DOLE - Gudbrandsdal


ORIGIN: Norway
Height: From 1,42 m to 1,52 m.
CAPE: It has all the decided colors, often is found morello, tawny or bay.
Character: E' a subject much patient and assets, adapted easy to the jobs which it comes sottoporto.
Physicist: It has a head from the rectilinear, typical profile of the pony, that capacity from an arch incollatura comes very devout or less. The shoulders are strong, usually leggermente straight. The wide and powerful body. The strongly and very rounded off posterior train. The limbs have a very solid skeleton, than, to second of the gravity of the subject, they can introduce less of the down devout or folta. The sailing points are straight and the particularly good trot.


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The Dole the diffused race devout in Norway. From the moment that be often intercrossed with breeds foreign that varied from the purosangue to the shooting heavy, very various subjects between they are had, than therefore they can complete various jobs. Therefore optimal collaborators of the agriculturists, the boscaioli and the carrettieri can demonstrate themselves, and pu to be a horse from saddleback from the sure foot. The demand for this race has always maintained an optimal level also during the Second World war, period in which the fuel scarseggiava. In the successive period the horse from shooting less was demanded and they were attempted, instead, light devout horses, very adaptable to the saddleback. In recent devout times, that is 1962, the Norwegian government decided to increase the race, founding some breedings.

This card be sended to us from Alfeo R.