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Inserted the 24/10/2005

Six puppys crossing boxer try house to Rome. Are 4 males and 2 females, been born the 20/09/2005. The mother a boxer pure while pap a black mestizo of medium-small ransom. In order to adopt them you write to me   you indirizzer towards who it has them. Delilah
Here their photos:


Inserted the 12/09/2005  

"Cause transfer, gift 2 German shepherds females (mother and daughter) of 8 and 5 years, with pedegree, heals and sturdy constitution, sterilized and regularly vaccinateed, with microchip, good character. Optimal for guard propriet private, companies or warehouses. Accustomed to the open.

Dress in province of Udine.
To contact Alessandra
tel.0432 711137 (hours meal)
Inserted the 12/09/2005  

12/09/2005 Rome

 Inserted the 08/09/2005      
 Gift cucciolo female of labrador of 4 months completely vaccinates Cagliari zone and province for information to address to:     

Inserted the 07/09/2005    
  Been born gift puppys of porcellini of India to aim July 2005, long hair black-white man-brown.  
Province of Modena
For information:  

Inserted the 07/09/2005    
I try disperatamente cucciolo of labrador in gift color cream also without pedigree...
Inserted the 05/09/2005    

Young Cricetino roborovsky I adopt to Rome. It does not import the sex. Not purchase. You write to me Delilah


Inserted the 05/09/2005  
Gatta sweet of nine years, tries one urgently adoptive family Rome zone and outskirtses. It has always lived with me in apartment but hour because of problems of allergy of my son I cannot devout hold it. And affectionate and very educated if pits interested send one email to  
Inserted the 31/08/2005  
I try in gift cucciolo of maximum 2 months and means or rottweiler or labrador or shepherdesses German for donargli much love. I call Rossella I have 17 years and are of Eboli Province of Salerno, you answer to me numerous to this email or telephone calls to the number 328-6323992. A lot distant from Salerno perch I do not have problems for being able it to come to take... to thanks expectant aspect your email or telephone calls.
Inserted the 31/08/2005    

This R-bianco.e.nero micione, state aid the evening of 30 August ' 05 to Saint From Milan Donato, zone Via Sergnano (Metanopoli-Via Alfonsine)
Young, apparently healthy E', castrated - it did not wear no collarino - E' a lot coccolone and tontolone.
It followed all the persons miagolando and has risked to being invested, cos we have it aid - we are trying its landladies.
Info: LAIKA & BALTO Association Protection Dogs Abandon and other Animals to you

333.9651570 -  

Inserted the 31/08/2005  
You I write this my sad history in the hope of being able to still make something for mine adored micina that be stolen time it makes me.
I have made of all: inserts, announcements to the radio, articles on newspapers, knowing the director dellANSA, be disclosed the local news on reviews and television news, but of my Trilly small no trace: dissolved in the null one.

I explain you the facts:
The evening of the 3 june (in province of Milan) I re-entered to house towards the 23, with to edge of my new car, one BMW,  la mia gattina che avevo portato al pronto soccorso veterinario per uninfezione che si era localizzata nella zampina, impedendole di appoggiarla.
Entrances in the garden my daughter of 12 years and I am come down dallauto in order to open the portone of the box and a criminal, hidden nellombra, salted on the machine leaving to large velocit, carrying itself via ours adored Trilly that was still sluice in its transports black blue and. To null ours are been worth urla and the race of my daughter GO BACK TO LIST allauto in escape that supplicava the criminal to leave them its gatta one.  
We do not stop to try it, we have also person in charge an investigator in order to find it, we always pass to the days but our thought to she; trying we have had it ununica signalling of one gatta that he rambled in a corn field in zone. We have made the surveillances and after days we have succeeded to take it, but she was not she. In order ce we are not felt it of riabbandonarla, cos that gatta hour alive happily with we, but also it waits for the return of Trilly.
Chiss where lhanno left, if dead woman lives or, our hope that someone labbia found, sluice in those cursed transports, has even thought to a summery abandonment. but to we it lacks to die! The search also difficult perch lauto pu to have been capacity in whichever localit dItalia with to edge she, that composed one travelled always much and silent perch was accustomed to follow to us ovunque.
Just for this I write also to You perch from the province of Milan could have been transported ovunque and abandoned. I enclose its photos, is not never known.....
You ringrazio for lattenzione and me congratulo with You that, like we, loved the animals and dedicated to Your thoughts and Your free time constantly to they.

Thanks and cordial salutes.

Moira Tirelli
tel. 335 7097781

Inserted the 30/08/2005

Day 18/08/05 Disappeared our dog: to Rome, in the zone of Giulio tree-lined avenue Cesar, forehead to the School Students Police officers. E' a male of Yorkshire Terrier color blue tan, answers to the name of Birba and as particular sign has numerous scars and the inverse set of teeth.

We pray anyone it has seen it or it has some information to contact us to number 338/8399792 or to write to me. Thanks

Inserted the 30/08/2005
soriana gattina 2 months, much affetuosa and giocherellona, accustomed to the cassette.

To telephone 030/6870067

Inserted the 30/08/2005
I pray to you to help to find a family us for a dog male, type fox terrier, medium ransom, of approximately a ET year, docile it is with the persons who with the others cani.E' be found in means to a road a lot traded and risk to end in canile if verr not adopted to the devout ones soon.
Who was interested pu to call:
Inserted the 30/08/2005

ragalo rabbit dwarf male ET 4-5 months hair all black and nose white man Bologna zone. unfortunately me l they have sold for female and hour litigates with l other my male. mine tel 3928348835 and mine mail .  

Inserted the 30/08/2005

Rottweiler male with pedigree line of blood Von der optimal Somerweide health high free genealogia dysplasia tries companion for connection Rome zone tel. . 339/7591602 email: .  

. Inserito il 25/08/2005

Hello. They are . Danilo . , dalla provincia di Napoli, . e scrivo per chiedere aiuto per una mia giovane amica, . Erika, . che, per il suo profondo ed invincibile amore per i gli animali, it has left the family and gone to living alone on a small land taken in rent in localit Sessa Aurunca (the north-west of Caserta - Campania), also to take cure of a group of forty of dogs (between which also two paraliti) and various cats to us from she it saves to you.   But its admirable love, courage and dedication unfortunately do not collect sympathies, supports, aids, but a minimum seppur generous economic aid from the same mother who participates cos to the burden of the rent of the land - 500 euro salaries - to which, however, the poor Erika does not succeed to make forehead, having to make gi the so-called knows to you died them for procurare to its loved food, medicines and pesticides.   Here, this the painful situation of Erika, one small Giovanna D' Arco that s' never pulled down in front of the difficolt and that does not dedicate to all its young life, all the hours of all its days, to those dogs that have been able to save after that they had been abandons to you, that it attends to with immense love and that purtuttavia one would be disposed to carry ovunque in Italy in order to find they loving family.   But indeed single Erika, and an onerous and dangerous situation for she and therefore for its friends who give single she depends.   Therefore I ask all every type of possible, directed and indirect aid, for she that it has not never asked aid nobody (not even to me!). Thanks. . Danilo (338 693 77 70)

. Inserito il 24/06/2005 . vi allego emma lupetta simpaticissima di 18 mesi, le troviamo una casa . autorizzo la sua pubblicazione e i dati personali notificati sull'allegato, thanks Barbarian



Inserted the 07/06/2005


Inserted the 07/06/2005

I try a person that cure wants to be taken and to love this miciona nearly two years of Geneva name, e' not vaccinateed, but e' unfortunately I cannot devout hold it and xcio' I must find them one new house, I would want to only have the possibilit of being able it to come to find every a lot.

. in zona Torino e provincia.

. per chi volesse sapere altro pu chiamarmi al numero 3405883283 dalle 14 in poi.

thanks Barbarian  

Inserted the 07/06/2005

. questo segugio nero focato maschio di 5 mesi cerca casa urgentemente, e' stato abbandonato sulla strada.

. Molto buono e socievole.

. per info e adozioni elisa 3474698618 zona veneto.


Inserted the 11/05/2005

beautifulst gattina abandoned sweet, affectionate Varese zone, accustomed to be in house, long hair Persian type, sterilized, vaccinateed, cape brown, beige, and white man, 5 years In order to avoid them to remain in road to the cold of the slid winter, we have decided to accommodate it for the winter temporary. Hour we are trying disperatamente someone that puo' to adopt it, we cannot piu' hold it, please you help to find one soon us sistemazione to the piu'! . Telefono Cell. . 320 - 92 84 593
. Email :


. +
Inserted the 11/05/2005

Certosino Type: To Busto Arsizio, adult, sterilized and vaccinateed, cape gray exactly like cats certosini, good, affectionate gatta young person, educated to the cassette. X to adopt Marzia calls it - 3482489186 - after the 19.30 -  

Inserted the 11/05/2005

. Samatha, Femmina calico diluita, splendido mantello e splendido sguardo, veramente da vedere! . Carattere molto felino! . Inadatta x neofiti. . Vaccinata e sterilizzata, educata all'uso della cassetta, affettuosa ma solo quando decide lei!

X to adopt Marzia calls it - 3482489186 - after the 19.30 -  

Inserted the 11/05/2005

GIFT shepherdesses Belgian tervurer female of 10 years, sterilized (cause: urgent participation in December 2003 for an infection to the uterus), vacinata. . Cerco con urgenza un nuovo padrone per la mia Trilli in zona Bergamo, Brescia . . Non posso pi tenere il mio dog per motivi famigliari. . Dar ulteriori informazioni a chi sar SINCERAMENTE interessato.
. Per contattarmi scrivere a: .  
. Grazie, ciao.
. Stefano da Grumello del monte (Bg).

Inserted the 10/05/2005

Cusano Milanino (ME): gift two black gattine of a month 10 days (practically gi svezzate) and three micini (always black) will be available between a month... . sono nati il 28 aprile! . Disponibili foto.

. Per informazioni potete contattarmi a questa e-mail: .   . (Claudia). P

Inserted the 10/05/2005

. Gattina nata intorno a meta' aprile 2005, mantello bianco e blu, sverminata e presto vaccinata, cerca adozione responsabile.

. Solo a serissimi. . Marzia - dopo h. . 20,00 - 348 2489186  

Inserted the 10/05/2005

Gattini been born to first of you open them 2005: 2 femminucce black white women and 1 maschietto nerocon socks white men blue semilong hair 1 femminuccia (type certosina) with socks white men Try house, are sverminati, will be soon vaccinate to you, to only most serious x responsible adoption.

. Gallarate (Va) Rossana, dopo ore 18 - 3387507118  

. Inserito il 05/05/2005

. Milano. . Ciao a tutti mi presento: sono Tyson, ho 18 mesi e sono un simpatico meticcio nero di taglia media. To the contrary of how much my name could leave to suppose is sweet, tender, giocherellone, po timid and of corporatura a much esile. My former-padroncina unfortunately familiar problems have abandoned me to continuation serious and hour in order to avoid the canile to me, one beloved person is maintaining to me in pension, but potr not to make it lungoin pension they want much good to me but I am always a po sad, cry, eat pochino, insomma me I lack a lot indeed a family all for me, I have need of many coccole and many attentions. I hope that someone watching my occhioni and my likeable musino innamori ones of me and is decided to always adopt to me in order! you I pray fateci a pensierino If you want to come to know to me you can contact my friends Francesca 333-4012581 and Gianluca 339-4068664 or write to .  

Inserted the 03/05/2005

. Cerco nuova casa per Socrate... an European cat of two years, gi sterilized and vaccinateed, accustomed living in apartment and to being encircled of coccole... . purtroppo dovr separarmi da lui entro giugno a causa di trasloco in una casa dove vivono persone allergiche... they are deprived of hope, I love to die mine cucciolo and would want to be sure that who to take cure of he is a person who fills up it of attentions and cures... . Sono di Torino. . Contattatemi a .  

Inserted the 03/05/2005

. sto aiutando a cercare una famiglia a Mascia una trovatella schnauzer nera taglia media di tre anni..... . dolcissima, tranquillissima e affettuosa con tutti gli esseri umani..... . vi prego, fate anche passaparola ha bisogno di tanto affetto e di una casa al pi presto... . se ci diamo una mano tutti riusciamo a trovare una soluzione in tempi brevi. . Grazie a nome di Mascia.......
. contattatemi via mail a .   . o al cell. . 3923655176


Inserted the 03/05/2005

. Tre meravigliosi puppys di cavia bianchi e neri cercano urgentemente casa in provincia di Milano.

. Contattami se interessati e per manggiori info . . Valeria