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Inserted the 03/05/2005

Sivled e' one beautiful gatta affectionate of three years and means. It lives to Siziano (Pv), e' sterilized and vaccinateed. Educated E', lively, loves to be in arm, e' curious and it only makes the unghiette on its cardboard without to ruin furnitures! New house tries one, where with little of patience being able itself to acclimatize and they give much love to you.

To call Wide-brimmed hat 349/71.51.383 -  

Inserted the 03/05/2005

Smarrito my racially mixed of two years in zone p.zza Bologna the 02/05/2005 to the h10:30. Camilla is called and wore a collar semichokes of double chain stitch. Tatuata and it does not have the microchip. E' a crossing between shepherdesses German and a labrador. It is similar very to shepherdesses German but with the low orecchie. I pray to you, you help me, are deprived of hope!!
Federica 3479459165; 064404510; 3487507228; 3495373163

inserted the 30/4/2005 Whisky, a west higland white terrier of a year and two months tries one female in order to become pap. it loves to play, to run, likeable and affectionate. ROME. thanks you contact me to  
inserted the 28/4/2005

Splendid puppys Rottweiler crossing with dog much similar Dogue de Bordeax, gift to lovers animals.
For greater info and photos to write to  

inserted the 28/4/2005
We try beautiful house for miciotto a black one of approximately a year; e' vaccinateed and sterilized. A limb lacks because of an incident but it new life with one does not lack it wants to recommence one true family! Only responsible adoption, in apartment - not to houses with garden and/or courtyard.
Busto Arsizio/Gallarate - Marzia - cell. 348 2489186 - email:  
inserted the 20/4/2005

I try coniglietto pure dwarf ram as soon as svezzato female.

inserted the 20/4/2005

Gift pure dog shepherdesses German of 3 years cause the beautifulst change room of high genealogia accustomed to the company and optimal guard gift only to true lovers animals zone (TN) accustomed to the jogging with me, but has need of wide spaces accustomed in single house with wide garden
for info calling sandra or renzo to num 347/6769215 -340/3428604

inserted the 12/4/2005
2furette they try house are sterilized with all the vaccine in rule, would be preferibile to give them via entirety xch legatissime, therefore x the adoption we will give priorit to who offers x the double adoption. x who wishes will send of the photos
P.S. not one sale!!! to abstain persons little not loving series and
inserted the 10/4/2005
I try in gift or to symbolic price cucciolo max 2 months and means of pit bull or dogo Argentine.

You contact me to my address mail  
inserted the 9/4/2005
I urgently try a cuccioloof dog possibly of great ransom, possibly in Treviso zone, are disposed to come to take it! if for case you had of the doubts in the devout confidence of the cucciolo I give my total to you disponibilit in coming to find it!!! my number of telephone 3493556317...
thanks Martina
inserted the 6/4/2005

Red male tabby, 8 months, next to sterilization. Vaccinateed. Cake but much timid one, not adapted the children. FIV and FELV negative Marzia 3482489186 - after the 19,30 email:  
inserted the 6/4/2005
Sterilized female type certosina, adult (3/4 years) vaccinateed, negative FIV and FELV. It tries house! Marzia 3482489186 - after the 19,30 email:  
inserted the 6/4/2005

Female white woman and tigrata, sterlizzata, adult (3/4 years) vaccinateed. It has a amputated posterior leg but one moves and e' independent! Negative FIV and FELV. Marzia 3482489186 - after the 19.30  
inserted the 6/4/2005
Agostina, approximately 5 years. Siamese to semilong hair. Sterilized female. Positive to the FIV, it tries someone that it adopts it equally! Marzia 3482489186 - after the 19,30 email:   

inserted the 6/4/2005
Dark Calico, of approximately 4/5 years, sterilized, vaccinateed, good character. Unfortunately positive to the FIV, house from single cat tries one equally. Marzia 3482489186 - after the 19.30 Email:  

inserted the 1/4/2005
Born GIFT puppys criceti of Russia the 18/2/05 and gi svezzati to true lovers animals. To abstain itself if possessory of snakes! The small reside currently to Pontedera (DEVOUT). You contact me to my address email: !
inserted the 28/3/2005 furettino male or in gift or to modico price.
Our dead man yesterday and my sons are terribly addolorati.Siamo a family of convinced animalisti... e are sure that this new one animaletto in our family would be found like the altro..che died well of old age.
anyone could help... creed just us that it would make one good action!
We inhabit to Genoa.....spero a lot who are furettini in we try not too much of family... far away from here!
Ringraziando anticipatamente
I leave my number those who were interessati:3478200456

Blank there are of the puppys in tries of famiglia.Hanno all approximately 2 months and 1/2 but they make part of cucciolate diverse.La they medium ransom and medio/grande.Se someone wanted to adopt them pu to contact the canile to the 06/9041448 or to write to .

I enclose you the photos d these angels hoping to see published them before possibile.Grazie1000


beautifulst cucciolata of shepherdesses Belgian, variet short hair fulvo (not purest) gift to lovers animals. For greater info   or 338.4891677
Unfortunately as you will be able to read from this mail the things do not go very well.... I must try one soon new family for Mark to the piu. It cries when I not am and by now I am outside house all the day. And unfortunately I have tried for piu of a year making alone all, but impossible me.... They are deprived of hope and saddest for this situation. I would ask you the courtesy to turn the info here under to someone, so as to to make word passes is of Turin thanks.
Mark has approximately 7 years and arrives from the canile. Been born to Bath to Ripoli (FI) be transferred from small to the canile of Arezzo.Nell' August of the 2002 canile closed for ill-treatments and the dogs they have been shunts to you in several the canili Enpa d' Italy. Mark with me from January 2003. E' of medium ransom - approximately 20 kg Mangia whichever thing the buongustaio! Adorabile E' and coccolone. It goes of agreement with all the dogs perch loves to play.
Tender E': it knows also to make the "beloveds" with the leg. It loves the sea and it adores to passaggiare for the mountain narrow lanes. It everywhere knows to be and with he I have made many experiences: from the restaurant to the canoe in Ardeche, from the camping to the travel in train to it lodges. It not ago knows them on the machine without problems and in the long travels other that to ronfare. E' truly the best dog but has need of many coccole and human presence. E' in optimal health. E' tatuato and enrolled to the canine registry office. E' to place with all the vaccine. Before giving it to the new family I want to have of the references and to see com' the house and to exchange 2 to chiacchiere with the candidate-parents. For me a lot important. E' one hard choice a lot for me. But I love my just dog and that it has all the possible cures and coccole. Creed to have said all.
Thanks. Katiuscia  
Hello to all,
I TRY FERRET to adopt or to modico price. If better young and in the zone of Treviso or however in the Veneto. In order to contact to me you write to: If you leave a telephone delivery me to supply to hardly recall of avr the possibilit to you.
Thanks and hello. Paul.
I try a small dog of small ransom also without pedigree for a child who has much affection to give, we had from Bologna and an hour and died in an incident, I do not have a large one disponibilit therefore I try it to modico price or in gift, if you can help me  
I try cat thai male cucciolo, in gift or at a low cost, also without pedigree. I assure tantissimo love. Martina from Milan, raistlin_mj@tisc  
I have saved a rabbit dwarf from a store, in which veviva held in conditions pessime. Hour is, healthy well, eats verdura, hay and little pellet, but unfortunately I cannot hold it perch I have gi two porcellini of India males and litigate for the territory. The gift to persons who can hold it free and that they can dargli the love that deserves. It has approximately a year and means, male, integral, much vital cake and, not vaccinateed. Not gift children. Not time loss. It is found to Rome. If interested you write to me