HEIGHT: 155-160 cm

Cape : Gray devout the common one but is found also bay, morelli or roani

STANDARD OF RACE: E' a horse high and imposing, with spectacular and arrogant sailing points. The profile of the head leggermente montonino and the eyes are to almond. It has a natural equilibrium and the rather slanted rump, arranged with the high degree of bending of the posterior legs ago s that the horse naturally stretches to re-unite. The race selected for the gallop but the Andalusians is not agile and flessuosi. For how much bravest and ardent, they are docile. They introduce one abundant criniera that comes ritoccata least cos as abundant are the tail and the forelock.

HISTORY: The name much indeterminato Andalusian. Today Andalusia, in the South of Spain, comprises the zones of Cordova and Granada but for centuries with Andalusia indicated nearly all the peninsula. Effectively, even if other countries still use the term Andalusian, the Association of the Spanish breeders have practically abolished it in 1912, replacing it with Pure Raza EspaHola (PRE). In Andalusia puts into effect them, the race still comes raised and the main center the monastero certosino of Jerez de the Frontera, founded in 1476. The merit is up to these monaci devout to have maintained to the pure stock of the Andalusian, refusing the hybridizations with the heavy Neapolitan, even if this practical one was supported from a editto real.


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ATTITUDES: Still they are used in the bullfights and particularly are adapted for the Haute Ecole, they come employs to you in the dressage and can also be attacks to you.

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