ORIGIN: Russia (former USSR)
Height: From 1,52 m to 1,60 m.
CAPE: Generally bay, usually with glare golden is found sauro and typical of numerous Russian horses. Pu to find itself also morello or sauro burnt.
Character: E' an intelligent, calm subject much and energetic one.
Physicist: E' a magnificent horse from saddleback, elegant and sturdy. Noble head has one, with great eyes express to you and small orecchie. The incollatura that the long and often sturdy door. The shoulders are powerful and the just pronounced garrese. The body very conformed, the kidneys are strong and the fourth posterior powerful one. The limbs are long, thin and strong, with one excellent bony conformation. The hooves are round and hard. E' a subject much elastic one.


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The history of the Budyonny has beginning from an official of cavalry of the Russian Revolution. In fact Budyonny marshal, approximately a cinquantina of years ago, found itself in the breeding of Rostov in which a race was created to which it came given its name. These new subjects came from the crossing of Purosangue and Don, and to the beginning they came calls Anglo-Don to you. For reasons that are not known, stalloni the Purosangue has been intercrosses to you with fattrici Don, that they produced puledri qualitatively better than not with the crossing carried out in contrary sense. The best subjects came raise with all the possible cures and heads in velocit, resistance, comodit, attitude to you, fecondit. Therefore from the beginning of its production sub a strict and rigid selection, andcame recognized like single race in 1948. Initially the Budyonny had to be a subject adapted to the cavalry, solo later on came used is for the dressage is for llo steeple-chase is for all the other equestri disciplines.

This card be sended to us from Alfeo R.