ORIGIN: Sardinia
Height: The own ransoms of this race, re-enter in three bands.
Small: 1,56 m;
Average: 1,58 m;
Large 1,65 m.
CAPE: The devout capes common are the sauro and bay, very rarely gray. It has abundant and fine horsehairs.
Character: It has a docile, but stubborn character. If it follows a serious discipline sin from young person, pu to obtain optimal it turns out to you on the contest fields, perch has a high one capacit of learning is in the jump obstacles is in the dressage.
Physicist: In the entirety harmonic is introduced, with one sturdy and not heavy constitution. It has light and square head, with elegant and noble ways; the orecchie often are small, while the wide narici. The obvious and wide garrese nearly to slanciare the horizontal dorsal line and short and muscolose kidneys. The wide thorax and the wide chest. The limbs are solid and the hooves introduce a nail of optimal qualit. Draft of a dolicomorfo.


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The arguments approximately the derivation of the Anglo-Arab-Sardinian are two. Before it supports that it comes down from the Arabic horse; while the second one finds it devout analogous to the English Purosangue. This argument made to lose many decades of study. Finally CAP that in order to comprise its origins had to choose the road in means. In fact studying the crossings between coming from lines of blood from the Arab and English Purosangue, the just techniques of breeding affinarono that have concurred to produce these subjects. In the "Regulations for the genealogico book of the Italian horse from saddleback", written in 1973, it is specified that deriving from crossing, selection and mestization of stalloni Arabic Purosangue, English Purosangue, Purosangue Anglo-Arab and Anglo-Arab-Sardinian with fattrici aboriginal and selected to bottom Anglo-Arab and however with percentage of not inferior Arabic blood to 25%.

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