Alter Real

ORIGIN: Portugal
Height: from 1,50 m to 1,60 m
CAPE: bay, sauro burnt, sometimes gray
Character: it demonstrates of being an intelligent, nevrile, brave subject but it knows to be also capricious when impigrisce. If it follows a rigid training it becomes an optimal horse from saddleback, able volenteroso and in the disciplines of high school.
Physicist: the shining head of medium ransom, eyes and distant. It possesses one strongly muscolose incollatura, shoulders, wide chest, short and powerful body, muscolosi kidneys and one good rump. The limbs solid and are very defined, stinchi and thin, front pastorali strong and garretti elastic. It is similar, in as far as morphology, to the Andalusian.


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This race has origin from three hundred Andalusians giumente, obviously the best ones, than the House of Braganza it had carried in 1747 to Vila de Portal, in the portuguese province of Alentejo, in order to found a national breeding. In XVIII the century the Alter Real was produced in the real handling in the same refined classic equitazione of that one practiced from the contenders near the scuderia of High Spanish School of Vienna. Unfortunately the race was exterminated from Napoleone, which effettu of the crossings sconsiderati with breeds foreign (as an example with Hannover, Arabs and purosangue). Fortunately with the insertion of horses Andalusians of the breeding of Zapata, a century devout late the alter was restored. In the 1932 riusc to recreate one excellent race of alter, thanks to an optimal participation from part of the ministry of the Economy.

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