ORIGIN: United States
Height: All the ransoms.
CAPE: White man snow, skin rose.
Character: He has a sweet and intelligent temperament.
Physicist: Its particolarit the blue color of the eyes and the rose of the skin. Moreover a horse the movenze to read, with excellent skeleton and conformation.


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The albino, even if often comes only considered a cape, properly one race. This misunderstanding is born from the fact that the term albino attributes to the horses, like in any other animal, a congenital absence of pigmentazione and explicable from the fact that the albinism a character who is transmitted to the descendants. This last characteristic of one true and own race. From the beginning of this century this race comes selected and raised in the United States. The albino finds its origins in one stallone of name Old King, horse from origin saddleback probably Arab-morgan. This obsessing selection of the Albino from part of the United States, for, has carried to the elimination of the blue eyes and to the excess sensibilit of the skin to the exposure to the sun.

This card be sended to us from Alfeo R.