FCI-Standard N°86/ 28. 11. 2003 / GB



ORIGIN : Great Britain.


UTILIZATION : Toy Terrier.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. : Group 3              Terriers.
                                             Section 4             Toy Terriers.
                                             Without working trial.


No breeding to signal
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GENERAL APPEARANCE : Long-coated, coat hanging quite straight and evenly down each side, a parting extending from nose to end of tail.  Very compact and neat, carriage very upright conveying an important air.  General outline  conveying impression of vigorous and well proportioned body.

BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT : Alert, intelligent toy terrier.  Spirited with even disposition.


Skull : Rather small and flat, not too prominent or round.

Nose : Black.
Muzzle : Not too long.
Jaw/Teeth : Perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i. e. upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws.  Teeth well placed with even jaws.
Eyes : Medium, dark, sparkling, with sharp intelligent expression and placed to look directly forward.  Not prominent.  Edge of eyelids dark.
Ears : Small, V-shaped, carried erect, not too far apart, covered with short hair, colour very deep, rich tan.



NECK : Good reach.

BODY : Compact.
Back : Level.
Loins : Well sustained.
Ribs : Moderate spring o ribs.

TAIL : Customarily docked.
Docked : Medium length with plenty of hair, darker blue in colour than rest of body, especially at end of tail.  Carried a little higher than level of back. 
Undocked : Plenty of hair, darker blue in colour than rest of body, especially at end of tail.  Carried a little higher than level of back.  As straight as possible.  Length to give a well balanced appearance.


FOREQUARTERS : Legs straight, well covered with hair of rich golden tan a few shades lighter at end than at roots, not extending higher on forelegs than elbows.
Shoulders : Well laid.

HINDQUARTERS : Legs quite straight when viewed from GO BACK TO LIST, moderate turn of stifle.  Well covered with hair of rich golden tan a few shades lighter at ends than at roots, not extending higher on hindlegs than stifle.

FEET : Round ; nails black.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : Free with drive ; straight action front and GO BACK TO LIST, retaining level topline.




HAIR : On body moderately long, perfectly straight (not wavy), glossy ; fine silky texture, not woolly.  Fall on head long, rich golden tan, deeper in colour at sides of head, about ear roots and on muzzle where it should be very long.  Tan on head not to extend on to neck, nor must any sooty or dark hair intermingle with any of tan.

COLOUR : Dark steel blue (not silver blue), extending from occiput to root of tail, never mingled with fawn, bronze or dark hairs.  Hair on chest rich, bright tan.  All tan hair darker at the roots than in middle, shading to still lighter at tips.

WEIGHT : Weight up to 3,1 kg (7 lbs).

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

 This amended breed standard will become effective from April 2004

Automatic translate from

In little decades, this small dog of rare equipped beauty and of the typical temperament of the terrier, has changed trade, transforming itself from dared annihilator of rats in dog from company for excellence and is successful to conquer the admiration, the interest and the heart of most numerous admirers in all the continents, becoming between the breeds more popular of the world. Its origins are enough uncertain and its formation, like it we know, we are relatively recent and laughed them approximately to the half of XIX the century. Boost in the county of York seems that towards 1870, some laborers wool manufacturers of the Scozia moved themselves in the pressed ones of the city of Leeds, situated to the river close. In this zone the Airedale had already seen the NATO them: terrier of remarkable size and a a lot poured them. Some quite think that Yorkshire and Airedale are become related to you, perhaps for the characteristic of both the breeds of having the cape of black color to the birth, in order then to change ink. The already present Broken Haired, a variety of terrier by now extinguished, came intercrosses with the dogs capacities to you from the Scottish laborers.

Therefore a called Broken Haired Scotch was obtained dog, from the hair enough along, great hunter of rats, that it was used also in "ratting", that is the capture to time of the greater possible number of rats, activity that it came forbidden in England in 1912. Of leggermente advanced ransom to that one of the Yorky (the name is this with which the race often comes affectionately called), the Broken Haired Scotch divenne the faithful companion of laborers wool manufacturers, millers and miners who if they served some in order to hunt the present rapes in great number in the factories, in the botteghe, in the flour mills and the mines. In this terrier he second seems that it was immesso also blood of Maltese, of Bichon and, some students, also of Manchester, Black and tan Toy Terrier and Dandie Dinmont, even if of these last crossings not there is some sure news. Prototype of the race is considered from much Huddersfield Very, been born in 1865 and possession of the fixed characteristics then from the breeders working in consanguinity. The race came second recognized from the Kennel English Club in 1886 (others in 1887), and in 1898 detailed standard came written up one.
Its beauty very soon attracted to the attention of numerous cinofili and the Yorky divenne the companion of many personages in sight, rising to fashionable dog and a lot demanded, thanks also to its moral dowries. The great Italian cinologo Fiorenzo Fiorone therefore described the Yorkshire Terrier in years ' 40 of XIX the century: "E' one true zootecnica wonder: you figure a muff of serico hair, to inks vanished of gold, moventesi silver and lead with great rapidity, like if invisibile machine were animated from a sage which has to prow one small black tip, that it is that one of the nose and to breast a short prominenza, species of rudder, that it is the extremity of the tail, the all wonderful agitantesi with one agility and rapidity ".
Today the race is known and raised to highest levels all over the world, in particular way, beyond that in England, in France, Germany, Spain and Holland. In Italy a specialistico breeding had itself towards the end of years ' 40 of XX the century: that one of Mr. V.E. Brizzolesi of Genoa that it selected with affisso "the Blue Toys" and imported various riproduttori of high class from England. Until years ' 70 of XX the century, but, the number of the subjects produced in our Country was meager and single from 1972 constant increase began one that has carried to record in the Books of the Origins 3885 subjects in 1997 and 3495 in 1998. The race is today continuation from the Italian Society Amatori Yorkshire Terrier (S.I.A.Y.T.).
Character the Yorkshire Terrier has still today not forgotten its origins about hunter and he demonstrates it endured if of he has the occasion, since he succeeds without difficulty to capture the roditori small that succeed in stanare. E' the most intelligent dog and much becoming attached to the master, but a po' dispotico in family where, if it comes granted to it, it will stretch to impose its personality. E' a good friend of the children, but does not have to be allowed they to deal it like a giocattolino, because it expects respect. Equipped of olfatto and heard you ended to me, is an excellent guardiano that inform with barking insistent and po' arrogant of a every noise suspicion. The great courage of which the door is equipped also to assault an eventual intruder. With the strangers it is moderately mistrustful and single after to have known well them it grants greater confidenza. Much cleaning up, demands little of attention to the eyes that sometimes could have an excessive lacrimazione that goes daily cleaned up with products adapted.




General aspect

Dog to long hair; the hair falls back perfectly straight along sides of the body and in equal way from ciascuna part, divided from a scriminatura that goes from the tartufo to the tip of the tail. Much compact one, from the clean lines, with an erected portamento that d an important air. In its with from the impression of a vigorous body and very proporzionato.


E' a Terrier from active and intelligent company.


Equipped of large vitalit, brioso. Balanced.

Head and skull

Small and rather flat head, with skull not too much prominente and rounded off, snout not too much along, tartufo black.


Of medium dimension, dark, sparkling; they express alive an intelligence; they are placed so as to to watch straight in ahead. They are not sporgenti. The palpebral rhymes are dark.


Small, to shape of V, erected capacities, not too much distant one from the other; covered from a short hair; their supported and intense color of a rossiccio.


Set of teeth with closing to perfect, regular scissor and completes: cio I recorded to you advanced they cover the inferiors in one tightened contact and are implants to you in square in connection with the jaws very. The teeth very are arranged; the length of the equal jaw.


Of good elegant extension and.

Front limbs

Oblique shoulder; straight front limbs, very covered of intense a golden hair rossiccio that clearly introduces a pochino piu' to the estremit regarding the root and that one does not extend beyond the elbow.


Compact, with ribs a p arched, good kidneys. The straight dorsal line.

Posterior Limbs

The posterior limbs are perfectly straight, approvals give GO BACK TO LIST, femoral articulations coxo moderately flesse.
They very are covered of devout intense golden hair rossiccio that of some tone clearly to the estremit regarding the root and that does not extend to the grassella.


Round; the nails are black.


Generally cut met to length; covered of abundant hair, a dark devout blue that on the rest of the body, above all on the tip. The tail capacity a p devout high of the line of the back.

Sailing point - Movement

Melted sailing point, with good propulsion; front movements and posterior parallels and advanced line maintained very straight.


On the body the hair of moderated length, perfectly straight (and not undulated), lucente, of, and not lanoso fine and setosa webbing. On the head the long hair, of an intense color rossiccio golden, devout supported to sides of the head, to the base of the orecchie and on the snout, where the hair also a lot along. The intense color rossiccio of the head does not have to extend on the neck. No dark hair or carbonate must mischiarsi to the hair rossiccio.


Blue dark steel (not blue silverplated) that one extends from the occipite ones to the junction of the tail, never stirred to hairs rossicci, dark, or color bronze. On the chest the diamond and hair rossiccio intense. All the hairs rossicci are devout dark to the root regarding theirs met and become still devout luminosity to the estremit.


Until Kg. 3,1 (7 3,178 English pounds = Kg.)


Every shunting line the standard to consider a defect that goes penalized the gravit second.


The males must have two testicoli of normal aspect, very reductions in the scroto.