their needs if it attacks you to the leash, us that transfer creates problems at the moment of one. When the dog has ended to make its needs pu to re-enter in house and to continue to play.

The number of the daily escapes in order to make its needs would have to be gone around around the 5 or 6 times. Limportante that the dog is in a position to making its needs allesterno, without devout soiling in house, after 10-15 days. If, to the contrary, it continued to soil allinterno dellabitazione, you will have to punish it affinch comprises its error. If it had to remain indifferent in front of its error, you put yourselves in ginocchio with the face in front of its, prendetelo for the skin the neck (without fargli too much badly), mettetelo in front of its error, punitelo with a NOT firm one and strict and later on it leaves you to go it.

If it had instead to understand its error, you put yourselves in ginocchio in front of he, prendetelo (in calm way) for the collottola, portatelo to 20 cm from its soil and dategli a light one manata, sgridandolo strictly, then leaves you to go it.

Far away from its presence, cleaned up the soil carefully affinch the bad ones smell you scompaiano. It watches to you so as to to prevent a new error.

From the moment in which it begins to turn in round and to smell immediately for earth portatelo outside. In this way, associating the regular escapes, the felicitazioni and the reproachs, your dog would have to quickly become clean. If to 4 months, continuer to being dirty, bisogner to show devout severit in the punishments. However it must hold in consideration that is subject devout easy and premature and subject devout difficult.



General aspect: to the first blow docchio it must give limpressione of a square dog. The distance from the tip of the shoulder to the tail must be equal allaltezza of the garrese. Compact and muscoloso dog.

Ransom: from 35,6 to 40,6 cm approximately, for a weight that goes from 8 to 13 kg.

Head: folta, rich of long hairs. Flat, leggermente narrow cupola skull n n towards locchio. Stop net (between forehead and snout). The jaws form one clean curve. Light beard. Black nose. Mouth to laughing level or leggermente.

Closing of the teeth: preferred the closing to scissor.

Eyes: large, dark, enough distant, n sporgenti n it grooves to you. Pupille dark.

Orecchie: hanging, to shape of V, averages, many frangiate, not too much attacked to the head.

Body: compact, vigorous, folto in the region of the thoracic cage, kidneys leggermente arch.

Posterior limbs: fortified of abundant hair. Leggermente devout long of those front ones. Very angled Ginocchio and garretti low horizontal line brings back the back on one.

Front limbs: limbs fortified parallels and of abundant hair with light angle-shot of the metacarpi.

Feet: large, round, supplied of abundant hair, also between the fingers. The fingers of the feet do not have arch themselves.

Tail: of medium length, escape of tail rather high, capacity rolled up over the back. A lot very sfrangiata. C often a ricciolo close to the tip.

Movement: when it walks or trotta the posterior one manterr on the same dellanteriore trajectory.

Hair: , sottopelo lanoso and double thin, hair of abundant, thin but not setoso guard n lanoso, along, straight or waved


we thank breedings Toe-Khaley and Nam-Yu in order to have granted the material to us of this card