APALONE SPINIFERA (Turtle from the shell motivatings force)


Class Reptilia   


LApalone Spinifera we can find it in an immense area that goes from center allovest of the United States, in the states orients them of New York until to the south Carolina, from the lago Ontario and the Minnesota, Florida until to the borders of Mexico.


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LApalone Spinifera has carapace a soft plate and rounded off and lacking in scuti. Its flexible tail with of the small thorns on the tip; in some subspecies it orients them these thorns are towards the forehead of the carapace in others are present on the part as an example finishes them of carapace (lApalone the Spinifera pale) and in others they are in several points of the carapace. Its streamlined long nose and with the fine revolt towards lalto with of the small crests. it has two distinguished strisce yellow broadsides of black to the sides of the head that continue on along neck, while in some subspecies it orients them sinterrompe. Piastrone the white man or clear yellow and anchesso lacking scuti and under the visible skin lossatura. The legs are fortified of long claws and the feet are slaps, perch this nuotatrice turtle unottima. The body dellApalone Spinifera of green color olive with of the small black spots and has one dark bordatura on the edge of the carapace. The male characterized from a long and stocky tail devout of the female has a dimension that goes from i 13 cm to i 24 cm, while the female assumes a grey coloration in adult ET and pu to catch up i 48 cm and its small tail to the point that does not exit give under the carapace. LApalone Spinifera has unaltra characteristic that renders it much particular one, that one of being able to breathe sottacqua taking advantage of gill rising situated in the pharynx and in the cloaca and capture lossigeno also with the skin, this makes s that lApalone pu to remain sottacqua for longest periods, the hunting and lagguato and the letargo winter.

Behavior in nature

LApalone Spinifera rectums them diurnal that the greater part of the time making basking or to the food search Often passes can be seen to take to the sun on log submergeeed seeds or the sunny rivers, but lessened noise simmergono burying itself under the sand of the bottom leaving to only emerge the head. For the characteristic seen before their permanence sottacqua pu protrarre for long periods. From October to March lApalone simmergeand it passes all linverno buried on the bottom in letargo.


LApalone Spinifera, in nature, a prettamente aquatic turtle, very rarely adventure on the firm earth, single for the deposition of eggs and the basking under the sun, this perch their skin must constantly be hydrated. Made this premise and sights the considerable dimensions that this turtle catches up, lacquario dovr to be much large one, from the 400 l to the 600 l in order to guarantee allanimale an just space in order to swim and heated to one temperature of 24. The emerged part pu to be represented also solo from a root that emerges from the edge dellacqua a lot in order to offer a support for lemersione. Lilluminazione by means of a neon with emission of necessary beams UVA-B and a small spot that it heats the advised part for the basking. Qualit dellacqua fundamental for the this species perch skin that covers carapace the many vulnerable alle infections and ai you adorned to you, and also for the peculiarit of this turtle of being able to breathe sottacqua, for these reasons an optimal external filtering is advised and attends partial changes dacqua. And advisable to give allacqua of the bathtub one light salinit in the measure of a every teaspoon 5 liters dacqua. The bottom of the bathtub would have to be sabbioso and of a sure thickness perch lApalone Spinifera it loves in nature to hide on the bottom being made to only exit along neck and the head a lot that seems a small snake. Opportune Sar therefore to place at least 15 cm from the bottom the draught of the filter and to install a pre-filter in order to avoid that the sand ruins the pump. Unalternativa to the sand pu to be represented from small gravel that difficultly comes aspired but does not offer to the turtle the same atmosphere. Some breeders, sights these difficolt, rinunciano to the realization of the bottom only inserting a root and of the aquatic plants in order to supply a allanimale shelter, in any case, nellallestimento of the bathtub must avoid to dinserire elements that can hurt the delicate skin the turtle. In the case a small lake is wanted to be prepared in order to make to pass lestate to the turtle does not have to be used concrete or mattoni in the construction, that they could scratch the skin the turtle, but to prefer smalls lake it crafts them in resin. LApalone a territorial turtle and for this reason extension much aggressive one in the comparisons of its similar ones, above all if devout small, for which if of it it advices against the exemplary cohabitation devout in the same bathtub.


LApalone Spinifera, like many turtles, onnivora, but preprefers animal unalimentazione nearly exclusively. In nature nutre with nearly all which the place where it lives pu to offer: bugs and larve dinsetti, small fish that preda directly and carcasss of large fish pregiven from other lombrichi, gamberi, small animals, scrolls, crustaceans, small frogs and the turtles that live in waters salmastre also cozze and others molluschi.

Reassuming we can say that the diet type of a Apalone pu to divide itself in these proportions:

36% died fish gi

6% small pregiven fish

55% gamberi and small crustaceans

3% vegetables

In cattivit lApalone it stretches to exclusively become carnivorous, but pu to show interest for aquatic plants or some leaf of lattuga, but appreciate fish, gamberi, lombrichi, snails, bugs like crickets, scarafaggi above all, cavallette, but we can offer in small quantit foods in pellet for aquatic turtles. In the first 6 masi of life important not to make never to fatten them of food perch it could be they fatal, to use pellet or pieces of lombrico or fish, but always in small quantit once to the day. From the 6 month in then we can increase the doses and vary the diet in any case introducing also the verdure maintaining every day unalimentazione.


Mature spinifera LApalone sexually between the 8 and 10 years and their average life of approximately 50 years. Their connection happens in deep water to fine spring, the male delicately hits the head of the female with the front limbs and if the female chip ax the courtship, the male the nuoter over coupling itself without to seize the female as they make the other species of aquatic turtles. The female then places eggs on a sunny beach or in the mud in a cavit to devout shape of fiasco that it digs possible neighbor allacqua. This made operation verr in minor the time possible in order to avoid the egg predators (approximately unora). LApalone is coupled in kind devout once in the season and places between 8 and 32 round eggs with limestone shell, these schiuderanno towards August and september. The sex of the embryos not to depend on the temperature dincubazione like other species of resisted them.

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