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Baloo tries moglie!! E' splendid ragdoll colorpoint seal, beautiful soft and setoso hair, optimal character and pedigree, vaccinateed, tries "moglie" same vaccinateed race and! 3473395895 Veronica.
I possess beautifulst west higland white terrier of a 17 months clinical healthy one (with peedigre) I try female for connection. they are marilena dress to Rome you contact to me via email:  
I try a tigrata female boxer that...... anche to payment, it is disposed to make a cucciolo with my inseparable one boxer tigrato of name peppino enrolled to the ANCI with the Porthos name and 082660 number and descendant from two Italian champions of beauty tel. 3487361362
I free of charge yield GERBILLI of Mongolia ONLY to true lovers of the animals and to who it can attend to them with love.
I have absolute need to give some via endured many, perch I have three cucciolate new, but I do not have devout space and in the storees of mine citt do not deal well for nothing gerbilli (sell they also to who them d to eat to the pitoni).
Saved mine gerbilli!!! I cannot devout hold of cos many!!!
I can give them gi in the just cage with all the accessories necessary and the information useful in order to attend to them R-al.meglio (I ask alone the reimbursement for the objects, absolutely nothing of devout, hatred who speculates on the animals).
I must give some via ENDURED!
They are all sweet and accustoms to take the food to you from the hands. They do not need of many cures, they have need of many little cures of the criceti and live much devout to along!
Dress to PAVIA.
For information:   or to cellular the 333/3437366 (better to mattino)
I try one tigrata boxerina disposed to make a cucciolo...... anche payment, with mine boxer tigrato of name peppino giving of a descendant to me! The beautifulst Peppino, of the purest race, with pedigree and descendant from four Italian champions of beauty! tel 348/7361362
They are a most tender small dog, cake and bond, but nobody wants to me perch has a most light defect to a zampetta(ma runs and game very well), is young and good aspect only one family... For adoption, tel 338/777.99.57 outside hour office
I disperatamente try cat american curl, Norwegian or Siberian cat in 2-3 gift possibly months, tel.338-3053845,
three splendid puppys try house and love urgently. Their mother devout them nutre and is not exposed to many dangers even if I make of all for proteggerli. BUT THEY ARE SINGLE! You help me! The puppys are two maschietti type lupetto and femminuccia a Labrador type color honey, small medium ransom is healthiest and champions of affection and joy! We do not make them to end in a shelter! info: 338 4560466  
It is given porcellino "Peruvian" with enclosed cage little devout of a year, for space reasons and also perch having cats and dogs in house impossible to still hold it. who was interested and with the best intensities. pu to contact to me to: or to call to number 3482781433..
FOR INFO:333/5927920 "
to true roditori lovers (meal to the snakes) next puppys of domestic Rapes of whichever color are not only yielded and race, is the all much beautiful and sweetest
they are of the Sardinia (Sassari)
to send email  
Blank, they are a girl and I adore the animali!Se you will want to entrust your friends on all fours to me (preferibilmente small and medium ransom) in the zone of Rome center, north and outskirtses, of sar happy! I guarantee affection, coccole and long walks to the leash. Disponibilit all lanno, (comprised weekend and festivit).Massima seriet and affidabilit.
For greater information, you write me to this address:
Hello I try cucciolo male of pitbull in order making company my Flame
to telephone to n the 3488935843
They are lost to me near P.zza Umberto to Naples and I do not find piu' mine padrone.Sono one racially mixed black of a year approximately, much docile one and accustomed to be in apartment. The persons whom they have accommodated to me cannot hold to me to along, if there e' someone that she wants to adopt to me or, better, if mine same landladies trying and read this announcement to me,
she calls 347- 9427286 or 081- 764 2967/ 764 6924
or it writes to   
Lella ps: available to movements


Shepherdesses German not pure, of 2 years, found abandoned legato.Sano and vaccinateed, casa.Attualmente try one new in a shelter of Rome.
  For adoptions 347/5011096


hello to all... sono always yago... per before the time I have played on the snow frank mine landladies has carried to me in mountain to bormio... poi are returned to Milan and there was still the snow, how nice I have played a lot and a bag is amused me...... nearly was forgotten always in is attended of some beautiful one rott that make me to become pap... I leave you of new the cel of frank mine paparino that... 335/8152221.a soon....

I try, in province of Alexandria or Genoa, a gattino blue of Russia does not import if not pure, maximum 4 months.

For information to write to  

we try white female of west hingland terrier for our Leopoldo with pedigree.
I try maximum cat cucciolo two months to give to my small of four years and means Milan zone

I call Phoebe are beautifulst cucciolona of single ones 12 months, I try house urgently, are educated and coccolona . . Dress currently to Milan

Roberta 3387779957  

I yield, only to lover animals, my sweetest Ribbon cause problems with the other maschietto in house. Sweet tender ribbon and tries much affection. It has 8 years, white man, crossing volpino, with dark orecchie.
the valid announcement e' for Turin and outskirtses
You help me to trovargli house!  
I try in adoption in Rome zone and province coniglietto a dwarf of Angora 6 months max. it does not import if male or female.
Contact email  

I call Jazz. As you see, they are one BEAUTIFULST, BEST, MOST TENDER And GIOCOSO Rottweiler.
I have as soon as celebrated six or seven months in a canile of Rome. I do not know perch are in the canile and I would want to celebrate   the next month in Your company and to make one photo beside You under your tree of Been born them. They are sure that you understand to me and you will help to give to you tantissima to joy and love me
It telephones me to 3356107504 3497851946
or email sends one to me -
I waited for to you
gift only to lovers animals 4 puppys crossing pap doberman pure mother crossing svezzati shepherdesses tedesco.di circa40  
I try cucciolo of Cavalier King or Beagle for company to modico price;
tel 339 3279644
I yield Attivit of breeding pension with possibilit of training in province of TREVISO

to call
Angela Rigoni

0424 450081

I try cucciolo cocker spaniel English or cavalier king or mestizo with similar characteristics. Zone Turin.
You can contact me to number 333/5326661.
my Micol name and True Lover of the animals is one. They are available to attend to your dogs or animals from cage in your absence in Treviso zone and outskirtses.

You contact me to number 349 0876715

my email  
  Hello! They are CHICO, one SCHETLAND blue merl of 4 years with pedigree. They are much cake and the book of martyrs.
I try one similar in order to become pap.
I have the blue eyes and a black spot in posterior zone that particular one renders me much.

The telephone of mine landladies (Luca) 0766/536419, and the cell. 348/3920125

I sell brace turtles testudo hermanni to 300 euro: long male and female 10 and 11 cm of approximately 6 years. they are of Pavia you contact to me:

cell. 329/6254165
Rome 5 puppys pitbull ca. 3 months need of urgent adoption. 3338728615
Male Dalmatian of years 5, with Pedigree (National and International champions in its genealogico tree), tries female of the same race and with analogous requirement for connection.
To telephone to n the 0125/40188, or 335/1006492.
Ivrea (TO).
three bengalines near Roman of Ezzelino are scappati me
tel 3381632855
Perugia - Zone Fontivegge Station, from 18 Wednesdays August 2004,
smarrita the sweetest gattina of 5 months, European siamese crossing.
Hello, we are Martina and Alice, two loving girls of the animals that offer service of dog/cat-sitter.Per contacting to us calls to the 338/9520378 or the 349/8011206
 Cucciola tg.   average, ca.   6 months, the much beautiful, sweet and most affectionate one, it attends adoption in shelter on pays wages to near Rome.   adriana 3495044298 Francoise 3384476953                             
Cucciola tg. small (ca. 10 kg from adult), ca. 6 months, affectionate cake and, it attends adoption in shelter on pays wages to near Rome.

adriana 3495044298 Francoise 3384476953

gift cucciolo female of 2 months, English son of setter with pedigree (mother) and father husky.
it mainly has the aspect of the setter, with a blue eye of the father.
in course of vaccinazione and be sverminata.
with to the dog gift the food brandina, ciotole, package great 3kg Hills Science Puppy.
cause impossibilit for small house.
hello they are yago a good ROTTWEILER of medium ransom and affectionate I try companion in order to become pap..
tel 335/8152221 this cell of mine the landladies calls franc........





INFO 3405988120 AFTER THE 19.00

"I try in gift a cucciolo of boxer or collie.
Padova Zone. 3404066137"
They are Delilah from Rome and I try in adoption cucciolo a female of porcellino of India of Peruvian or Abyssinian race (I do not buy!).
Unfortunately I cannot be moved... You can help me?
I leave my email you  
Hello, gift 2 beautifulst and sweetest cricete gilded hamster saved from a store where estates in trasportini were held in pietose conditions from months (with single dry food), hour is in perfect shape and for of devout they go daccordissimo between they!!! they are color honey and brown! They are of Rome, you can contact me to the 320-9737391 333-2657132 email Anita thanks
Blank my Eleonora name university student of 18 years of the animals is one loving. They are available to attend to your dogs cats or animals from cage in your absence but university engagements in zone Casal Palocco, Acilia, Casal Bernocchi, Giano Center, Dragona, Dragoncello, Wafer, Eur, Tor Of It goes them, Vitinia, Infernetto and Marconi.
You contact me to number 3297386500
my email  
The present in how much unfortunately, for serious familiar reasons and transfer in condominio us devout possible not to hold our shepherdesses native of Bergamo Art. We have contacted all knowing ours but nobody if pu unfortunately to occupy some. Having extreme urgency to move we do not know what to make to us and unfortunately the dog risks ours in spite of the abolition.
We have contacted the breeding where be acquired but, being male, l possibilit not to insert it there. We are to You pregandoVi of wanting to help to find a new master to us for Art that is loving of the animals and that it favorably has a space in which leaving it free.
Art shepherdesses native of Bergamo male of high genealogia. Born E' the 07/06/1997 from the national champion and European Uter di Vallescrivia and from Naki of the Lagoscuro. Pedegree. Good E' of character and much sociable one and giocherellone, above all with the children. E' much biognoso of affection and attentions and above all of coccole. Accustomed E' living in garden. It would carry with s its cuccia.

Cell 349 8517726.
Feltre (BL)
Hello to all, I call Len, are a beautiful labrador cream male of four years. They are healthiest, free from hereditary diseases, I have the pedigree and a lot wants to play. I try one similar with my characteristics in order to give, a cucciolo, a smile to who loves the life like me! Dress to Rome. Us account! Absolutely not lucro.
Francisco 347. 700 55 94  
I try, companion to couple with my Belgian SAMMY(pastore friend tervuren of 4anni, with pedigree, much optimal inteliggenza and indeed exceptional carattere.BALLISSIMO)Vivo to C#lecce in Puglia.
aspect news.
I offer myself like dog and cat sitter for the summery or winter vacations, or also in order to only carry to spasso your puppys
they are to Turin I guarantee cure and love x the animals
you can contact me to the 3495385618
 RUSSIAN LEVRIERO...... I TRY ALIVE MOGLIE... To UDINE... I HAVE The PEDIGREE...   THEY ARE MUCH BEAUTIFUL ONE......   I HAVE A YEAR And 5 MONTHS.......   tel 3920543005 ricky alessi                
shepherdesses German female 5 years much good dcile, educated, tries house disperatamente..
it helps you
susanna 347-0587653
malinois 2 years male with meravoglioso character house tries one urgently
it helps you!!
347-0587653 susanna
likeable crossing labrador/bassotto, male 3 years tries house, much likeable bond disperatamente and
it helps you
cucciolone wonderful, the girl who has collected it "Daniela" tells us a sad history of abandonment that she has left on the look of Elco the typical expression of a betrayed friend, but it still has confidence in the men hour that is being resumed tries one worthy family of all the its love. HE HAS APPROXIMATELY 1 YEAR, a crossing between shepherdesses German and shepherdesses maremmano, strange crossing but the result one splendid German dog shepherdesses to long hair and folto like pu looking at itself from the photos. E' host in a house, but I do not know how much anchor can hold it! they have space little! IF IT DOES NOT FIND a FAMILY FINIRA' IN CANILE and Elco gia it has suffered a lot.
I PRAY TO YOU YOU HELP US!!! DESCRIPTION: Similar to Shepherdesses German but to long hair and folto the MALE, best, docile and much intelligent one, ransom great ET 1 year approximately WE ARE To
to contact: Daniela 339 6672335
Serene 338 4404573

Hello.....volete to go to the cinema or theatre..... or to exit for one supper with the friends... but ve the felt ones not to alone leave your friend to 4 legs? Happy Chiamatemi... sar of fargli company in house or to I take a walk!
Anna (voluntary canile) 349/5206558

Gift cause allergy child labrador female, of years 3 and half, color honey, sterilized, vaccinateed and tatuata.
e' much sociable one, above all with the children.
to Milan
thanks Paul
tel: 3334991571
I try in Alan gift cucciolo male
zone Greater lago.
cell. 3284130329
Splendid cucciolone (9 months) of American Bulldog tigrato white man much dolce.Aiutate to me to trovargli one new family tries famiglia!E' healthiest and inasmuch as its propietario has left it because of a transfer to the foreign country.
Tel 06/9041448,06/9043379,339/5713082
hello. they are alessandra and I try one fiancče oer leopoldo that a jack russell!! Tricolour E', has nearly two years and has the lir of 2a generation.

For information to write to  

Offresi in the province of Ravenna male of West Highland White Terrier highest genealogia for connection . . The dog has five years and in optimal physical state  

Dress in province of Florence, I try in gift a cucciolo of jack russell or basenji also not pure.


I try female of airedale terrier for connection. I have the male but I do not succeed to find in my zones the female.

To telephone to number 347/0157387.

7 puppys m/f Italian type bassottino, ca. 40 days, tg. small, than currently lives with the mother in a forest near Rocca Priora (RM) has absolute need of being adopts to you.

Patrizia 3471948776  

 Cucciola maremmano female, 4 months, urgently attends adoption near the shelter of roman Bassano (VT) 0761635557                    
8 maremmani puppys ca. 2 months have been abandon to you in front of the canile of Palestrina (RM). In canile moriranno sure of disease. You help to make us to adopt them!!

Fiorella 3333412170

Abandoned maremmana Cucciolona, ca. 8/9 months, sterilized, most docile and affectionate, it attends adoption urgently.

Paola 3338728615

Cucciolo male German type shepherdesses, 4 months, locked up in canile attends adoption 3495044298 urgently (tim)
Cucciola female, presumable maremmana race, 4 months, urgently attends adoption near the shelter of Roman Bassano (VT) 0761635557
Shepherdesses German male, splendid copy pure race, ca. 2 years, mansueto and of optimal character, sterilized, locked up to the canile Three oaks of Montelibretti (RM), she attends adoption disperatamente.



S alve, they are of Bariums and I always clearly try cucciolo of Argentine Dogo or a run dog chairo or Alan () maschietto max 3 months in gift or to possibly acquire from mine you leave... (in Puglia-basilicata).....a modico price,   3476188009
Blank to all, I introduce, I call Federica, are of Mestre (Venice). I have the most large problem to resolve: 20 December has become mother of a beautifulst child, Fabio; unfortunately premature NATO and has need of tantissimo time and attentions only for he... the problem mine that I have 3 females of guinea-pigs (porcellini of India) to succeed to make to adopt devout the soon possible perch my ALLERGIC son To the HAIR and To the FIENO!!!(and how much it not only seems to these 2 things!!!!). They are 3 beautifulst children white women and red, it has 1 year the Lady mother and 11 months the daughters Bianca and Kiki. I pray to you you help me, I do not want that they are badly, but if I do not succeed to give them via touches to me to put them in terrace to the cold, the pediatra recommended to remove them devout the soon possible one from the child... understood my problem, I adore them my small but hour before the entire world comes my son!!! I hope you can help... the gift obviously me enough that they go to star very well. Ah! I forgot... the figliare mother pu the 2 small not!
Thanks to all beginning right now. Contact: Federica
I try one inseparable cage for rose-colored collis... even to someone not devout servants...
Zone: Milan  
e-mail:dollefgh@libero it  
Daniela di Poggio Mirteto (RIVERS) has collected one cucciolata abandoned:
draft of 4 splendid ones cuccioletti of ca. 2 months of small ransom, type
(from adults they will weigh ca. 7 kg).

for adoptions to contact Daniela 0765441784
puppys foundlings type terranova, black, great ransom, of ca. 3 months RIVERS)
for adoptions to contact Daniela 0765441784
I try a master or a padroncina that is taken of my small dog with cure and with all the love that he can unfortunately offrirgli perch nn I can hold it. sweet, much affectionate one, and a po' birichino.... a cocker spaniel black it has 7 months if someone of you has a garden would be much best for he. I only yield to true lovers animals. zone Tivoli (Rome) hello to all! and thanks.
For ulterior contacts you write to:  
I try male - Chinese dog powderpuff, with pedigree for beautifulst female hairless, pedigree.


Approximately a year it makes smarrito a dog to Subiaco (RM), in peripheral zone in the pressed ones of the sport field: the landlady it is still trying. Draft of a racially mixed male type from hunting of 5 years, medium ransom (ca. 20 kg), white man to specks browns, low orecchie, semilong hair. The dog tatuato but it had a green collar (or brown) to whose inside appeared the n. telephone of the owners. Who could give of news pu to call 077485337
I TRY FEMALE PEDAURO Of the DISPERATAMENTE!!!o SUGAR also a cucciolo or 349/3714505
there I try cucciolo to yorkshire medium ransom to adopt a family with recent loss of a "beloved friend" who would love it spropositatamente.AIUTATECI

tel 3473069002

It calls Lucy, a extracommunitarian one arrives from the Iran, unfortunately not there devout has left 15 February me. We have been an inseparable brace for many years even if we have known ourselves when it was gi large (five years, but be a love from the first moment).
Sar always in my heart, and is convinced that she always with me!

Even if they are passes to you to many days the pain then still great but task to its dolcezza to the great love that has demonstrated until to the last moment and creed that, even if in various way, we will be always together.


"Luna and Ruspa are 2 splendid micini inseparable ones and are trying an affectionate master that it is taken care amoravolmente of they. They are gi sterilizes to you. It helps them to you!" Data: "Mark, Email: , Cell. 349.6422005
I TRY CUCCIOLA of labrador in gift in order donating them immense affection and in order passing much time together. Rome email:  
GIFT to modico price (expenses ENCI) SHEPHERDESSES BELGIAN GROENENDAEL, loving solos Tel.340/0583951 animals e-mael  

Balto, sweet small dog ca. 7 months, maltrattato from ET of 2 months,
malmenato, held in isolation to the open, lacking in cuccia, food and water gives
problematic and cruel subject, disperatamente tries family disposed to
to save it from one similar existence. The beautifulst Balto, of medio/piccola ransom,
short tricolour hair and is similar vaguely to a beagle. Obedient E', a lot
affectionate, needy of coccole and above all to move and to play like every
cucciolo of its ET.

emanuela 3394585921
LOST dog the 6.8.2003 to Sessa Aurunca in Localit Pedemonte (Caserta). Racially mixed race, medium ransom, long hair color clear and dark brown, male, ET 8 years. Orecchie hanging, long tail. At the moment of the loss it wore a red collar (you see photo). Medal does not have tatuaggio n. It answers to the name of Forelocks. To contact or 004179/3499111